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  1. Well, now I have to ask... why doesn't it require a counter rotating part? Wouldn't it cause the rest of the craft to rotate in the opposite direction?
  2. No, silly, it loops back around! So it's actually 26 billion years old
  3. Read: A drawing of Sputnik from an alternate dimension where really tall people throw satellites into orbit
  4. Mmm, I'd say 3 with the arms of 1. Because I'm a sucker for smiley faces 2 certainly is appealing too, though...
  5. Not having faces reminds me of this: ...which may or not be a good thing
  6. The QBE is great for little rovers, though
  7. I haven't really used them much since capsules got their own monoprop, but I always used to like using a 2.5m tank, attaching a Terrier to the bottom, and surrounding it with round mono tanks along the rim. It looked pretty nice, and it meant I could have them not stick out the side of the craft Nowadays I use the same trick with Fuel Tanks Plus's half-sphere 0.625 LFO tanks.
  8. Bear in mind that designs were a lot wider and crazier back then (no aero) and people like me were a lot less experienced, so rockets didn't always go straight up to begin with. And yeah, it probably could have worked if it adjusted to craft size, but not having it at all seems like the better solution (or have something like FASA launch towers, which are much nicer to use).
  9. Trying to re-teach myself perspective, although it failed a bit on the left. Might go back and fix that. Or maybe just leave it to remind myself what not do. I don't know Happy with how contrast-y it came out though, I usually struggle with that
  10. This is actually pretty standard - even the highest tier jet engines can't go higher. What's more important is speed. The idea is that you cruise at around 25km until your speed stops decreasing, then fire up your rockets to get you to orbital velocity and altitude. Not sure if you're already doing this, but for some reason I've always had better luck starting the Panthers in afterburner mode straight from takeoff. I don't know if it's efficient, but it gets you moving pretty fast. In regards to your takeoff problems - are you sure you have enough air intakes? AFAIK, if you don't have enough KSP prioritizes some engines over others, which can cause asymmetric thrust. It's not always noticable once you're flying because you're moving faster, which feeds more air into the intakes.
  11. To hide in space shrubberies, of course.
  12. Definitely would be nice, especially for spaceplanes/shuttles - the module already exists in the game for ore tanks too
  13. Sorting by SOI would be nice too, and perhaps a search option (although by the time you'd need that, you may be running into other issues). I'd also say that all of this could be applied to the VAB/SPH vessel lists, maybe even with a folder system.
  14. Yeah, the Kerbin is just loosely a 10x smaller version of the Real Solar System - there's a lot of discrepancies, like the Sun being quite large, the Mun being quite close, and strange bodies like Tylo and Minmus. It's what I like about it, it's not just a carbon copy of reality. Also, Ike. That's just totally its own thing
  15. Well, to be fair, the Mk3 parts were quite a bit smaller back then too, so...