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  1. Will check in on Tuesday night, have a big meeting this afternoon which ill run into the evening late. Cheers SM
  2. Oh yes here we go. Banned for giving me so much work in the shuttle challenge thread SM
  3. People that drift-change lanes in front of you without indicating and going 15 km/h slower than the general flow. Usually a luxury car. 3 times this morning People that think that indicating gives them a right to just change lanes into your car assuming that you will get out of their way because Range Rover. Twice this morning Sydney traffic. Sydney traffic. Sydney traffic. SM
  4. I want a Juno with the thrust of a Goliath but it wouldn't be realistic. the Dawn engine is already way OP. SM
  5. Oh my word that really is an XXXL version of the Shuttle IIc haha! Have a badge. I'm still amazed this thing works! Look forward to seeing your entry! Ah good a tea break while I watch the videos. The waterfall sound is actually quite nice! Maaaaan I can't wait until they fix the wibble wobble SAS. I actually think it was better before when it didn't slow down and overshot the node, but the SAS authority worked well apart from that. Wibble wobble really breaks immersion for me. Anyway, interesting shuttle design. It reminds me of a sea creature for some reason, so I guess it's fitting that you landed it in the sea. Have a badge! and another For your second missions the badges are here: Well done and great videos! Thanks for sharing @Alchemist! I'm going to have to get on with designing some new missions I think! Right, let's get serious for a Mun Mission everyone. I know I see it every time, and I say the same thing every time, but I love this: Ahhh its a pity about the water landing, but sometimes these things happen. Just goes to show how different challenges make you review the design as you move forwards. Have a badge to keep you busy! Hi again! Why did you build the fuel pod yourself instead of using the standard issue fuel pod out of interest? It's not a huge matter as long as it weighs 40t and looks the same to be honest so have a badge for your hard efforts! Awesome, I wonder if I am going to get to this shortly. In all honesty I haven't looked so maybe. If not then hurry up haha! I'm not going to look through all 180-something images, but this absolutely counts for something. Being MkIv and fully reusable is a pretty amazing feat in itself, let along building something that large (admittedly using tweakscale) for only a couple of hundred parts. There's a couple of things I can do for you here. One is say AMAZING! The other is to give you a badge(r) Thanks for checking in and taking part Yeah but come on, this looks amazing, and is a great concept. Perhaps focus more on the actual challenge entries for the purposes of this thread, but things like this need to be seen (craft sharing section of the forum most likely). Great shuttle concept Another mission to review??? Travesty! OK 2 minutes please caller. You did it and did it well! I wonder if the Diamond of shuttles has been on to complete the next Duna mission yet. Time will tell as I review more challenges! Badge Hoy! Oh right, literally the next post in line for review haha. Okie dokie, another two minutes please! Very nicely done indeed, and those VL engines helped nicely with the ET sep too! Deploying a fuel pod to the orbital outpost was a nice touch. Have yet another badge: Nicely nice, welcome welcome. Here are your badges for 1A and 2: . I particularly like the clean lines of your shuttle, and the winglets you've added in there. Also looks like you've managed to Tweakscale the KS-25 to ludicrous level! HAAAYYYY! Welcome back @xoknight! Great to see you around, and thanks for dropping in on the Shuttle Challenge to say hi! Also supremely busy recently as you may have gathered from some of my posts, but I haven't broken anything (apart form the floor of my bedroom) so therefore sorry to hear about your toe! There's no reason for you to update anything you have produced for this challenge in the past mate. I've changed a few things around to free peoples design minds with some great results! Happy to see a Shuttle if you have time though Welcome to the challenge! Looks like the number of people competing is really reaching a new high at the moment! Nice shuttle design, and looks stock, so here's your first badge to get you going: Regarding your question there is no specific badge for a "core shuttle design", but you can use a different design for each mission if you like. I hope that answers your question! It was really hard to tell for a second, but then I saw the Navball. You launched straight into the inclined orbit right? Here'a a badge, and nice scope Yep which I STILL haven't updated. I may not even get around to it tonight. I've been reviewing for over an hour so far I think! Modded badges obviously for this one . OP to be updated soontm Did you make the belly landing?! OH MY WORD PHEW! I'm at the end of *this* page of reviews. Honestly people it's not a chore, and I'm not complaining, but I got to go make some dinner. Back soon(ish) for page 11 reviews, and smashing out some "likes" SM
  6. Alllllllllllllllllll...lllllllllllllllllllll......lllllllllllrightythen. I'm ready for the marathon that is catching up with this challenge. If I miss anyone, or don't allocate the correct badge please let me know: Nice work and congratulations on completing the station. I think it's one of the most rewarding of the challenge sets personally. Here's a badge for you, and I'm sure I'm about to come across the second shuttle. Hi welcome to the challenge! It's generally accepted that you can do STS 1 and 1B in the same mission if you want to. Very interesting design over all, and I particularly like the engine tug. There's nothing implicitly against doing this in the design criteria, as long as it always lands in one piece, so very clever of you! Stock entry as those specific mods are fine. Have a badge or two Commander! On to the next page. Give me a few minutes. I always find it easier just to post, then change pages and if it merges it merges, if it doesn't then fine. I just hate losing it all. SM
  7. Posting this from work, but I'm back in the game people. Got an evening to myself tonight and will be largely catching up with the challenge. Booya! Give me 12 hours or so and I should be almost finished with the review Edit: Oh yes, and @Nefrums, looks like I'm going to be running out of likes. Oh my word look at that pimpled potato! SM
  8. Grrr, checking in from work again after the block of flats opposite blew up their transformer, melting it off the side of their building and cutting power to the whole street. currently running of a generator, and to top that the floor of my bedroom is being taken out tomorrow as it's collapsing into the cavity below the house. Such is life, but won't be able to check in for a couple of days Much judging on the way once I'm good to go again though SM
  9. Well I bought this game in June 2013 for absolute peanuts when compared to many many games I have paid far more for and extracted far far less enjoyment out of. I am delighted with the announcement and will gladly put my hand in my wallet for quality official content, along with continuing to enjoy modded content far into the future. The mission builder sounds like a great idea, and I can see it breathing new life into the challenge forums. If DLC is the way forwards for @SQUAD to continue working on KSP, and provide a bridge towards a future KSP:2 then I'm all for it. You are making KSP:2 aren't you? If you aren't then I retract my entire post SM
  10. Checking in at work - Should be right click on the asteroid.. SM
  11. Checking in at work but cannot do a full review yet - PC still giving me issues, but nothing I can't sort through given a few hours. Looks like it's going to be a super Saturday catch up for me again. Luckily I'll have plenty of time and it'll be raining so I can tea up and get it done. Keep going people! SM
  12. Hi everyone, RL getting in the way in the form of PC issues which I am sorting through, and also bosses back in town this week (either I'm doing something very wrong or very right haha). It'll be a patchy couple of days in terms of me checking in, but I should be good to have a grand catch up similar to the last one by Wednesday, and also I will finally pick back through the last 5 pages and update the OP with record holders etc etc. Have a good rest of weekend. If you are in the future like me in Sydney, then it's almost over already See you soon! SM
  13. Thanks! It suddenly came to me as an idea, and it appears to have been well received! SM
  14. Hi there! Unfortunately the challenge is for 1.2.x as this creates a level playing field for all shuttle designers. there have been some massive changes between 0.90 and now, and some missions require the most recent version. As @AeroGav mentioned just install 1.2 in a separate directory so it doesn't affect your current game. Also I wouldn't worry about speed between 0.90 and 1.2.x. I think there's even been efficiencies made so it may operate faster. It's a very stable major release with many improvements. Regarding your exploding issue, it's hard to say without seeing pictures etc. Cheers SM
  15. Hi @F3ARSTUNTS! If you spot a challenge that you want to re-boot there's a few steps you will need to follow: 1) Have a look back through the challenge pages and search function and make sure that no-one has recently re-booted it. 2) If it's in the Closed Heritage Challenges it's available for reboot (With the exception of the Duna Permanent Outpost Mission Architecture Challenge) and you can "claim it". I will then adjust the thread to say re-boot in progress, or move it to Open Heritage Challenges as required. 3) If it's not in this thread then you can still reboot an old challenge, but the right thing to do is to contact the OP of the old challenge and make sure that it's ok to do so. As a general rule I'd say if the OP last visited the forums between 3-6 months ago or longer it's available for re-boot, but use your best judgement here, or ask on this thread for more information 4) Wish you hadn't rebooted a challenge which is now taking up 60% of your free time to admin Let me know if you need any more information, was there a particular challenge you had in mind? SM