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  1. The only time I really bother landing is to get science in career. Even then I stay at normal time for 20 seconds then warp to launch to meet the orbiter or I stay 20 seconds then ascend to about 10km and switch craft after science transmission...
  2. For a doctor to be required you first need sick kerbals.
  3. In my own personal development world I have just eliminated a massive memory leak without making any new bugs so I am REALLY happy. Of course then I tried to improve the options that can be sent over the serial and speed up the main loop and it failed to run and produced no error code so I may have to either roll that one back or put in debug code to see where it either stops or loops. But the memory leak is gone! That has been bugging (Ba-Dum-Tish!) me for about two months.
  4. I could imagine your `touching colliders` being used for in-air refuelling. I agree with pretty much everything you have said. I especially like that you have presented a solution to each of the presented issues. It would be great if @SQUAD could fold in some of these to their dev work.
  5. One issue I just thought of. Player one is controlling craft one, player two controlling craft two. They dock, who is in control? I could imagine 4 players all wanting to undock their craft from a station but player 5 is in control of the station and they cannot without player 5 agreeing. MP is going to rely on a lot of RL goodwill...
  6. Ah, new in 1.2. I have not been very active following all the minor details since 1.1.3 (the version I still play RO on) I assume that code would be relatively stable so if someone were to put in all that work an update would not require it to all be done again, just recompiles of course and minor adjustments? I know that human models are one thing that RO users have been wanting for years. Good to see. Maybe in a year or two...
  7. I always like it when I am out of date with this sort of thing. Of course now the RO/RSS/RP-0 crowd have yet another job to do, hehe.
  8. A little more ability to set orbital parameters of custom planets would be nice, maybe some way to change the models used for kerbals. Then we could have closer to total conversion mods allowing humans, in the real solar system, and a historically accurate space race scenario and other things. I also am very happy KSP is so mod friendly. Without mods I would have stopped playing years ago.
  9. Food is here, it is human shaped, come eat.
  10. One easy way, although unrealistic but maybe realistic enough, would be to look for trailing edges on the clouds then raise wind speed in that area. It would be non regular, have a connection to what you can see, and be IMHO good enough for adding a bit of variation for rocket launches and flying. Not sure if it would work well enough to make a glider and fly on the thermals though, a few tweaks and it would though. AFAIK they use the swirling, rising air between clouds, again just use the cloud map and base your physical effects from that. FAR simpler (badum-tish) than simulating a chaotic atmosphere on a planet. EDIT : this topic again to me shows that KSP needs time sensitive events. `Rescue dan kerman from orbit IN LESS THAN 7 DAYS or they run out of oxygen` in combination with Kerbal Construction Time and the mod where time passes in the VAB is actually a tough contract, especially if you lose rep for having a kerbal die in space from failing it. It leads you to develop a rescue backup craft and build it in case a mission goes wrong and you need to rescue kerbals in kerbin's SOI. If the weather was so bad you could not launch for a day that would have an effect, without time based mechanics it does not matter. I know contracts have deadlines right now but it is not the same. Craft design and build is instant, if the contract deadline was in 200 minutes you have time to leisurely design a craft (taking a real world day if you want) and build it and rescue Dan. `Rescue Dan Kerman from Orbit` is currently not hard at all. EDIT 2: You do not have to simulate a chaotic system to get weather realistic enough for KSP, it just has to feel real to the player. If dealing with wind you would need one variable for direction, another for strength, two more for their rate of change of each variable then only change their rate of change a bit once an hour so predictions are very cheap on CPU time as well. If you hit a limit (no wind or too much) invert the rate of change. Only have weather in the local bubble, and generate new weather (if you go from space->atmo) on the fly from the cloud map. There you go, a non-iterative, non chaotic, semi realistic weather in the local area that is cheap on CPU cycles. Not just static either. For people that really want gliders set a centre point for `swirl` and set the wind vector to a direction based on your position relative to the centre point. The centre point could be inbetween clouds, like it is in the real world for gliders. Tell people who want realistic weather to submit a pull request and their code solution can be examined.
  11. I still play through medieval total war, as far as I know that game is well over a decade old, maybe more. Later games did not have the things that made that game great so I still play it. I am thinking of getting a copy of Descent that will work on a modern win 7 PC because in the mean time no other game was released which has the same qualities that made Descent great. KSP could be another of those games if career can be modded enough, maybe with multiplayer for those that like that.
  12. Ah, if that science is currently available then maybe introduce the pressure stress system to make it a bit harder and limit the parts which will remain intact and be able to reach such a depth. Extra science could be gotten from deep ocean too, AFAIK there is not `underwater at X` science, just landed. Maybe on Jool, there is not landed but an extra `underwater at Jool` layer could be the last bit of possible science showing the gas had become liquid due to the pressure.. I have also thought that if such a system were to be introduced then it could work the other way as well. Some parts would not be suitable for vacuum and would explode or break in that environment.
  13. I am in the "It is a gas giant, you cannot land on it" crowd but I think there should be a difference in the way that effect is implemented. There should be pressure and heat capabilities for every part and the gradient of Jool's atmosphere should increase so it exceeds all those capabilities on a part by part basis. Currently you get to a set depth and the whole craft goes `poof` Then you could have a core of the most sturdy part, with the most sturdy probe core etc It would be interesting designing a craft to go as deep as you could, with weaker parts exploding on the way down, until the craft becomes unresponsive. There could be an opportunity to get `flying low at Jool` science which should be very high.
  14. good... good..... let the hate flow through you.....
  15. Actually, that is when they started selling, which is just the standard business model. Selling out is when you get the rights to the item you are selling, and the business you built to sell it, and then `sell out` to another company. After this the second company is in charge. EDIT : (Normally this is most apt when an ethical company, innocent smoothies for example, sells their business to one not seen as ethical, for example coca-cola.) That is selling out, otherwise you are just selling your own product. Selling out is still a business model but one that can mean disruption from normal business and change for users of the service, which is why there is concern at Squad `selling out` as opposed to just selling.