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  1. I have noticed post counters being broken too. Some people apparently have 0 posts, which is odd to read next to various of their posts. Why not? It is not like whether a thread has been touched by a moderator or not is a big secret. The flat out refusal to discuss any matter remotely relating to moderation raises more discussion than it squashes.
  2. I would recommend borrowing a graphics card to see if KSP will even run in any useful way. Reviews called that computer slow in 2007(!) and 4 GB RAM for both system and game is not going to help getting the show on the road either. Then again, I have played Fallout 3 on a Pentium 4 with a decent graphics card. It was not fast, but playable. Your best bet is to test before you buy.
  3. The power capacity on the sticker of a PSU tells you pretty much nothing. As has been discussed many times in this thread before, there is a lot of wriggle room in the definitions, allowing manufacturers of cheap power supplies to put numbers on the stickers those power supplies will only be able to supply for a few milliseconds. Due to these deceptive practices, video card manufacturers tend to massively over-estimate the required power supply needed, just to be safe. Reality is that running a cheap badly built power supply is not a good idea whatever is on the sticker and no matter how much headroom they pretend to have left. Good power supplies will provide their sticker capacity over sustained periods of time and often much more than what they are rated for. Also, if and when they fail, they tend to fail more gracefully, preventing damage to the rest of your hardware. Long story short: the manufacturer and model are as important as the number of watts on the sticker.
  4. Yeah, the power consumption of that generation is fairly abysmal. Neat to have around as a hobby, fairly expensive as an actual server If I look at local energy costs, that thing would costs 400 to 500 dollar each year just to idle. Yikes!
  5. Just a tip in life: do something first, then show it to people. Now it all seems to be a somewhat lazy ploy to get attention.
  6. That should be very doable. A modern high end system idles at 10-20 watt on the desktop. Add a few watt for the discrete GPU and Christmas lights and you should be good. You really need to go a few years back to hit that 100 watt. My ageing system with a lot of bells and whistles hovers around that number. A less competitive system might even have trouble ever hitting that. A full AMD APU system, for instance, never gets past the 50 watt, but has admittedly somewhat anaemic performance. When optimized, those can be very frugal. Note these numbers are all the bare system without the screen.
  7. Due to me building a server I have been looking into power consumption numbers lately. Of course, I looked at my own systems too. Do you guys have any idea what your system is consuming? Most people will have a decent idea when it comes to peak power consumption, due to having to buy an appropriate PSU and all, but the idle power consumption is generally much more relevant, as that is the state the system will spend most of its life in. Modern systems are quite frugal when idle, but older systems (3-5 years and older) can really be a power drain.
  8. Quite a few shows and movies do this, indeed, but anyone I know considers that to be fairly hilarious. Anyone aware of the processes involved in childbirth will be able to deduce without effort that that is not what babies look like right after birth.
  9. I think that rather depends on the country. In the USA, mothers tend to be drugged a fair bit. Elsewhere, this can vary quite a bit, from a full on natural to full anaesthetic. I do not know what media you refer to, but the latter is the exact image I got from them. Something that just got pushed through a hole that is way too small and that is covered with all the fluids and substances that go with a birth is unlikely to win a beauty pageant. Human biology is not any more flattering than most other biology.
  10. Not to burst that bubble, but family homes, wedding parties and other non-hostile gatherings are attacked every day by drones, with many innocent victims as a result. That death toll is much higher than this thing could ever have achieved on its own. In those cases it is generally claimed that all or some were combatants. Besides, a blast radius of a mile does not mean everything is killed within that. Fair enough, although the blast wave is the mechanism through which all of those operate.
  11. It is the largest US non-nuclear bomb. US forces are reported to have something bigger that is unused as of yet and Russians apparently also have something beefier than both of those. Although I do not understand what the fuss is about. It seems a rather pubescent show of force, rather than a relevant deployment of a new strategy or technology. It is just a bomb, but big. Is that not the point of pretty much any explosive? That is a fairly common way to drop cargo. The thing is so cumbersome it does not fit bombers, so it needs to be dropped by a big, slow and vulnerable cargo plane. Instead of delivering MREs, they just deliver a thunder sausage.
  12. A medic will always do his own tests to make sure, so having this information tattooed on you is kind of superfluous. Also, having detailed medical records exposed for everyone to see irks me for the same reason biometrics for security are an issue. It just does not seem to be good practice and creates vulnerabilities. Besides, it is boring me already. That does not bode well.
  13. Yeah, that was my line of reasoning too. I hate how most tattoos are just kind of permanent stickers that are slapped randomly into a body. It is as ugly as random stickers on a car or anything else. By really integrating it into the body it becomes artful, but that generally takes huge and very permanent pieces. By giving it another purpose it becomes less random. Considering I use a rulers quite a bit, it seems a logical option. However, even though I do appreciate them as an art form, I do not really see myself getting a tattoo. If only because I cannot think of anything that is not going to bore me after a couple of years.
  14. Judging by a quick Google search, neither of us would have been the first. We're the same decaying organic matter as everything else.
  15. That is weird. Even though I am not a fan of getting tattoos - as an art form and as a technique I do appreciate them - this is the one idea I came up with that I would consider. Now, a few months later, some guy on an internet forums posts exactly that. My snowflake is melting!