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  1. Getting back into drawing again, feels good
  2. Rockomax adapter + Skipper works pretty well as a mid range, or if you want to keep the form factor, double triple Thuds. Shame the rocket revamp isn't a thing any more, it would have made clustering to fill these gaps easier
  3. so shiny
  4. Mmm, I feel like a better solution in that case would to have a second set of fixed gear in the game - heavier, but capable of surviving more stress. The lighter set would still be useful for smaller (<5 tons), so more options, everyone's happy. EDIT: Also, is that Chase craft fully loaded with fuel? If so, I'm impressed it can take off at all - the LY-1/5 struggles with many Mk1 craft, let alone Mk2 craft.
  5. Now that I think about it, that's essentially the same as what Mercury-Atlas used to do. If it's good enough for NASA, it's good enough for me!
  6. praise seal \o/
  7. There were some guys a while ago that were going to do a real-time mission to the Mun, which actually works out to be doable within a day. That were going pretty far with it too - literally having someone sit in a room for 6 hours or whatever, controlling the flight purely from IVA view, with other people relaying orbital data to them so they could fly the ship. No idea if they ever actually did it, though. There's also been a few requests for background simulation of crafts even while not in the game, presumably for the same purpose. So yeah, it's not quite a safe assumption, I'm afraid.
  8. Let's be honest, computers are essentially magic at this point. No-one really understands how they work. Let's be honest, computers are essentially magic at this point. No-one really understands how they work.
  9. "Oh. Hi. So. How are you holding up? BECAUSE I'M A POTATO."
  10. I think what's interesting is that the line between console and PC gaming has become pretty blurry over the past few years. While the PS2/Xbox were still dedicated systems, the PS3/360 were much more like dumbed-down computers. By the end of their lifetimes, internet had become an assumed thing, rather than a possibility, with post-launch patches eventually transitioning into a norm and something of a crutch for many games. The PS4/Xbox One are now just PCs with funky OSs. Most of the advantages of both consoles and PCs have slowly started to fade as a result - you can plug a keyboard and mouse into a console now, but consoles aren't guaranteed to work as intended anymore, with things like the PS4 Pro existing. So yeah, comparing the two is actually becoming progressively more meaningless.
  11. No, no. This is the one where the monoliths eat Kerbin
  12. It's been suggested before, but I'd quite like to do away with modes all together. Instead, just have a bunch of toggles - building upgrades, kerbal experience, funds, contracts, strategies... all of it. Then have the current modes as presets in that system
  13. Pretty sure this was NASA and KSP officially collaborating. Otherwise, everything else feels like coincidence to me - inflatable parachutes/balutes have been an idea for a long time. That said, those kind of parts would not be unappreciated
  14. Speaking of which, it's just occurred to me that his Kerbulan counterpart hasn't been mentioned in a while...