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  1. I've made some minor changes to the Kronkus system (tidally locked Scool, and added a few flat spots) I also wrote a few "Far Out" contracts for Contract Configurator as well. Please give them a try
  2. Hey Fellow Kerbonaughts! I think an Asclepius update is long overdue. I have updated it for KSP 1.3 It should work on the older 1.2 version as well. My apologies for taking so long. DOWNLOAD from GitHub
  3. Hey fellow Kerbalnaughts! Seems like its time for another Kronkus update. This time moons were re-arranged, and the ring system was resized. Descriptions were also updated. Unfortunately this will break saves from previous games if you had ships or kerbals in the Kronkus system. Just like the last release I have included a small moon for Dres as a separate folder "Spud". Enjoy! DOWNLOAD
  4. Thanks for clearing this up. So the image just needs rotation, and that will work, or do you need the extra .cfg lines?
  5. Kersex does use Kerbin as a template, but it works just fine. It does beam out a second set of CommNet groundstations though. For me it's not game breaking. The planet uses a lot of PQS that is native to Kerbin, so changing the template to Laythe would be quite an undertaking.. The most recent release doesn't include a cloud pack because my computer refuses to run any decent environmental mod, so I have no way of testing them. Taking the BoulderCo folder from an earlier release might work.
  6. I've managed to find the time to get this mod back up to date with the current state of things. I've released Kronkus v1.2 for KSP 1.2.x It should work fine with the latest kopernicus, and modulemanager. Kronkus releases on Git Direct Download for Changes: Removed Sketti (RIP noodle planet) Added Scool. (new procedurally generated moon) Changed orbits for all Kronkian moons. Added MOAR Science definitions! Added Scool (optional Dres moon) to the Kronkus Pack. Please try it out and post some pics!
  7. Looks interesting. I'll check it out. Good luck!
  8. I'm getting black screen at startup. specs: Linux Mint 17.1 64bit. AMD fx-55 2.8 ghz, 4gb RAM, GTX 570 I've read the thread and tried most of the fixes, to no avail... Here's the player log file Using -force-gfx-direct it Showed a weird screen before it crashed: 32 bit will get past the loading screen, but when I try to enter the VAB it freaks out.
  9. I'm feeling quite moderated today.
  10. But.. You can't moderate FREEDOM on Dres! If Dres didn't exist, how did I make this awesome moon for it eh?
  11. Well In that case, I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
  12. I feel your pain JebKeb. I've found planet modding in KSP a challenge as well. The documentation is sparse especially for a beginner. I suggest familiarizing yourself with GItHub. I checked out your Proksolar addon. You jumped right into the deep end . I recommend starting out simply with an atmosphere-less moon or planet. Learn one thing at a time.
  13. @vovacat17 Thanks for stopping by, and your kind words about Asclepius! Awesome pics! I've made a minor update to Asclepius (removed flightglobalindex) and released v1.5 on Github. This update will probably break saves if you have ships on/around Asclepius or Kruel. Otherwise nothing has changed. CKAN support for Asclepius should be returning as well. Big thanks to @Olympic1!
  14. Hear, hear! We have an awesome community. Posts like this make me proud to call myself a part of it. I also want to briefly address the source of apathy that caused this to happen. As a (very minor) mod maintainer, I understand some of the reasons that caused this all to come about. If you really like a mod, or service, especially one that is given freely at no charge, a simple "thanks", and acknowledgement goes a long way.
  15. Mission to Kronkus. Sunrise on kronkus: