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  1. I did say it is pure physics that is limiting progress. As we often see with technology, the initial leaps and bounds come from trying many different techniques and strategies. By now, things have calmed down to refining a process more and more.
  2. Looking at the Intel line-up and the strange limitations and sudden announcements, Intel went into full panic mode. That is a good thing. The market has been stagnant for far too long and with that kind of research budget, we should have had something much better by now. It pretty much is a textbook example how competition is good for the consumer and a lack of it not. It is pretty much pure physics that limits the development. No sudden jumps, just incrementally understanding how things work better and better.
  3. That mayor in Family Guy, among other things. The fact that he got his own kooky character on such a show should be an indication that it is a known and remarkable man.
  4. This might interest you guys too: The fact that you need to explain yourself at all was your gravest error.
  5. The title should be a clue. They are giving away 5 million copies of Payday on Steam. Giving it away for free without it costing you any money while being a gift! Imagine that! Get yours while it is hot.
  6. The kernel is what matters most. That is the bit of software that governs the most basic operations of a computer. The Linux kernel is probably the most wide spread one. Even though Linux is doing moderately ok in the desktop world and very well in the server world, Linux's claim to fame is that it is (or can be made to be) a very light kernel that can run on pretty much every four transistors stuck together. This means that Linux can be found in a whole host of devices, from the obvious smart phones (Android) to quad copters to heaters to routers to even the most unlikely devices. Apparently, Linux is even used in things like baseband chips of phones, which means that some phones have multiple Linux kernels dedicated to separate jobs. No one will ever see it, but in the background it is doing its job. We only know about these things thanks to dedicated security researchers.
  7. Where can I find it? Your channel tells me This channel has no videos.
  8. Has anything been recorded, then?
  9. Has any actual streaming taken place by now, or it is still an announcement?
  10. That is the face parents fear, because it inevitably means a change right after.
  11. I am almost certain that, depending on the language, you can make statistical assumptions about the number of keypressen to a scary precision. Keyboard inputs are pretty much the opposite of random and the more key presses you have, the more average the result will be.
  12. Obviously, more attack surface can create attack vectors and some antivirus products have indeed shown to create issues where there were none before. However, there are some counter arguments to be brought Windows Essentials is the most common line of defence to overcome, so virus makers will likely have found a way to deal with it. That this is not just theory, as recent malware made use of a similar unpacking vulnerability in Windows Defender, allowing users to run code on a system without user input. If I am to believe people who are in the know, Panda Antivirus Free does a better job than a lot of paid products. I have installed this product with and for people, and they seem to be happy. I agree with you that some products are outright obnoxious. A lot of 'free' versions that come with new computers tend to be fairly horrible in this regard. The last scentence is true, but as is always the case with security, you are wise to have multiple layers in place. The user is the most important part of the equation, but it helps to have a few safeguards in place if he fails. It is fairly rigourous for sure. With hashing and other technological tricks, you can be pretty sure you have the original files at hand. Of course, obliterating disks is no guarantee either, since malware could be nesting in firmware, the BIOS and in other places it is almost impossible to detect or get out of. The only way to be absolutely sure is to replace the hardware.
  13. Why would you gather that? Even though Windows Essentials is much better than it used to be and actually does a fairly decent job, there certainly are a few free and many paid options that do fare better than it. You do have to inform yourself about which option to go with - if you download just any ole solution, you might very well be disappointed.
  14. Be sure to check the SMART values of your hard drive to see whether something funny is going on with it. That is not a guarantee nothing is or will go wrong, but it might give you a heads-up. As always, make sure you have proper backups, which means you have at least two copies of your data on two separate drives. Having your computer break down on you is a whole lot less stressful if you know that you might have to fix some hardware, but that your files will at least be safe. Having or appearing to have a 100% CPU load is not as rare as you would think, and can occur for a number of reasons other than malware. Checking out what exactly is going on is not a bad idea in any case With Windows 8 and higher, this is not as needed as before. They have pretty good options to restore Windows without going through a full installation again. Windows will do its thing and a fresh, restored computer appears. You will find the option in the new fangled configuration screen under Update & security > System recovery > Refresh or something similar to that. I have walked people through this process a couple of times, since I am a big fan of letting people do it themselves instead of doing it for them, and even complete novices seem fairly comfortable with the process. Microsoft really seems to have made progress when it comes to tools that the layman can use.
  15. I am not sure that is proper welding. Modern equipment is fairly unimpressive when it comes to voltages, which is a good thing inside your home. A CRT monitor or a tube amplifier might give you more of a zap, though