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  1. My last video documents a special Duna trip - in Boeing 60´s style ( )
  2. no one knows a answer? Maybe I´m the only one who this problem has?
  3. Dosn´t work on my PC - get the following message: Does anyone knows whats to do?
  4. Hi, is there anyone here that knows how I can made reflections in the visors of the helmets to be transparent so that I can see the Kerbalheads a little bit behind the reflections? actual i always see reflections on yellow/green glas only like in this image: I can not see the lovely Kerbal faces! I tryed to edit the values in colour = 0.5 0.5 0.5 but nothing seems to be other than before - its this possible with texture replacer at the moment? Or maybe it is a conflict with EVE?
  5. No german translation - i leave the train for this time...
  6. In the known issues is written, that no fix is known. But the question was how Mark Thrimm get this working. Maybe someone knows what we can make to use windowshine with working lights...?
  7. Same by me. Seems this dosen´t work in KSP 1.2.2
  8. Is there more than languages that i don´t speak in the next update or can I skip this update? (my native speak would have been german)
  9. Ehm... we have now an announcement for the localisation in Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Russian and Spanish. Nothing about german or french? Will this come in a later version of the game or are in this countrys really too few KSP friends? (I wonder because french is a speak they will spoken not only in france - also in previous colonies and german - people speak in Germany, Austria and Switzerland)
  10. OK you here only search moderators for the languages where you don´t have one. Now I think I understand this better - you don´t need german or french moderators - you already have ones - so that should be all fine for german and french adaptation of KSP. Thanks for your answers!
  11. Sorry, I´m not really shure what exactly you means. Do you mean German and French have to less KSP players for a subforum or can I only not find the right subforum. For example in the german KSP forum the community has a German patch which translate the actual game in this language but no one of the devs seems to be interestet in this. Please don´t misunderstand my posts - it´s only a question - not a fight against the devs or something like this
  12. Why only Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Spanish - nothing about such world languages like german or french? Or are the Devs good german and french speakers by nature? Please don´t delete this post because is not really off-topic i think
  13. My first Screenshot was from my first rocket they flew my Jeb in to Kerbinorbit. This was in April 2013 (I woundered why nobody else has a first Screenshot from the launch pad..)
  14. Maybe the Tylo Easter Egg is back to the ground? Can someone check this?
  15. My best wishes und many thanks for Kerbal Space Program!