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  1. Well, it's official, this has nothing to do with mods or clipping. I transplanted the persistent file with a simplified version of the vessel to a vanilla, freshly unzipped copy and save and the same thing is happening. I guess it's time to play something else.
  2. Yeah, close KSP, delete mod folder, delete files created by ModuleManager (just in case, I'm guessing one of them is the cache), ovewrite persistant file, restart game... takes for ever. I didn' think on the multiple restart thing...
  3. So this happened to me in 1.2.1, that's why I gave up, and now finally started playing 1.2.2 and the same thing happens. Sometimes, and sometimes not, my interplanetary transfers are ruined by a mysterious constant drift of my orbit: I plan the node, burn it, perfect, go back to it later on and find my ship wwway off the intended target planet. Now yesterday it was time for the first travel to another planet. Joo'ls window just came up and I had a couple of contracts, so why not... well, think again, Rosco, 'cos those phantom forces are back. I got the problematic ship in a quicksave after I burned the node, so perfect for experimentation. I hacked the ship (several iterations of it actually, to discard clipping) into a new "un-modded" KSP (except for DMagic Orbital Sience, because the ship uses parts from it) and no drifting there. So I then started adding mods... one mod, no problem, two mods, no problem, three... ALL of them, still no phantom forces. I then did the opposite, started with the drifting orbit and all the mods and begun removing them, one, two, same deal, ship's still happily drifting away from Jool... or not... last mod I tried and the problem was still there, only to disappear later on for no reason other than I restarted the game? So, what else there is to do? What else could I try? Any suggestions? Logs say nothing about a problem that I could see, BTW.
  4. KSP is a strange game, unique in many ways for sure. And one of those is, to me, the unique way in which it annoys me... Let me explain. In other games I'm either having fun, or I'm not. It's instantaneous, I'm playing and I think "Bah! Time to stop playing this sh... erm, game." But KSP is different. Often times I'm playing until I realize I'm tired and liquided off (or rather, I've been tired and liquided off for the past two hours!), at which point I say to my self "why the heck are you still playing?! Go do something else!"... and then I set to complete one more contract, send that one probe, land something or check that one rover I left on a cliff... and the cycle resets itself... until an hour later when it comes back to me "wait, wasn't I fed up?" and I finally close the game for the day. It's like the games hooks you in to the point where you lose the ability to gauge your own enjoyment of the thing. It's the weirdest thing because you'd think that in order to hook you in, the game would make you happier, not angrier. Does this happen to you as well? If not with KSP, any other game? EDIT: "liquided"? Speaking of strange things KSP-related... the forum has a very strange way of changing your words...
  5. Memorize hundreds?! You sure have a lot more fate in future kids than I do... Go around asking kids/teens the names of the solar system planets today, and see what you get. Heck, ask ADULTS and they'll get it wrong... and if they happen to name them all, they'll add Pluto as well, completely ignorant of what happened to it 10 years ago.
  6. Don't know how many of you watch EEVblog on Youtube, but I just came across these two videos and thought I'd share. Vvvvvery interesting stuff.
  7. I was looking at Github but I don't know if it doesn't exist or I'm just blind, so I'd ask, is there a version for KSP 1.2.1? The current version doesn't seem to work unfortunately.
  8. I haven't tried this, but the folks that created Hyperedit, also created Craft Kitchen, which, among other things, is said to be able to "extract" a ship that is flying and save it to a .craft file.
  9. I'm kind of okay with the DLC (not completely because I don't think the game is finished), I'm not going to buy it, first because it's free to me, but mostly because it really doesn't come close to anything I'd like to do in KSP, but hey, to each his own. But in any case I think they're wrong as to the nature of the DLC. They would have far more costumers for it if it was about end-game stuff. A capsule + decouplers can easily be added with mods (yes, I know consoles don't have those), but things to do once you've done it all, not so much. I'd rather have an expansion to expand the game to make it "longer" instead of "wider", so to speak. One could also argue that it appeals to a niche specific group, the "historical reenactment" segment of the community, and that, from a cost-vs-income perspective, is not ideal at all. The mission editor... "meh". Never used an editor or user created level/scenario/mission in my life and and I don't plan on starting now. (BTW, those used to be free with the base game) But also, the decision to make it so the missions created with it can only be played by those who also bought the DLC... I don't know about that one. I understand that the idea here is to compel people to buy it, but I don't know if that's such a good idea for the game overall (as opposed to getting those juicy greenbacks).
  10. Sorry if I sounded harsh. I didn't mean that. What I mean is that it's a lot harder to translate something technical that what it seems.
  11. Or a mathematician. Or maybe that's what happened. The costumer came in with a doctor's note for a custom prescription... The pharmacist tried to read it and write down the little that could be understood. I'm still trying to figure out what kind of screw up could have caused this... One would think that there were several "entries" in the "database" for the text, and they got all printed one after the other... but then "every three times" doesn't fit anywhere.
  12. Google translate perhaps? [snip]
  13. My memory is fuzzy, but the numbers for inclination changes on that map are either at An/Dn mid-transfter, whereever that happens to be (the author made the orbit and took note of that value) or mathematically calculated basically at the same point. So no, they're not in reference to any SOI other than the Sun. So the values are non-combinable with a Normal+Prograde burn you would want to do at Kerbin.
  14. I'm finding different products by that name... so, how many axis and buttons are we talking? Some joysticks did tricky things to get many buttons and axis working, so that's why a simple adapter might not do the trick.
  15. Swivels and Skippers. I used the Skipper a lot for that spot where the Mainsail was too big but the others were too small... Nowadays I don't seem to need it, it's either too big or too small for what I'm doing. I don't know if they changed the stats or my play style just changed but the poor Skipper is there collecting dust. Hope whoever made them had some other business on the side. Something similar happened to the Swivel. There was a time when I would choose between the more powerful but non-vectoring Reliant and the less powerful but vectoring Swivel... and sometimes use both on the same rocket. Nowadays, unless tech-tree limited, I put fins on my rockets and use the Reliant 100% of the time. I hope that business on the side for these guys wasn't making Skippers.