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  1. Never! It's just a hard thing to make, a lot of people give up or move to other projects. My craft pack is 98% complete. I am waiting for the next patch, and some free time to finish my Ares V launcher. Its huge and causing me aneurisms..
  2. Yes it does. This is a limitation in KSP sadly. Its a good thing they are trying to break speed records not 'looks like a real aircraft' records, huh?
  3. Yes. Test the crafts on said planet.
  4. Awesome! I see some new bearing designs on the horizon. Aces! I hope this will be done for the current stock decouplers too.
  5. Here endeth the lesson. Joking aside (it's good for morale) personally I think it's too early for KSP DLCs, there are so many things that need doing to the core stock game that I feel this time could be better spent. For KSP of course. Not Squad. I am well aware Squad exists to make money. Cheers.
  6. It is an official mod. Ie, not part of the the stock game. If it was everyone would get it. For free. See my reply above, as for some it is not.
  7. he he, no of course not. You misunderstood as I think I was not clear in my post. I was just stating that the DLC is not 'stock', not part of the core vanilla game. Nothing more.
  8. The DLC is an official mod not part of the core vanilla game. LOL no such thing exists or ever will sadly.
  9. Shhhhhhh... it's a secret. I remade this more recently than this post me thinks. Yup here it is: I am currently re-re-making it. Some updates broke it.
  10. Good idea. Some modularity in a design is a great thing. Do you play career mode or free style gameplay?
  11. The X-37B landed today at the KSC too.
  12. Great looking craft mate! Those big launchers are not an easy thing to make.
  13. Fingers crossed matey. And the fact that shadows are on the list of things that are being worked on is great news, as you said. Kerbal.
  14. It sounds like they are tackling the odd shadows on the KSC buildings only. The shadow striping is a totally different kettle of fish sadly.. One that has its roots deep in the Unity code.