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  1. nay, tis I, the frenchiest fry. @AmpsterMan love me
  2. Oh damn I skimmed right over this in the midst of finals madness. Done now. And yes, it does make a lot of sense to drop FAR density calcs if Stock actually has aero that doesn't throw matches at a gas station for giggles. On another brighter note, last final is in a few hours. Good things may come soon to those who are patient enough
  3. Looks like it could be reduced to simply grabbing the method with Single and the signature since only one exists now.
  4. If you don't plan to actually maintain it, don't make a new thread for it.
  5. Awesome, good to know, I might recompile and rerelease it myself at some point
  6. I don't plan to do it in any relatively close future. On the bright side, the license is open.
  7. I do, though it's on hold like a lot of my projects right now, for personal reasons.
  8. No. It's really really really far from being that simple for this one, and will require a lot of new code that would remove entirely the old craft checker and replace it with a brand new one, because this system is stupid and the devs messed it up if they intended it to be moddable.
  9. I am following the thread, and I have seen every reply in here. I've however chosen to ignore them. Also, you forgot to add a license and it is needs to comply with the in place CC-BY-SA license.
  10. Guys. It's parts. No update needed. Just enjoy the mod.
  11. For the first part what is happening is what /should/ happen. The parachute is really small. I won't buff it for fun. Second part, contracts aren't generated by RealChute.
  12. That's why there is a a video AND a FAQ in the OP.
  13. ... and then people wonder why I'm distancing myself from KSP. This is a pretty sad attitude. Anyway, OP updated, and download now on SpaceDock as well. Enjoy!
  14. Hi everyone! Just a short message to let you guys know that none other than @Starwaster will be making the compatibility updates for RealChute until RealChute2 is ready. Thank you all and see you around
  15. Hello people! Time for a little announcement. As most of you might have noticed, I have been rather inactive from here in the past few months. There are multiple reasons for that. First off, let's just say that RealLife™ got in the way. Work and personal time took most of my summer. As a matter of fact, I did not touch anything prog related for the whole summer, and instead tried to focus on enjoying my vacation. Now that college is back on, I'm starting to dabble back into my projects. The other reason of my inactivity here is that other projects, notably a completely new game I'm working on with friends, are starting to take up large amounts of my time. For this reason, I have decided to press the brake a bit on RealChute matters. I'm not abandoning this completely, but given that modding is a very high expanse and very low return activity, and that on all fronts, I definitely do not have as much time to accord to this. Therefore, I am looking for a maintainer for RealChute. I'm talking here about someone that would manage the current 1.x versions of RealChute to keep them working, compatible, and on level with KSP's progress. The reason for this, is that updating RealChute constantly to the core game while working on RealChute2 is highly counterproductive, and prevents me to correctly focus on new stuff. Please PM me if you desire to help. I already do have quite a handful of names in mind, but I also want to see who will come forward on their own, as I'm not willing to pass this on to just anyone. Thank you, and see you all around. Chris