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  1. Hi everyone, I probably won't get an opportunity to check in here until mid week, but keep going and I will do my usual stunning bulk catch up when I'm free SM
  2. @Vexnium joint congratulations! To be honest I loved the detail you put into your plane, the viewing platform was particularly nice! Well done! @MiffedStarfish I would have wanted to design the next "mission", but timezones (I'm in Australia) looked to have worked against me. Perhaps I'll enter again soon. Great challenge SM
  3. Mullet Dyne MD-82 Twin Equinox Range - 1000km+ Weight - 24.999t Wingspan - 33.6m Length - 19.6m Power plant - 2 x J-X4 Whiplash Turbo Ramjets Crew: Gilfrey Kerman (Pilot) / Burrick Kerman (Pilot) Passengers: Leabert Kerman (Scientist) / Didos Kerman (Scientist) / Steve Kerman (Engineer) / Karbus Kerman (Engineer) Science capability: 2 x Sentinel infrared stereoscopic arrays for cloud seed monitoring 1 x Atmospheric Fluid Spectro-Variometer 1 x Science Jr. MISSION REPORT: Great challenge, really enjoyed it. Hope it has legs as I will definitely return on the odd occasion! SM
  4. Yeah fine, it irks me that you can't jet fuel off in KSP. SM
  5. that's a cracking first post (2nd I know but they should have been merged ). Welcome to the forums! Just getting one together for this now! SM
  6. No worries. Imgur is definitely more pleasant for viewing. I actually find its uploader not too bad, if they could just change the photo ordering system. There's probably a setting somewhere.. Haha nice story around Object Thrower Galaxy! Definitely a risk re-orbiting Kerbals on a ladder. I actually had no idea you couldn't save under those circumstances but it sort of makes sense. It's totally an invitation to the Kraken party. Great work on recovering the re-entry under pressure, and a nice mission report once again. Space station time me thinks! Look forward to seeing your shuttle, welcome to the challenge! I would be sorely disappointing if you left it out my friend! Good to see the HRO getting even more of an upgrade. I believe one is Jool bound! Hmm. It doesn't count as a second launch so in theory yes, but then again the missions are designed to be completed by 1 shuttle, as the challenge is in integrating payloads etc. If you use more than once shuttle then that opens us up to Shuttle abuse for payload capacity, so I'm going to say yes/no/maybe in this case. You could do STS 5-8 in one mission with 4 shuttles bolted to an absurd rocket, that would be against the spirit of the challenge. For example though, if you have something like a Shuttle boosting a Shuttle to orbit, then the delivery Shuttle may have wasted payload capacity, in which case why not. In summary - See what you can get away with, but be prepared to be squashed like the arbitrary-and-known-only-to-me-on-a-whim rule breaker you may or may not turn out to be . It's generally considered to be as follows - "If the shuttle and rocket is stock its stock". to expand a little: Visual mods totally fine - You can remain stock. MJ and other autopilots - Totally fine (please see rule 2 for MJ clarification) - You can remain stock. Part Mods (including stockalike) and part/planet modifying mods (including KJR and RO) will see you housed in Modded. There's exceptions of course, for example if you are using a modded part on your shuttle that allows you to place handrails, or landing lights etc then you can still be in the stock category as that's really "visual" also. It's actually way easier to not explain it in the OP and field questions (of which there aren't many), rather than endlessly iterate the rules when someone tells me about their 500 mods I have no inclination to research SM
  7. Wow Photobucket burns my eyes. I used to use it, but it's just an absolute garden of pop ups and ads now. Shame! Anyway, everything looked great here, and while you missed off your actual landing photos, I can see from the mission report that you were screaming towards KSC in a fiery rage, and have a decent history of sticking said landings, so I'm happy to award you the badge Looking grand! Nicely done with the Launch aborts on the Klipper. It really is tiny considering you used the Mk3 cockpit! 28.9 g's though - They'd better have superb bone structure! So am I right in saying that this wasn't really part of the Jool Rank 1 mission? Only really saying that as it appears that you launched to crew your station, and you launched some comsats. So that's two launches, none of which leave your shuttle ready to fly to Duna. If it's part of a wider story then that's absolutely fine - crewing stuff is fun, and obviously it's expected you'd have a comnet in place around the destination planet, but if not then I'm afraid it's looking grim for a two launcher hehe Looking forward to seeing this progress! Looks and sounds like you had fun along the way though, and isn't that the point! button bash F5 F9 until things go right! To the mission: Ahhhh there you see! Wasn't the shuttle just designed for things like landing on airless bodies and deploying heavy ground cargo from a top opening platform?! This was a great mission report, and I was genuinely worried for a minute after watching about 12 minutes of de-orbit burn that you were going to smash into the ground, but the suicide burn was completed nicely. It made me think of @Alchemist's hilarious (sorry) Duna videos which featured heavily on the landing bloopers. Great mission, great payload and great for landing it back at KSC. Here's your badge!! I wonder which you will do next! @armegeddon nailed it. Basically the higher you go the more likely your AP etc just bounces around so much tolerances are wishful thinking which is the reason for the increase. Not sure if that's been bug fixed since 1.2.x though. Order is looking fine to me! I seriously don't know why Imgur doesn't upload in order, forcing you to rearrange hundreds of images though. Oh brilliant - You've literally gone and made a pair of space binoculars that's fantastic haha! Skunkworks for sure - Also the mission was well played out so you can have the less important mission badge Nice I'm staying up to date! I wanted to see if I could get to 1000 likes at the same time as getting to 1000 posts, but with the amount I review I doubt that's going to happen. SM
  8. I've just upgraded and overhauled to 1.3, so I've been picking through the components and making sure they all still work. Quite a few of my heavily clipped craft do not, but luckily these are not so heavy on the clipping so appears to have gone well with the move to 1.3. I will still be going back and iterating a few of the craft though as I've spotted an error with the comsats not having the correct dishes etc. Thinking is at the moment that the payload section of the rocket will be in a couple of parts. The first one is this. quite a neat package all things considered. a 3.5 fairing base allows for complete enclosure: The second, as yet undesigned will be the Kerbin return and re-entry vehicle. It's likely to be OP compared to my last one, as I had to get out and push in my first attempt!! For sure I'm running a very high end PC that I built a year or so ago. It's water cooled, with about 8 assisting case fans, plus air cooling on the graphics card etc etc. It's likely to melt still, but patience in terms of running a flip book launch isn't likely to happen, which I'm very happy about. I'm at 399 parts and 71.289t at this stage, so I'm thinking the final rocket will be in the region of 1000-1500 parts all told . Launching in one piece should be...interesting! SM
  9. Ha look at that Kerbal about to explode in the last photo! Neat little landing markers you have there also. Well done on returning the fuel pod, it's definitely a challenge! Ah there's various ways to do it, but basically the spin has to be imparted as or before the comsat separates. Easiest way I found to do it was a decoupler arrangement with sepatrons. This one is more of a "If you've made a decent attempt to impart spin you cover it" thing. Seriously, Bravo! I mean, if NASA was serious about doing an Asteroid Redirect Mission then they'd better get serious about following this thread . Very enjoyable video to watch on a lazy Sunday morning with coffee and croissant in tow! Genuinely pleased to be able to award you the gateway to interplanetary missions: Oh yeah - If you can land the potato, then you will find the Mun a little easier! Well done! Mini announcement - I'm aware that 1.3 is out, and I totally don't have an issue with people using 1.3 to compete in this challenge, so I'm going to totally remove the KSP version number from the thread title. I'm doing a massive mission to Moho at the moment which is taking ages because I have no time, but once that is complete then I am likely to temporarily close this thread while I give it a major overhaul. Don't worry though - That could be weeks or months away, and I will give plenty of warning. It will also not affect anything that is in existence already so keep doing those missions! SM
  10. It's implicit that the fuel in the pod is not used at any point in the flight. Having said that taking 2 and filling the fuel pod before you un-dock it is fine in a way really as you are taking the fuel up there regardless. As long as the tanks on the pod are full when it's deployed then I guess I don't have an issue. Remember the fuel is contaminated though Pleasure! Look forward to seeing the next missions.... Nice work! The first shuttle I agree looks much cooler, but this one is clearly capable Have a badge! SM
  11. Lol you know where to get the badge from. Why don't you do some of the later missions? Welcome to the challenge thread for Shuttles! Can't wait to see what you come up with. As others have mentioned I check in here and award the relevant badge with varying levels of frequency and wit. ITCH SCRATCHED! You know where the badges are legend Nice Buran! Oof that's a lot of boosters!!! Uh oh, another RSS whiz-kid. Welcome back Go get me a rescue crew! HA! Well it certainly qualifies for STS-1 if you can get it to orbit and back! No amount of tea will get me through 5 hours of watching someone else play KSP, so this one is definitely on the honor system. Commander right? Holy Kraken!!! We are not worthy. Have a badge for sure, and I'll allow the STS5 mission Yeah this is totally acceptable! The rocket itself might be an SSTO, but the main tank separates leaving a shuttle (even if it's just a trashcan with a couple of aero bits) that can operate under it's own power. Well done on this tiny little thing! Welcome to the challenge! Very nice initial offering in this shuttle. I'm sure some small improvements will have you rocketing through the challenges soon! As previously mentioned, this one is fine as it's not an SSTO. Well the rocket get's it to orbit in one go obviously, but the Shuttle does and can operate under it's own power As previously mentioned (again ) your first design was totally acceptable. Still, have another badge Good to be caught up again! SM
  12. WOOOT IT"S THE FREAKIN' WEEKEND! No tea as I've destroyed it already, but let me review some of these bad boys so I can play 6 infuriating hours of Day Z tomorrow and wonder what the hell I am doing before switching to Farming Simulator 2017, and literally turning into a potato at my keyboard. Very nicely done indeed my friend! Great mission report and a really nicely produced station,, with some added secret tech by the looks of it! Look again at that dot. That's here. That's Kerbin. That's us. On it every rocket you love, every Kerbal you know, every rocket company you ever heard of, every Kerbal who ever was, crashed out their Mk1 pod. The aggregate of our boosters and vectors, thousands of confident Jebs, Val's, and play doctrines, every Engineer and Scientist, every periapsis and apoapsis, every creator and destroyer of the VAB, every decoupler and separator, every young Val in love, every sepatron and kickback, hopeful Patcan, inventor and explorer, every teacher of rocketry, every corrupt save file, every "docking port," every "Ballistic Trajectory," every anomaly and re-entry in the history of our version lived there-on a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam. Excellent mission report as usual and a job thoroughly well done. Welcome to interplanetary! Nice thanks very much for providing the detail! I've built some stuff in that sort of style before using mods, I just wanted to see what sort of things were possible in stock. Particularly like the lander can as entrance part! That is quite the beast! @overkill13 is correct, you've got some brick parts in there aerodynamically! Look forward to seeing refined designs! Oh cool a Laythe mission. Been a while since the green badge was awarded. Let me take a look! WOW! Totally love the way you made way for that Cargo on Laythe. I think that's the first time I've seen it done that way and it appears to be a really good option! You totally deserve the badge with this one, and thanks for visiting Minmus on your way home. That reminds me - a Minmus mission. Hmmmmm. Well done! SM
  13. You certainly can suggest it, and I would be very happy to update the OP - It's a cracking challenge. Probably won't happen until Sat or Sun this week though sorry! SM
  14. Hey SpeedingMullet,

    I have been working on your STS challenges currently, and I noticed that it feels like the Mun, Duna and Jool don't get very much love. Since 1.3 is out, I thought it would be a good time to add some new missions, and I had some suggestions for these. Right now, all I have is a new list of Mun missions, with both commander and pilot ranks for both.



    New STS challenge missions.

    Mun STS-1

    Can you visit me?

    Pilot: reach Orbit of the mun, then return to Kerbin and land wherever you like

    Commander: Reach orbit of the Mun with >5 degrees inclination. Deploy a small orbital science package. Return to Kerbin and land at the KSC, KSC Island runway or any Kerbal Konstructs Runway


    Mun STS-2

    Can you land on me?

    Pilot: Reach orbit of the Mun and land wherever you like, deploy a small unmanned science package, and return to Kerbin, landing wherever you like

    Commander: Reach orbit of the Mun with <45 degrees of inclination, land and deploy a small unmanned science package and a kerballed Rover. Return to Kerbin and land at the KSC, KSC Island runway or any Kerbal Konstructs Runway


    Mun STS-3

    Can you hear me?

    Pilot: Reach orbit of the Mun, and deploy three communications satellites into an equatorial orbit, mostly equidistant from each other. Accuracy doesn’t matter too much. Return to Kerbin and land wherever you like

    Commander: Reach orbit of the Mun, and deploy three communication satellites into a polar orbit, equidistant from each other. Launch another three into an equatorial orbit, equidistant from each other. Return to Kerbin and land at the KSC, KSC Island runway or any Kerbal Konstructs Runway


    Mun STS-4

    Can you rescue me?

    One of your shuttles landed on the Mun and became stranded, requiring a rescue.

    Pilot: Land a shuttle anywhere on the Mun with 4 kerbals inside. Launch a rescue shuttle to the Mun that lands and collects the stranded Kerbals. Return to Kerbin and land wherever you like.

    Commander: Land a shuttle on the Mun at greater than 45 degrees latitude with 6 kerbals. Launch a rescue shuttle to the Mun that lands and collects the stranded Kerbals. Return to Kerbin and land at the KSC, KSC Island runway or any Kerbal Konstructs Runway


    Mun STS 5-8

    Can you colonize me?

    Pilot: Build a surface base anywhere on the Mun. This base must include a habitation module, a science module, a refinery module, and a power module. Return to Kerbin after each piece and land anywhere you like.

    Commander: Build a surface base at a location greater that 45 degrees latitude. This base must include a habitation module, a science module, a refinery module, and a power module. Return to Kerbin and land at the KSC, KSC Island runway or any Kerbal Konstructs Runway after each mission


    Feel free to use these or not, I just was stuck for a while on my STS program and decided to do this.