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  1. And you've got one! This version should fix that for you. I'm glad you mission succeeded anyway!
  2. This turned out to be much trickier than I thought. But I think it's good to go now. I had to re-do a bunch of the in-editor code, but that's okay because I was never really happy with it. It's still super hacky, but as long as nobody else tries the sort of trickiness I'm doing to make circular structures it should* be alright. If anyone runs into problems with attach nodes not reappearing, please let me know. Now that it's working reliably in editor and in flight for me, I've put out an update. So @Rodger, give it a go!
  3. Ooh, tricky! I managed to replicate this and I think I have a fix for it. Thanks for reporting it and posting a picture - that really helped find the problem. I hope it didn't screw up your mission too much. I'm just trying to add one more fix for parts that change mesh based on nodes being attached or not (6-way walkways and the like), and I'll upload a new version.
  4. Thanks! I've got them both working in flight and the MKS ones sort of working in the editor. I'm not really sure what's the issue with the KPBS ones is in the editor. RoverDude used the stock ModuleStructuralNode which, while not being documented or open source, has specific functions to spawn and despawn the model, so that's handy. KPBS just checks if the AttachNode has an attachedPart - which I do set, but I guess it checks differently in the editor? It works in flight, at least, so that's nice, but if I don't figure it out by next week I'll ping the author and get advice. The MKS ones also don't disappear again in flight if they ReCoupler joint is removed (they do in the editor), but that's also minor. I'm away for the weekend, but I'll keep working on them on Monday along with any other bugs that come up.
  5. @Rodger, what mod are those mini-trusses from? I have the 6-sided nodes working in flight now, but not in the editor...
  6. Thanks! As far as I know it's the only one (and therefor the best one? ). I tried to keep it as light-weight as possible for this reason. Users can even turn off the AppLauncher button from the settings file if they find they aren't using it.
  7. It should be there already! (Although apparently I broke CKAN recently... but it should be getting fixed soon!) I'm not a CKAN user myself, so I just checked the 'Add to CKAN' box on SpaceDock and hoped for the best. I have no idea what I'm doing.
  8. Yes. 1.0.0 is the correct one (no 'v'). Sorry about this.
  9. Yeah! There's so many new building possibilities that circular structures opens up! Your pictures inspired me to post a few more design ideas people may have been ignoring all this time. Here's an album of them. Also, thanks for pointing that out. I hadn't considered that some mod parts do that. I'll look into making that work. Fortunately, they're probably open source so I won't have to do the same digging and magic I had to do to get stock aero to work. Speaking of aero, does anyone know if FAR is recognizing the faces as occluded properly? Cool booster-merging-into-upper-stage-engine action! Funky station design. Ring stations at long last! Or even... multiple radial decouplers on tall booster stacks.
  10. @linuxgurugamer, how would I go about fixing this? I ask because you merged the first CKAN pull request and I'm not familiar at all with CKAN. What happened is I updated it with a v1.0.0 version number, realized I had broken my numbering convention, updated it again without sending the notifications to followers, and deleted the v one.
  11. It's done! I added a GUI, added compatibility for CLS, and fixed the last of the annoying bugs. Soo... It's time for a release! I made a thread over in the Release forums, so feel free to check it out over there!
  12. Ever want to use bi- or tri-couplers but want to recombine the stacks before the next stage? Ever wish you could make circular stations in the VAB without having to spam struts to keep the open end closed? Here's the answer you've been looking for! ReCoupler works around the Vessel tree by identifying attach nodes that would have been connected but can't without a part having multiple parents or creating a circular structure. Once those nodes are identified, it hides them in the editor so that you don't accidentally connect anything else to that node. Then, in flight, it creates a structural link identical to the ones that normally hold parts together. But wait! There's more! When decoupling (or explosions) happens, it detects if one of the virtual connections would continue holding the vessel together and magically makes that the real connection point as if no funny business had been happening! Check out the rest of the album! And some new building styles you can use with ReCoupler: Interested? Get it from SpaceDock or GitHub now! Known bugs: Fuel crossfeed across the fake joints doesn't show up in the editor (it works in flight, though!) Not a bug, necessarily, but it only works for stack attach nodes. Parts that change mesh based on attachment node status don't update. The structural link is still created, though! The icon is terrible. Future plans: Make a decoupler that connects to 2-, 3-, or 4-engine clusters and makes their fairings work with it. I'm open to suggestions
  13. Hi everyone! Sorry I've been away for a bit. It was March break here so I went home to visit my parents and help with some renovations. Now that I'm back, though, have I got progress to share! ConnectedLivingSpace compatibility is most definitely doable. I've sent a pull request to @Papa_Joe with the changes I need on their end so it shouldn't be too long. If anyone wants, you can get the test builds on my GitHub for ReCoupler Dev and CLS Dev (experimental). Please let me know if anything breaks or you see errors in your logs. I've also gotten permission from IgorZ to use some of the docking port code from KIS so that should help me sort out the last of the problems on that end.
  14. @Viscosity: Hmm, you are doing it right, as far as I can tell. It might be that the nodes are just a tiny bit misaligned or out of range. Try increasing the range limit in the settings file. Unfortunately, until such time as I implement a GUI, changing settings will require a restart of KSP. Keep in mind that the settings apply to all vessels, so don't go too overboard. If that doesn't work, I'll try downloading the part mods you're using and try to replicate it myself.