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  1. Welcome back! I'll upload my Show-and-Shine Kraken later on. Dumb question: What version of KSP will you prefer? 1.2.2 or the new 1.3?
  2. Yeah, I remember that. Basically one guy was doing all the work, then one day he said "FART IT" and that was that.
  3. Just letting you all know, this mod works fine in KSP 1.3. No issues at all.
  4. The Spruce Goose V2.0? Neat!
  5. I think we should encourage more Flat-Earthers to post more. The entertainment value is priceless.
  6. Lets allow some time for the developers to tweak their mods before getting our panties in a knot. I wish you well.
  7. You're probably right. Just a different plane for a different era. Still undefeated against other WWII planes however..... And MIG's......
  8. It would be interesting, but the Kraken was a mid-WWII inspired aircraft. No radar, no missiles. Eyeballs only and seat-of-the-pants navigation. I'm not sure how it would do even with the most basic of missiles. Three Krakens against two of his.....oreo cookie crafts (I don't know what to call it).
  9. Sorry for being late in replying. Grocery Stores are nuts. Cookies........yum! I guess I could be coerced into participating, as long as all the propeller plane mods are up-to-date in 1.3.
  10. Oh puleeze. No where is creepier than Castle Rock, Maine. Every horror thinkable has happened there (thank you Stephen King. You rock!)
  11. Kuzzler is really busy IRL (employment stuff) so yeah the story is "paused" for the time being.
  12. Working 50 hours a week is great for a nice fat pay check, but damn I want to sleep all weekend and not do anything....which irritates my wife to no end.

    1. Jeb Is Not Dead

      Jeb Is Not Dead

      My answer: Fly away in the Kerbal X and sleep on Duna or something.

    2. GDJ


      Yeah.....probably no......besides, Duna has no women.

  13. Sorry I'm late to the party. Is this something that my AVRO Kraken can fix? If not.....sorry I was late. Oh, and @Triop will reply next...if I understand this game correctly.