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  1. Lately I've been hitting up Bioshock: Infinite for the PS3. Decent game, good story, lots of blood and gore (So much that I have the parental lock on the PS3 kick in every time I load it).
  2. Depends on the mom/kid, and every birth is different. With my family: -1st daughter was 12 hours, and 3 hours of actual pushing. -2nd daughter was 5 hours, and 2 hours of pushing. -3rd daughter was 4 hours, and then BOOM!!! She was out in 15 minutes. Damn near needed a catcher's mitt. I don't pay attention at all. Don't really care. Not trying to be a dick, but does it really matter to me? Nope.
  3. And it's done. 1001. Now that minor accomplishment is complete, I now attend pressing matters......
  4. Soon.....very soon......
  5. The prototype Lightship Sabhee Viaktar When this shot was taken it was between Kerbol and Trappist-1 (16 trillion metres away from Kerbol). There is absolutely no useable light out here. Solar panels are not useable. Use fuel cells. Better yet, a Fusion Reactor. RTG's don't put out enough (10,000 EC's worth of batteries deplete in 5 seconds at maximum warp, RTG's are like kicking a pebble against a mountain).
  6. Sending a probe to Trappist-1 as we speak. A short 71 year flight. Thank you for the mod ProtoJeb21!
  7. Built and sent a Interstellar class probe to Trappist-1 system (Kopernicus mod). Ion/Zenon drive equipped. Had to get ridiculously close to the sun to help things out. And Trappist is the red star ahead of the probe. Due date: 71 years, 200 days, give or take a day. Still a pretty fast probe. Pulled in the instruments, put the core in hibernation mode.
  8. Well said. Best of luck Sal, and I hope you have a blazing great time in your travels and new adventures. You will be missed.
  9. Just my 2¢, but I think this thread should be cleaned up and only the comic remains. Since the story is over, the only thing that is relevant is the story itself.