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  1. Now THAT is a SCIENCE STATION!! New Kerbin Research Base. In the background is Lander 2 descent module.......
  2. I'm sure the pilot will be willing to discuss terms of surrender....especially when his RCS and O2 are almost out. Grab the fighter, wait out the pilot.
  3. @JeeF: Excellent movie. You could use that as a resumé to Squad if you wanted to.
  4. @Bornholio: I have to say that you have made one of the best looking rockets here on KSP. Very well done!
  5. Second trip to the Mun. I'll spare you all alot of the repeat shots and get to business. Descent Touchdown! The usual surface samples, flag raising, and promo shots that KSC loves Sent Valentina to do some sight seeing. Great view here. Flag is Valentina Point The LM is in the picture, just on Val's left. You should see the tiny light streak on the ground by the spot lamp.
  6. Just another Munar mission, with more science and RADAR mapping. Looking for a good place to set down a permanent base. To be honest, Minmus is far easier to do with all the flat wide open area's. The Mun is......problematic at finding a large smooth area.
  7. Feel your pain here. Lost 3 vehicles in 4 years due to distracted drivers. Speaking of crap-tastic drivers, I let loose on a guy that PARKED 10 centimetres from my van's drivers side. Went back into my insurance companies office (renewing memberships and such) and called out "Who owns a silver volkswagen jetta TDI?" A guy calls out "Me!" His mistake. Said in a very loud voice in front of 30 other customers "You, sir, park like a JERK! I would love to be able to go home right now but I can't because you parked three inches from my van and now I have to crawl in thru the passenger side! THANKS!!" At least he had the decency of blushing and mumbling "Sorry". GRRRRRR
  8. The return trip home: LIFTOFF!! Minmus is very easy to leave. Engines at 1/3 is plenty to get going. Rendevous on the dark side of Minmus. (sorry for the dark picture. It is the Dark side after all) Docked, transfer remaining RCS, fuel, and crew. And jettison the emptied ascent module. Still has some fuel and good batteries. Might be useful later on. We'll see. Fast forward to Kerbin Re-entry and chute deployment. Splashdown. Another spotless flight, and first landing on Minmus.
  9. Just a quick trip to Minmus.... Getting ready to undock, spin 'er around... ...and that's done. Both the command module and landing module has alot more science equipment than the first Mun landing. Added some thermal radiators to the service module and ascent module. Heat was a bit of a problem last time. Descent towards a nice flat spot. Landing on Minmus is a snap compared to the Mun. Touchdown! Doing some EVA's, flag planting, soil samples, etc.... Minmus has some crazy awesome views. And it's sunset.....
  10. The LEM is from the mod SXT (Stock eXTension).

    1. Dafni


      Thank you, mate

  11. Of course you can ask! Problem is.....I have over 100 mods and I have to sift thru them all to find it. But I will find it and tell you. At least I didn't answer "It's the Yeah mod that I downloaded it off that yeah site and I installed it in the yeah!".
  12. Mission complete, lifted off and docked. Transferred crew, remaining RCS and fuel back to command ship. Undocked and the empty ascent module will stay in a 30 km orbit. LM is shown on the surface. And a successful re-entry and the crew return home. All-in-all, a spot perfect first Munar mission.
  13. Yes and no. It shares alot of the programming of BDA, but the parts aren't completely compatible. For example, the .50 cal ammo and guns are not swappable, but the AI on either will work fine with each other. Same with Weapons Manager.
  14. And after launching "Mother of all rockets"....... ......the fruits of my labor come forth.