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  1. I've made a bunch of Duna rockets/craft including a complex Constellation mission and Duna Direct mission pack. My most recent however is my remake of my Curiosity rover and Atlas V 541 rocket. I will post the video I made for it and the picture album: And in case you are interested here is the video i made for my Duna direct mission pack. It is a much older craft though. All stock, but old.
  2. Also, use the 'ease in gravity' setting. Should help too.
  3. Load it in with hack gravity on. Then see where it flexes the most, attach struts there.
  4. WOW! These are awesome! I was taken aback at first at how accurate they are. Great build mate! Do they stand up ok?
  5. LOL, How I dislike textual communication.. We just have 'crossed wires' so to speak. When I made mine I did try over and over again to stop it snagging but I was also no willing to sacrifice the proper shape of it for a clean release.
  6. ????? Yup, you did. You said it releases clean as it stays in one piece. This I knew. My point was that when I was making my apollo craft the CSM fairing would snag on the pod on release (one piece). Perhaps they have changed the internal fairing geometry as when I tired to get it close to the pod edges and online with the width of the pod it would snag. Even if the base was a tiny bit wider. I hope that was clear enough matey.
  7. Sorry, you misunderstood. I meant, does it snag when releasing @Munbro Kerman? I'm well aware you can release a faring whole with a separator.
  8. That's so cute! You reminded me I made a RIB aaggees ago, before the water fix too. It might actually work now.
  9. Does it separate cleanly as one piece though?
  10. Oh I felt that in me ribs! Nah, I knew of its existence. The reason I didn't add one is the radiators didn't look right to me, and at the time (could have changed) you could not create a faring that close to the three kerbal pod and have it release cleanly. It would always snag and explode. Indeed we do Ahab. If I where making your aircraft I would keep the cockpit open. No solar panels.
  11. Great work mate! It's a very clean build.
  12. Sorry it took so long, I stupidly deleted the audio and video files so I can't make another one but i found a test render I made a while ago that has no music, just some sound effects and old radio chatter ect. Due to this there are protracted silences on the video but it shows all the workings of the craft. here's a link too for ease:
  13. Dear Kod yes! I only hope this can be done with fairings.
  14. This is extraordinary! Amazing work Bubbadevlin. Any chance of a video of it in action?
  15. Yeah I noticed that too when working on my SaturnV. Odd huh.. Your CSM is larger than mine which as you have discovered makes the motor a tricky situation. I much prefer the fairing version to the radiator one. Try using the fairing one but using small parts like backwards thermos to cover up the yellow band.