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  1. You do raise a good point. I, likewise, never send up a beacon without all of the techboxes. I'm open to raising the price of them (or having a few MM files with different difficulties included as an optional download).
  2. Update for 1.3 is live! Ooh, this was so close to being 1.3 compatible. They changed a protection level for a method I was calling. I've commented out that line (since it was in a section I'm going to redo eventually anyway) and recompiled it against 1.3 now. That was supposed to be there before... Maybe the other bugs were making it not show. Regardless, I'm glad to hear it's working! In theory they shouldn't be able to shut down if the vessel is unloaded. The part module can only track and consume EC usage when loaded. I think the bug with unloaded beacons shutting down actually occurred because of the weird consumption issues that I think I've fixed making it think it run out as it was saving its state during the unloading process. Please let me know if unloaded beacons shut down still.
  3. Hi folks, Sorry that this isn't an update for KSP 1.3, but it is an update! I've tried to fix the EC consumption issue and so far it's working for me. @wile1411, @Esquire42, @Jim Starluck if you guys are still on 1.2.2, would you mind letting me know if you're still encountering errors? The link to the release is below. For everyone else, thanks for your patience! Feel free to try this release with 1.3 and let me know if it works. Other than that, I should have time to update my dev build of KSP to 1.3 this weekend and try recompiling this for 1.3.
  4. Thanks for letting me know! I haven't had time to update KSP yet (I bought a house and am moving across the country!), so it's nice to know ReCoupler doesn't need updating. Let me know if any bugs show up!
  5. This is something I have seen too. With the update for KSP 1.3, I'll be doing some fairly major work on this now that I have more experience with modding for KSP. Unfortunately, I'm in the process of moving across the country and so I don't have a ton of spare time right now. I'll see what I can do, but my estimate is about the end of June/early July before I get an update out. Thanks for your patience!
  6. Version 1.3.0 is now live! (Of this mod, not KSP ) It features support for Infernal Robotics (basically just checking to make sure I'm not joining two parts that have a hinge between them), a new icon courtesy of @Rodger, and improved persistence of user-ignored part pairs. Download from the link in the OP. Enjoy! If I understand what you're doing correctly, having two radial decouplers connecting to a one-part booster would mean I'd have to somehow implement surface attach ReCoupling. I'm pretty sure it's doable for some cases, but would be a bit tricky to pull off. What does work is if you have another part above the booster (like a fuel tank) and connect that part to a radial decoupler and then get ReCoupler to join the fuel tank and the booster.
  7. Thanks @Rodger! The new version of ReCoupler features your icons.
  8. The included CLS dll is necessary for proper CLS functioning, ReCoupler works just fine without it.
  9. How does one create an input lock so that I can have the player left-click somewhere on the vessel in the editor but not have the part get picked up off the vessel? I've got it working when CTRL is held down (similarly to UbioZur Welding), but not without a modifier key. Any ideas?
  10. Thanks! I like the roundified corners you added. Would it be much trouble to ask you for an 'on' version that's slightly green? Right now I'm using (108,163,98).
  11. The packaged CLS dll is just a custom version that allows ReCoupler to tell it about the joints it's made (this should be included in the next version of CLS but I think the author is waiting for KSP 1.3). If you use CLS, replace the dll with the one packaged here, and if you don't use CLS feel free to delete the dll. I think I might distribute the custom CLS dll as a separate download so I stop confusing people. You've always been able to multi-dock in stock, provided you can line up all the docking ports closely enough in flight. In the editor, however, you couldn't. Even now, as long as the ReCoupled joint isn't from one docking port to another in the editor, you can do it. (So bicoupler->double docking ports->double docking ports->bicoupler will work because the ReCoupled joint will be from a bicoupler to a docking port. To have the ReCoupled joint from one docking port to another you need to be surface attaching the docking ports or some other possibly-strange configuration.) Does that answer your question?
  12. The one you want should be KSP.log
  13. I haven't tried it, personally. I can't think of any incompatibilities though. If anyone watching this thread has tried it, feel free to chime in. Or you could try it yourself and let me know. If you come across any incompatibilities I'll be more than happy to fix them. Right now the only minor incompatibility is Infernal Robotics but I'm nearly done testing a fix for that.
  14. Hey! No worries, this is the thread for these. It's just grown a bit quiet of late. Um, yeah... I've experienced the same issue from time to time. I thought I had it fixed, though, in the most recent version. Maybe it just needs an overhaul and complete rewrite. Can you confirm that you have v0.9 installed? Can I also get a link to the log file when this happens?
  15. Hey! Thanks for trying out my mod. This is partially my bad for not writing a ReadMe or anything yet. The 'Remove a Link' and 'Reset Links' buttons are inoperative in the VAB and SPH because I haven't yet figured out how to intercept clicks on parts before the editor picks up the part that was clicked on. They work in flight, though, so I'd suggest finishing your vessel and then using the 'Remove a Link' button once it's launched. Unless you're dealing with parts that change their mesh based on which attach nodes are occupied, in which case I'll accelerate my research and push you an update soonest. To answer your other questions: the 'Apply' button applies the radius and angle settings from those text boxes. Those control the maximum distance between attach nodes that ReCoupler will recognize as valid, and the acceptable angle between the directions of the two attach nodes (like how in stock, it won't accept two nodes that are facing the same direction; it enforces top to bottom), respectively. You could also try setting the radius box to a really small number, clicking apply, and detaching and reattaching the link you don't want. Note that this might also remove some desired links on the same vessel (vessels already built or in-flight should be unaffected). This workaround is sort of like temporarily disabling ReCoupler for that specific vessel. Out of personal curiosity, can you post a picture of the vessel you're working on? I'm interested to see a case where ReCoupler is making an undesired link. Thanks!