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  1. It's easy to be generous with other people's money and, more importantly, time. Art for art's sake is a noble sentiment but it doesn't help pay the rent. And presumably cared enough about us to sell the rights in that game to Take 2? Not that I have a problem with that decision personally - it was Squad's game to do with as they saw fit. I just don't quite follow your reasoning.
  2. Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Also - the power of Plot compels it. And folks - could we keep the freelance proofreading off-thread please? Typos are just a fact of writing - especially those annoying out-of-context ones that the spellchecker doesn't pick up and that your eye just skips over because you've read and revised that bit of text so many times now that your brain sees what should be there rather than what is actually there. If any of them seriously grate, just drop Jim a PM and I'm sure he'll correct them.
  3. Dayum, that's a backlog and a half. I knew they had plenty of work queued up but I didn't know they had that much. A lot of ISS resupply too - what happened to Orbital?
  4. I cannot tell a lie - I laughed at Wernher the Snowhuman. Now if we could just find somebody who happens to be a dab hand with TextureReplacer we could have... Wernher the SnowKerbal! And on a serious note, cool - and creepy - backstory!
  5. Not me. Good find though @KerbMav - thanks! @AviosAdku, @Just Jim, I'm not sure it's Fire in the Sky's sort of song (although they have been know to pen the odd ballad too ) - but I can totally see one of the Pioneer crews singing it, or something very like it, over on the far side of the Mün. I think this is more Fire in the Sky's sort of thing. Music and verse structure borrowed from another track previously linked to on this thread. The Kerm, or so they say, were the start of Kerbalkind And we've used them, tamed them, feared them, since time long out of mind Now the Kerm are running out of room. My friends - it's time to do or die. Hear our thunder 'cross the land! See our fire in the sky! Now Jeb and Bill and Bob were first; back aboard the Kerbal 1. When like all the 'kerbs that followed them, they climbed towards the sun. And they knew they might not make it - for it's never hard to die... But they lifted off that launchpad; rode their fire in the sky!
  6. As are the R7 series, PSV series, many of the Long March series, and arguably the Ariane V. Not to mention the Atlas and especially the Delta boosters, both of which come with moar boosters if you need to launch moar payload. This is not a uniquely kerbal or SpaceX concept. In fact it's pretty much a standard for launch vehicle design. Here - have a bucket to catch all that cold water.
  7. I think I joined the forum to add my 2p worth to the 'Thanks KSP team' thread. That was late April 2013. I soon got interested in possible backstories for the kerbals and their space program so quickly gravitated to the Fan Works section. One of my earliest posts was a page or so of worldbuilding notes, followed by a short story which expanded on a couple of lines from those notes. That short story morphed into the prologue for a rather longer story which I've been working on ever since. I also enjoy reading other fan works. When I'm not in the fan works forum, I'm usually haunting the Science and Spaceflight forum, or occasionally the Lounge.
  8. Sooo - is a tardigrade burn one that was too late to have the desired effect?
  9. And so I say to you, oh my brothers and sisters, that a great day shall come to pass. For on that day, SQUAD will send down a report from on high and lo the people will be content. And there shall be no panicking nor gnashing of teeth and yea verily there shall be no interminable riding of personal hobby horses nor recycling of old suggestions. And cats shall lie down with dogs and the internet shall know peace. But today is not that day.
  10. Huh - just goes to show you should always double check these things. I too thought that SpaceX chose not to patent their stuff on the basis that patents are published and they didn't see any point in letting their competitors see exactly what they were up to. However, they do have one: US 7503511, granted in 2009 for 'A pintle injector tip with active cooling.' Inventor (you'll be astonishd to hear) one Thomas J Mueller. Mind, that's from a very quick and dirty patent search for anything owned by a company with 'Space' and 'Exploration' in its name. Conceivably, SpaceX IP might be hived off into a holding company that we know nothing about. More speculatively, since I'm not so familiar with US patent legislation, SpaceX might be limited as to what they can patent for ITAR and/or national security reasons. Regarding the government buying up SpaceX IP and making it public domain. Even if there was any IP to buy, I'm not sure if or why they would. I don't think any SpaceX technologies were developed under an academic grant of any kind, so Bayh-Dole presumably won't be a factor. I'm unsure what provisions there are for compulsory licensing in US patent law but given that SpaceX do have at least one, very large, competitor, I can't immediately see any justification for a compulsory license anyway. I'm not sure how the contracts with NASA were set up in respect of IP but I'd be surprised if NASA get to own any IP developed under those contracts. I'm arguing (weakly) by analogy here but @HebaruSan's comment could just as well have applied to ULA back in the day but I haven't heard of any ULA owned IP being forcibly shared with other launch providers. Although whether anyone would hear about that apart from the launch providers, is a good question. In reality though, I suspect a lot of SpaceX's succes comes from company culture and deliberate design decisions prioritising commonality of components and cost, rather than absolute bleeding edge performance. Not the kind of stuff that you could realistically patent anyway but stuff that's also rather hard to copy, especially if you're a large established company with your own way of doing things. So I'm thinking that ULA will indeed have to re-invent their reuse from scratch. I'm sure they can do it if they put their mind to it - I can't imagine that SpaceX have a monopoly on innovation and talented engineers - it's just that they've had rather more incentive. Well ULA have plenty of incentive now.
  11. Man would you just look at that swell! I'm thinking the crush cores might have taken a beating there too. That was a seriously impressive landing!
  12. Thanks. That's really good of you to say. Without wishing to get too luvvie on everyone, I do try and get 'into' the characters when I'm writing, so yeah - that wasn't an easy chapter to write either. Glad (if that's the right word) it came out as hoped. First draft of the next chapter is about a quarter done and picks up from where the last one finished.
  13. Caves are good. Lots of possibilities, lots interesting things to find. I'm wondering what Jabe will find...
  14. Nice chapter! Good mix of technical detail and those journal entries felt very fluid and natural.