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  1. By far the most useful stock part is the humble cubic octagonal strut. The no offset building mod killed it stone dead though. If you are building without no offsets mods then yeah, it's a god send. In fact I hold it in such high regard I made a statue to it to place in my KSC a while ago: 'In struts we trust'.
  2. LOL yup. The engineers report is garbage, I have never used it.
  3. Yup it's fake. He changed the engine power, it weight and weight of the nerv engine. Why do people normally cheat? Because they are weak, unskilled or otherwise unable to succeed without it.
  4. @hazard-ish you are a proven poster of fake videos. Not only this one but the Tylo landing one too, goodness knows what other videos you cheated on. This is not stock, it is modded, and a lie. For shame. You changed the engine power and weight. On the rapier and the nerv.. What the hell are you playing at? You are making a mockery of those youtubers who work had to make great stock craft. This crap should be deleted from YT.
  5. Not a chance. The Wii U neither. They have announced as much. That and the fact those consoles have little chance of running an acceptable version of the game. The newest consoles have a part limit of something hilarious like 300. The upcoming consoles would run the game fantastically though.
  6. Dang mate, that is very impressive! I love the idea of this kind of KSP engineering. How's the framerate?
  7. I've seen a few of these already. Does his fly?
  8. LOL yup, given the size of the LM the rover is hysterically large.
  9. Very nice indeed! You really captured the shape well, I can sense the evil! Cheers for the mention too mate. You're a good sport.
  10. Hi all, I know I said I would not build anything in the 1.1 opt-in but who am I kidding! I thought this deserved its own thread as I am so proud of it! Some of you may remember the tiny ant engine and thermometer hinges I developed. Well, in 1.1 the geometry of the ant engines has changed and they no longer work.. However, as they say necessity is the mother of invention I looked for an alternative and found that the commuotron 16s are perfect for this! I also realised that using the hexagon cage shape I developed for the first hinge I could turn them length ways further reducing the profile of the hinge. I originally developed the thermo hinge as a swinging door hinge and this new version is made for the same purpose. The extremely low profile of the hinge allows it to be fitted in the smallest of places allowing for beautiful looking and operating swing doors and other hinge uses. It is possible to make other types of small hinges from fewer parts as seen in @sgt_flyer new 3dof hinge he made for his canadarm and I know I said this of the last version but I'm going to say it again, you cannot make a smaller, lower profile free swinging hinge in KSP. You could even make this smaller by using one set of 8 thermometers with two communotron 16s either side, a true micro hinge! This was made in the opt-in 1.1 version with no offset or other building mods! Check out the video below. I will post a craft file after the full 1.1 release, thanks all! MJ P.S, If you use/copy/borrow this design a credit to me as the inventor would be appreciated cheers all! Craft file download from KerbalX
  11. Very impressive indeed! The stuff you guys come up with astounds me. It's art.
  12. Agreed, personal attacks are reductive. So upon what exactly is ones 'opinion' supposed to be based? Seeing as @passinglurker posted some of his lovely looking modding work I would say that suffices.
  13. This. DLCs will not be stock so they may as well be paid for mods. Given that, the work must be A grade. He doesn't need to.. He is a paying customer and as such is well within his rights to question a sub standard product or part thereof.
  14. I love the look of this mate! And the idea of way it opens too. I think this would be great for stock battles. Have you posted it on the stock weapons thread?
  15. I've seen a few of these before I must say. I have made a couple myself too. They are good fun huh! I'm happy you have found the joys of one wheel roving.
  16. Res ipsa loquitur.
  17. Except it does when anything you dock to has a heavier part. ;-)
  18. Nice work matey! I know how tricky these are to make well and you've done a great job recreating these craft.
  19. So back to reality, no joy on the antenna drive?
  20. I hate April fools day..
  21. LOL nice work!
  22. @RoverDude why did you decide to make the SV-alike interstage a solid tank?
  23. He's not a developer as far as I'm aware. Lead tester or a community guy. We never saw eye to eye but I wish him luck in his new ventures.
  24. I just did... Oh dear. Having said that, a few comments are less.. moronic.
  25. Great work on these mate. Anyone that says something is impossible in KSP is a filthy quitter! :-) oh, and thanks for the mention!