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  1. I never said he specifically was unskilled. Just that is why people usually cheat. I would take any video he made with a pinch of salt. So to speak.
  2. Greetings fellow Kerbals, As some of you may remember I made a stock Saturn V a few years ago called the Selene project. It was a 'not to scale' Saturn V focusing on simulating all the parts of the Saturn V rocket and Apollo moon missions. As a distraction from some grander projects I decided to completely remake the Selene Saturn V but this time I would make two different versions with varying part counts and features. I started by making the higher part count version and wanted it to be much larger than my original Selene craft but again not making it exactly to scale but to focus on recreating all the features of the Saturn V rocket. I have made a completely custom lander which is made roughly to scale with the CSM three kerbal pod. This proved to be extremely hard to balance due to some odd behavior possibly brought on by the no offset mod. There is a discrepancy between the COM indicator in the editor and in-game. After a lot of annoyance I have balanced the lander as best I could and it can be easily flown now. The lander has two seats inside that are deliberately pointing inwards and laying flat so that when the Kerbals leave the seat they pop out in the middle of the front of the lander! Just as if they had exited a hatch. The lander has all the details that the real LM had including a two Kerbal rover and a science package. The rover has a reaction wheel so board the kerbal when it releases and simply flip it up on to its wheels! a lot of user made Mun rovers suffer from an inability to be turned over which leads to frustration and crashes. With the reaction wheel the rover is completely stable and easy to flip back up. I then set about making the rocket itself. I spent a huge amount of time making some custom fairings for the payload and two inter-stage fairings of the Saturn V. They are exemplary and release exactly as the real fairings do. I am particularly proud of the payload fairing as each of the four panels lines up perfectly with each other so their shape is the same as the real payload fairings. I have added all the Ullage and retro rockets for very real looking staging events as can be seen in the video below. I have the correct number of engines for each stage except S1 as anyone who has made a large scale SV knows there is no good in between engine for the F1. The Rhino is too big and the Mainsail is too weak so I have 8 Mainsails for the first stage, not that you would notice by looking at it. The center engine has been designed to cut out early, and for an actual reason! The use of radiators as fairings has one drawback, they start to glow on ascent.. I made the center engine cut out early to slow the rockets acceleration to minimize the glowing of the fairings. If you ascend correctly they will not glow at all! I am very proud of that little trick. The slight glowing seen in the video is due to me flying a slightly different ascent path for the video. The CSM has fuel cells but not the lander due to the number of solar panels I used to make the lander (it is the best parts for small custom builds as it is the smallest panel shape part. Oh and the panels do not cause extra lag as some users have said. The ascent stage of the LM is powered by RCS as the heat changes have caused an infinite amount of heat at certain distances so rocket motors destroy the descent stage which is inelegant so to avoid using SRB separators RCS is the best alternative. The Mk1 Selene craft is the low part count version. This was an interesting exercise in minimal part count. It has the same basic shape as my original Selene craft. It was an absolute breeze to make obviously, less parts means less difficulty to make and test. It has an absolutely tiny 126 parts and still has many of the features of the Saturn V. Of course I could not use special, clever custom fairings so all are the stock squad fairings. I have inter-stage fairings and the correct ullage and retro rockets for those nice staging events. The lander has no rover or science package but one could be added if you like. This version was made with as few parts as possible so I ditched those 'extras'. Then center engine does not cut off early as there is no need to do this and may have incurred a part count penalty. As it is now it is fully playable even on low end systems. I get a green timer throughout the entire mission with this craft. The lander is simple and very easy to fly with enough fuel for corrections during those less than perfect descents. As you can see in the video I landed with only a few units of fuel left and that was due to a less than perfect descent. Again the ascent module is RCS powered to avoid the silly infinite heat issue. Ok, I don't want to spend all day typing so I will move onto the flight instructions, pictures and video. This was supposed to be released a week ago but video editing issues delayed it.. ----------------------------------------------------- Selene mk1 instructions (Low part count version) 126 parts Action groups: 1. LES 2. Fuel cell activation 3. LM release after CSM docking This one is very easy to fly, it has good fuel margins for the launch and can be treated very roughly and still hold it's course. Fly as you would any rocket. The video shows an example ascent. You do not need RCS until you leave Mun and as the ascent craft is RCS powered you will want to leave RCS off until then. One of the tanks may be set to off, so if you need it during ascent simply turn it back on. Selene mk3 instructions (High part count version) 709 parts Action groups: 1. LES 2. CSM fuel cell 3. CSM antenna 4. LM pod lights 5. Cargo covers release. This is the big-boy of the two. It is however also very easy to fly needing minimal effort to fly. The only special thing you should do is select follow pro-grade before S1 separation. this is to avoid a minor nose lifting force that can be seen on most large SV replicas. The staging is set up correctly so you can just stage when needed. Let the Ullage and Retro rockets do their thing to put some distance between stages for realism and clean staging events.And clean they are! See vid for details on this. Again keep the RCS off until you leave Mun. It is not required before then and is the fuel for the ascent. Keep RCS on for the mun ascent too. That is about it! Two sides of the building coin, both easy to fly and as clean as builds get. So on to the pictures! And now the video. The following video is 14 minutes long and a bit of a Hodge podge due to my adolescent editing skills and inadequate software, it does however show all the important parts of each rocket in an interesting way and has massive over use of the Apollo 13 movie soundtrack! Yipee! Cinematic! Thank you all so much for looking and if you have an questions/ complaints/ marriage proposals please do not hesitate to contact me. DOWNLOADS mK3 - High part count version Mk1 - Low part count version MJ out.
  3. LOL. Yeah its sad it got audio blocked.. It was up for a while too. Ok mate will fix the album and look into the video issue.
  4. Cheers for saying so mate, I will always encourage folks who want to make constellation craft. It's such a challenge and a anyone doing it will learn so much in the process.
  5. This. A million times, this. @SQUAD @Badie ? pass this on.
  6. LOL so very Kerbal! Jeb salutes you.
  7. Hi all, Today I am very, very happy to be able to show my Constellation mission pack. I have been working on this for months and it has gone through a million redesigns. After having been blown away by katateochi's Modded mission I wanted to the same thing but using stock parts. This craft pack closely follows the real life proposed mission in almost every detail. It is the most complex and daring mission I have ever put together. During the real-time mission I had zero failures and encountered no design flaws. Due to the HUGE amount of testing I did. The craft are exemplary. So here it is. Eight launches, six Kerbals and one hell of a ride! A few album highlights: Ares V with the Copernicus hab module Aeroshell landers in Kerbin orbit awaiting the burn to Duna Ascent lander on Duna, sent before the crewed DTV Crewed DTV 'Copernicus' in Kerbin orbit The Crewed lander entering Dunas atmosphere and shedding its aeroshell The Three Kerbal SPR rover. I'm really proud of this one Video of the Ares V with Copernicus payload faring release: FULL MISSION ALBUM You may notice that the scales are not exact and I had to make a few non realistic design decisions. All craft are at present mission capable but during the mission I discovered a few things that are missing. I will correct those minor issues and then release the pack if anybody is interested. Even if you don't want to complete the mission, and I don't blame you, it was very tough, you can download the craft to see how they where made. Thank you so much for looking and if anyone has any questions, comments, complaints please don't hesitate to ask me. MJ ----------------------------------------------------------- DOWNLOAD AND TIPS Constellation mission pack download OK chaps here we have the download for all the craft including a sub-assembly of the SPR rover. I'm not sure many people will attempt to fly a full mission with these crafts but if anyone wants to attempt it please PM me for detailed instructions. When launching the Ares V rockets you can throttle to max and launch. At 5000m start a turn to the east. The boosters cause a lot of torque that makes the rocket turn slowly. Just keep you finger on the arrow key and it will slowly turn east. Make little adjustments to keep it from rotating, which it will want to a little. Nothing major. After the boosters separate full control authority is regained. Aim for a 200km orbit. Separate fairings during coast to Ap. The landers staging is not in any order so you can choose what to release first. Simply click the separator or docking port you want to manipulate. ---------------------------------------------------------- I cleaned up the staging and added the things that where missing. I think I got everything right but its a lot of things to remember so if there is anything untoward please let me know. And If anyone has any questions please don't hesitate to ask. MJ
  8. Never! It's just a hard thing to make, a lot of people give up or move to other projects. My craft pack is 98% complete. I am waiting for the next patch, and some free time to finish my Ares V launcher. Its huge and causing me aneurisms..
  9. Yes it does. This is a limitation in KSP sadly. Its a good thing they are trying to break speed records not 'looks like a real aircraft' records, huh?
  10. Yes. Test the crafts on said planet.
  11. Awesome! I see some new bearing designs on the horizon. Aces! I hope this will be done for the current stock decouplers too.
  12. Hi all, I am very happy to be able to show you my new replica. The Boeing X-37b with Atlas V launch vehicle. The first time I tried to make this I used the new parts and it looked good but also exactly the same as all the other SP+ X-37 I could see.. So I decided to really push the limits and try for a very close approximation of the shape. I also wanted this to be fully functional in the same sense that the real one is. So that meant I need a cargo bay and some sort of payload. The real function of the real one is a secret so we can but guess. I came up against a real problem as I wanted the cargo bay to close for landing. This seemed an impossibility.. To get around the issue I have turned the satellite cargo into a cargo door re-attacher too! Its fun to chase it down and a nice little challenge to re-attach. You can see this in the video. Here are a few more pics: There we have it. The launcher needs to settle a little before lift off and gentle taps to keep on course, Its the same launcher as my Curiosity Atlas V so same rules apply. The X-37b itself glides quite well, it took a while to stabilize it! There is enough fuel in it to deorbit and enough RCS in the satellite payload to change orbit multiple times to, you know... Do secret stuff that definitely doesn't involve the satellites of other nations.. A quick word of warning, it is part heavy. The X-37b itself is 500 parts and the total with launcher is over 800. This is ok for me but might not be for everyone. Here is a video showing a full mission, including cargo door re-attach: Thank you for looking. I hope you enjoy flying it as much as I enjoyed making it. DOWNLOAD MJ
  13. Here endeth the lesson. Joking aside (it's good for morale) personally I think it's too early for KSP DLCs, there are so many things that need doing to the core stock game that I feel this time could be better spent. For KSP of course. Not Squad. I am well aware Squad exists to make money. Cheers.
  14. It is an official mod. Ie, not part of the the stock game. If it was everyone would get it. For free. See my reply above, as for some it is not.
  15. he he, no of course not. You misunderstood as I think I was not clear in my post. I was just stating that the DLC is not 'stock', not part of the core vanilla game. Nothing more.
  16. The DLC is an official mod not part of the core vanilla game. LOL no such thing exists or ever will sadly.
  17. Shhhhhhh... it's a secret. I remade this more recently than this post me thinks. Yup here it is: I am currently re-re-making it. Some updates broke it.
  18. Good idea. Some modularity in a design is a great thing. Do you play career mode or free style gameplay?
  19. The X-37B landed today at the KSC too.
  20. Great looking craft mate! Those big launchers are not an easy thing to make.
  21. Fingers crossed matey. And the fact that shadows are on the list of things that are being worked on is great news, as you said. Kerbal.
  22. It sounds like they are tackling the odd shadows on the KSC buildings only. The shadow striping is a totally different kettle of fish sadly.. One that has its roots deep in the Unity code.
  23. The scale is nice man but what technology is it demonstrating?
  24. I just played the demo then the full game. A lot. I had a mate who played too so we helped each other out at the beginning. Back when Mun landings made me sweat bullets.