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  1. I have installed BDArmory. and it appears to have BDALoadedVesselSwitcher but it does not work: it can see only one vessel at a time (the active vessel).
  2. If you root the rotor to the right part (autostrut) it won't flutter in hover mode.
  3. About the K250 props between version 15 and 16. Did you increase their thrust? I could only get a maximum hover altitude of 3500 m in 15, but now it is an incredible 10500 m!
  4. Oh hover works, nice. It is kind of tricky with a compound helicopter adjusting the thrust on both the lift rotors and the pusher at the same time. I simply put it into cruise and than brought the lifting props to minimum rotation.
  5. Minor problem, just visual actually. It would be nice if we could reverse the spin direction (and blade direction as well) of some of the rotors. My little intermeshing helicopter's blade are suppose to spin in opposite directions from each other.
  6. Well I turned off scatterer, but it still happens.
  7. So as I was landing on the moon I saw this: Pretty trippy. This was in 1.30, Win 10.
  8. Something I have always wanted is to have "sentient blood mist" on Eve, small very low altitude red clouds that are hard to find and produce an ominous noise.
  9. I was wondering about the secret feature, and I had a hopeful idea so I went to tracking station and zoomed out...
  10. Ok here are some ideas 1. Add a button to download all crafts in a hanger simultaneously. 2. Make hanger pages such that pictures, videos and detailed descriptions can be made describing the hanger of crafts. Consider the problem this guy has, in which he wants to share 3 sub-assembly boosters simultaneously, his solutions is kind of innovative: I would like to share these as a pack, at best I can make a hanger but I can't make much describing them in the hanger, at best I could make each page nearly identical linking to each other.
  11. Suggestion: It would be nice if we could post more than one craft per page, for example this guy had to put 3 rockets together in one craft file: Either that or increase the description options for hangers. Besides that I love KerbalX and I addictively post my craft and I would take a bullet for you.
  12. Well their planets rotate, just as the same speed as they go around the sun, hence tidal-locked. If they live near the terminator, depends on a whole lot of unknowns unknowns, how well their atmosphere moves heat, what is the tectonic activity? how much surface water do they have? If their world has up-welled continents and volcanic islands on near side and subduction on the far side then our kerbals might come about near the center of the near side assuming they have a super-rotor atmosphere and not a turbulent-convecting atmosphere that would put a perpetual hurricane at the center of the near side. Worlds like Tb and Tc are likely venus like hells, Td perhaps habitable along the terminator if its atmosphere is think enough and it retained enough water, Te more so towards the center, Tf and Tg would need thick high green-house gas atmospheres to prevent all their water from freezing up on the far side leaving the near side and even terminator a desert. As for earth examples of animals that sleep: google, but alas no life on earth evolves in a world with perpetual day light.