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  1. Still early career for me. Sent Jeb up aboard Derpstick 3 on Kerbin's first orbital spaceflight, collecting temperature, barometric, materials bay and goo readings on the way up and in orbit. Also got him to do several EVAs and crew reports from high atmo, low orbit and high Kerbin orbit. Successfully brought him back down in Kerbin's deserts with a decent amount of early science and with all four of the initial contracts fulfilled. Formally began the grind with some parts testing and low-altitude surveying flights in and around KSC. The Level 1 Runway and the bush-plane landing gears are still a bad combination. They're better than they used to be, but I was still lucky to get Jeb back down without his cockpit exploding. Couldn't say the same for the rest of his plane, the aptly named Bad Idea 1... This morning I've designed a new version of the Kerbal Tour Bus with a contract to launch three suckers paying customers on a sub-orbital flight. Went ahead and made the KTB an orbital craft, and will try to get a landing close to KSC if I can manage it. That'll probably happen later today. Might also put together a scimobile so that I can eek out enough science from the KSC biomes to unlock some better landing gear.
  2. Discovered the issues I had yesterday weren't with ModularFlightIntegrator - I had simply downloaded an older dev version of FAR. Once that was corrected, the game fired right up with all my mods ready to go. Mainly just kinda flew around in the sandbox for a little bit. Did start a new career save on my home box; did some early launch pad/runway science and a couple of sub-orbital science-gathering flights. Decided to try out KERBalloons as well; launched a primitive rawinsonde using a Stayputnik for the core along with a barometer and thermometer. Was going to try for an upper atmospheric reading but was dismayed when the ascent stopped around 10 kilometers. Hoping to do my first orbital hop later today.
  3. Traced the issues I was having last night to ModularFlightIntegrator; took it out and the game fired right up. Still trying to get some of my mods to behave with one another - the big one is the dev version of FAR, which is kinda working as best I can tell (can't access it in the SPH for some reason, which could just be a matter of "you don't have it plugged in right, stupid"). Will try to fiddle with it some more as the day progresses today. I'm sure I'll be rolling around the space center before the day is out.
  4. Figured I'd farmed and built Rome for long enough, so today I installed 1.3 and grabbed mods. One of them's making the game crash, so I'm still grounded...but I'm sure it won't be long before I'm back with you guys again. Going to have to decide if I want to bring stuff over from 1.1.3 or not...most of it didn't have antennas......
  5. I'll give it a try. TL:DR is that the red arrow is your torque vector; the way you get it go away entirely is either by putting your thruster on your center of mass OR by putting an equal amount of counter-force at a distance exactly as far away from the center of mass as your initial thruster. There are three components to torque - the amount of force applied (which depends on the output of your thrusters), the length of the lever arm (i.e. how far the thruster is from the center of mass, which is going to be your fulcrum), and the angle between them. In this case, your force vector is going to be at a right angle to the lever arm - sine of ninety degrees is 1, so that factors out of consideration. So, the magnitude of your torque in a given axis is going to equal the thrust times the distance to the center of mass. The direction of the torque vector can be determined by using the right hand grip rule: if the fingers of the right hand are curled from the direction of the lever arm to the direction of the force, then the thumb points in the direction of the torque. What RCS Build aid is doing when it's telling you the total torque on a single axis is that it's calculating the torques for all thrusters that will affect that axis - the amount of force they provide, how far away they are from the selected CoM, and what angle they are to the axis. It then adds those up and gives you the result. If you're really wanting to use RCS thrusters for rotation with a craft like the one you've pictured, I'd start by putting a series of thrusters at the top - up by the parachute. These won't be at a ninety degree angle to the lever arm, and so the net torque they'd produce will be less than those you could put at the same distance from the CoM on the bottom. Myself, I use RCS thrusters for docking, which is a procedure where you want as little torque produced when you fire a thruster as you can possibly manage (so therefore I put them around the center of mass) - mandatory wikipedia link on the topic of torque. I don't think I've really explained this particularly well; hopefully at least some of this is helpful.
  6. Looks like a correct install so far... Contents of the FerramAersopaceResearch sub-directory?
  7. My apologies; been busy. Unfortunately I've made no headway - home box CPU temp got up over 70C just idling the other day and I haven't had time to figure out why. Hoping it just needs a good dusting. Wrong installation is a possibility, I suppose. Can you give me the full directory structure you've got leading up to the FerramAerospaceResearch directory? And forgive me - I've slept a bit since you first posted - but as I recall you were doing a vanilla install with FAR as the only mod, is that correct?
  8. That's comparable to my home box; no worries. Did occur to me that I tested in the 64-bit version of KSP this morning. Will look into the combination of 32-bit KSP and Lewis to see if that makes a difference or not.
  9. Can verify that it's not FAR - just installed a fresh copy of 1.2.2 with Lewis only and got the Firehound airborne. The plane's other design flaws aside (which I'll leave for you to discover on your own), I realized quickly that I've gotten quite dependent on Atmosphere Autopilot's fly-by-wire controls... So...let's try some other things. Any particular reason why you're using the 32-bit version of KSP on Windows 7? If it's a slow box/low memory, I totally understand - my own home box has "made in Byzantium" printed on the side in Sanskrit somewhere and it uses a live hamster in a wheel to provide electrical power.
  10. Might try 1.2.2 and see if that makes a difference or not. Meanwhile, do you have a picture of a FAR craft with which you've experienced this issue? Better yet, would be willing to share the .CRAFT file?
  11. Pictures would help us to diagnose the problem. Also, since someone will mention it to you anyway (and probably not as nicely), I'll tell you that this thread is generally reserved for the mod's development - for FAR-related design questions, go here. Meantime, I'll give the problem some thought. Might start with the basic "is it plugged-in" questions - which version of FAR are you using, which version of KSP are you using, do you have the FerramAerospaceResearch folder installed in the KSP>>GameData folder, etc.
  12. "Pudel'-sobaka" and "grot" come to know, the Russian translations of 'poodle' and 'mainsail', respectively...
  13. (1.1.3) Last Friday's session began with a final check of the Bullet Bill 7 probe. Despite the recent repair mission to slap an antenna on the craft post-launch, the game still did not credit me with the contract. Alas. Bullet Bill 7, post repair. Still hoping to get some kind of profit on the thing later... Since it was clear that a new launch would be required, Bullet Bill 7a was put on the launchpad and successfully shot into LKO. Naturally, the optimal Minmus transfer window for the craft is currently in shadow so there will be insufficient power for the ion engines to work, but I did go ahead and take the time to align the plane of the probe's orbit with Minmus (ascending node was on the sunny side of Kerbin). Ordinarily I wouldn't want to waste the delta-V, but in this case I know I have it to spare. I'll keep watching for a better transfer window to come up in a few days. Meanwhile, I wanted to get my next expedition to the moons of Kerbin underway, with four tourists headed out that way, two recently press-ganged rescuees rookies in need of two-star training and two scientists at the Minmusport space station that needed a pick up. Scientist Irula Kerman, engineer Gersen Kerman and tourists Jaysef and Rodbas Kerman were loaded into an Auk IX passenger spaceplane and prepped for launch to the Kerbinport space station. I discovered that I'd failed to save the tweaks I'd made to the craft after its shakedown flight, so those were quickly re-affected before takeoff. The plane successfully arrived in LKO with no issues and a rendezvous burn with Kerbinport was affected. The plane is currently on schedule to arrive at Kerbinport in about 35 minutes; rendezvous and docking will be the first order of business during my next session, after which the four Kerbals will join tourists Neilby and Crisdia Kerman already (at the station) and head towards Minmus first. I should also have a rock to put into orbit soon unless I'm mistaken...
  14. (1.1.3) Yesterday after taking the time to recharge the fuel stores of the Deepwater Horizon refinery on Minmus, I decided it was finally time to launch engineer Phovie Kerman on her scheduled repair mission to the orbiting Bullet Bill 7 ion probe: Phovie jetpacking towards the Spamcan 7 lander, passing the crane rover Lunkhead just after local kerbolset. She had a wait of about an hour and a half before her position on Minmus came into a close enough alignment with the probe to launch. In the meantime, the Old Bessie 7 fuel lander, which had landed for a fueling run at Deepwater Horizon during the previous session, was returned successfully to the Minmusport space station - the station's fuel stores are definitely sufficient to support future excursions for the foreseeable future. The Spamcan 7 lander's launch window came up next and launched with Phovie aboard into a 10k polar orbit around Minmus. She made a 30 m/s burn after achieving orbit to bring the craft up to an interest point in three orbits. While I was waiting for that time to pass, KAC sounded the next Mission Control alarm for a new contract, which turned out to be for a group of two Minmus bound tourists. Went ahead and accepted the contract before going back to the Spamcan. Phovie successfully rendezvoused with the probe: Phovie on EVA between Bullet Bill 7 (left) and the Spamcan 7 lander (right) The mission to fit a new antenna on the probe was a success. Phovie returned to the Spamcan and reduced her orbit back to 10 kilometers, at which point her concern became returning to Deepwater Horizon. She had about 800 m/s of delta-V remaining, which turned out to be plenty to attempt to perform a direct plane change for landing. She safely returned to the refinery with about 400 m/s of delta-V to spare, coming down so close to the refinery that I had to roll the craft so their respective solar panels wouldn't collide with one another: Spamcan 7 returning to the Deepwater Horizon refinery site, with Lunkhead (left), Deepwater Horizon (center) and the Jiffy Lube 7 parts supply craft (right) visible. The Spamcan was refueled, Phovie re-boarded the refinery and the waiting scientists Danwig and Isavie Kerman were loaded aboard the Spamcan for a trip up to Minmusport. DH has already refilled its supply of monoprop as well. The real crapper of it is that the game still hasn't awarded Bullet Bill with the completion of its mission, despite the fact that it now meets all the requirements. I may give it one more shot today, but if the game still won't count it, a new probe launch is going to be in order. Which would be a real shame, given how close Bullet Bill's orbit is to the requirement parameters of its mission... Next session I'll be sending the Spamcan up to Minmusport and sending up my two tourists from KSC to the Kerbinport space station. Since I want to pick up Isavie and Danwig from Minmus, I have four tourists wanting to go to Minmus and Mün and two KSC staff requiring two-star training, I'll probably launch one of my available ferry craft - probably The Great Artiste - on an expedition shortly thereafter. Tater Catcher 7 is also about a day away from finally returning to Kerbin's SOI; gonna have a rock to put into orbit soon.
  15. (1.1.3) Spent my time yesterday refueling, mainly. Sent down the Spamcan 7 lander to the Deepwater Horizon refinery on Minmus first: Spamcan 7 (center foreground) at touchdown, with the remains of Jiffy Lube 7 (left), Deepwater Horizon (center background) and the crane rover Lunkhead (right). I get the impression the little monoprop lander will work very well on the minty moon. I plan on using it to send engineer Phovie Kerman at DH on her repair mission to fix the Bullet Bill 7 probe; intent is to launch it on a polar orbit, make the repairs and come back to the refinery when it swings back around. Hopefully it'll all be that simple. I still needed to refuel the Minmusport space station in the wake of the recent visit by Next Objective, so the station's Old Bessie 7 lander was sent down to pick up fuel, landing close enough to Deepwater Horizon to hook up with KAS winches and refuel directly. I had intended to pick up the Spamcan with Lunkhead and haul it into refueling range, but the damn electromagnet decided it no longer wanted to behave. Probably will have to send a replacement. Wound up having to use Lunkhead to bridge the distance and refuel the 'can that way. Next session I plan to send Old Bessie back to Minmusport, recharge Deepwater Horizon's fuel stores, and then sent Phovie on her way. Scientists Danwig and Isavie are currently at DH and if all goes according to plan, they can ride the Spamcan back to Minmusport when Phovie returns. And they can run the refinery if something goes horribly wrong (a scientist can hook up a winch cable if nothing else...).