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  1. Hi all, I know I said I would not build anything in the 1.1 opt-in but who am I kidding! I thought this deserved its own thread as I am so proud of it! Some of you may remember the tiny ant engine and thermometer hinges I developed. Well, in 1.1 the geometry of the ant engines has changed and they no longer work.. However, as they say necessity is the mother of invention I looked for an alternative and found that the commuotron 16s are perfect for this! I also realised that using the hexagon cage shape I developed for the first hinge I could turn them length ways further reducing the profile of the hinge. I originally developed the thermo hinge as a swinging door hinge and this new version is made for the same purpose. The extremely low profile of the hinge allows it to be fitted in the smallest of places allowing for beautiful looking and operating swing doors and other hinge uses. It is possible to make other types of small hinges from fewer parts as seen in @sgt_flyer new 3dof hinge he made for his canadarm and I know I said this of the last version but I'm going to say it again, you cannot make a smaller, lower profile free swinging hinge in KSP. You could even make this smaller by using one set of 8 thermometers with two communotron 16s either side, a true micro hinge! This was made in the opt-in 1.1 version with no offset or other building mods! Check out the video below. I will post a craft file after the full 1.1 release, thanks all! MJ P.S, If you use/copy/borrow this design a credit to me as the inventor would be appreciated cheers all! Craft file download from KerbalX
  2. Good luck! Oh, also, try using an RCS block instead of an antenna if it's a high stress system. They tend to be more reliable for high weight, high stress mechanisms.
  3. I can see how you saw that. Nope that would indeed not work. If you have any issues making one, feel free to post again, I or another will be happy to help.
  4. Do you mean the pic I posted in the first post? The antennas do sit inside 8 thermometers and will become part of a separate craft so they spin inside the thermometers.
  5. Hi all, It is knows that the move to Unity 5 has caused a bug with the shadows. It is a kind of striping bug that is very noticeable and ugly. Does anyone know if this is being looked at or if a fix is even possible because I have heard little from the devs on it. And I know it is a minor bug but it would be nice to know its going to be addressed. Thanks for reading and let me know here if you hear anything about this. MJ UPDATE: Here is the state of shadows in KSP unity 5.
  6. I have no idea at all. I was just quoting folks from the link.
  7. Yup, thanks. Here are some possible suggested solutions @SQUAD I cleared Occlusion culling, I'm going to re-run occlusion to see what happens. I had this problem with hard shadows, then I swapped to soft shadows and lowered the strength, maybe this could help you too Make sure your far clipping plane on your camera isn't too high or you will see weird artifacting - (forum reply) - This worked for me. I added an extra camera for the near clipping plane from 0 to 100 and the far camera I set to vertex lit. no more flickering shadows.
  8. Assuming it's an aircraft yes? Spacecraft are often ugly, patched together affairs.
  9. I look forward to seeing the new parts squad has for us, but as foxster says, it will devide the craft sharing community. Any large, complex builds I post will always only use stock parts and as the DLC isn't 100% stock I won't make anything complex from the parts. It's funny, I've had the game for so long and my building skills have progressed so much that I have already recreated the American and Russian early space programs. I don't have any desire to fly those missions with stuff I didn't make from the ground up. I don't doubt that the new parts will give a lot of pleasure to a lot of people though. :-)
  10. I can see that matey, hence what I said after that. It's a recreation of sorts so it needs to look more like something than not. Great work on it, I can't wait to see the view from those two little windows. :-)
  11. The LM model does indeed look great! Thank you for the screenshot. I too am a tad concerned it is more duplo than lego but ho hum, the pack is what the pack is, a recreation of sorts. It will come in handy for those with slower PCs I suppose. Like a few others I have already made my own LM that I wont be giving up! It probably took as long to make as that model did. I look forward to seeing the other parts, heres hoping for more structural parts.
  12. Anyone know if the new parts will have any new structural parts? We builders need some new ones.
  13. The promise aside, which was indeed a promise, thanks again @Badie I am super excited about new parts! And I mean SUPER excited!
  14. Good people. Cheers Badie for the confirmation.
  15. I am sharpening my pitchfork as a write this. Joking aside, the promise was made, and factored heavily into my decision making to buy at the time. @SQUAD care to comment?
  16. Yup, I'm very glad I bought before that date and will get my promised, free DLCs forever.
  17. I love Duna/Ike screenshots Taken from the perspective of Ike, as seen in the credits scene of my Curiosity rover video. I wish we had the old look of Duna back though.. And that the ice caps where a little smaller. Other than that, it's always a lovely view in the Duna system. Keep it up mate!
  18. Absolutely stunning work! It is so smooth! You guys are showing that thermo hinges are the most versatile mechanism in KSP by a LONG way! You make me so proud! *Sheds a tear of joy Oh, and this deserves its own thread!!
  19. I love the Duna explorer!
  20. I will have a look when 1.3 drops matey. It's a massive loss that @sgt_flyer isn't posting anymore.. :-(
  21. You should make an American or German tank ammnd make a combat video with them! It's a nice build mate, good work!
  22. LOL, that's so epic! Masterful use of thermometer hinges @klond!! Do the paddles actually move the thing?
  23. This needs to be worked on again! The craft involved are a masterclass in good, skilful KSP building.
  24. So chaps? Any chance at all of any details of any game changes in the next patch that may or may not break our very precious craft? We spend many hours making these things and we do so with drive and passion. It would be heartbreaking to have anything we invent or build broken. Any info at all would be grand.
  25. As discovered by a few others, using the small round RCS blocks instead of the antennas works better for high stress applications such as powered props. Give that a go.