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  1. Ah yes! Very clearly a shuttle. Got to be careful you see - Some sneaky Kerbals try and sneak secret SSTO's past me . Have a badge, and again welcome to the challenge! SM
  2. This is not "parts of me probably went to space today" . I will not go to space today because I don't have time to play KSP today SM
  3. You can still earn the badge (self claiming) by posting here, it's just unlikely I will come in to the challenge thread to actually "adjudicate". Mostly due to time, but I also run the Shuttle Challenge in the main thread, where you are all welcome. @Azimech that would be Skunkworthy indeed if you are into badge collecting - feel free to pop into the Shuttle Challenge thread. Helicopter in orbit my word! @Lexx34, @ProtoJeb21, @Gristle, @Grudman, @KroShan and all future entrants - You missed the deadline for having me actually judge your entry, but you can still claim the badge! Anyone else can still post here and self claim the badge if they want moving forwards too! Current and future shuttlers are also very welcome in the main challenge thread for Shuttle building where I actually am reviewing actively all the time. SM
  4. Ah I think you did it anyway. No worries I had a look back through previous versions of the challenge which had done something similar so not to worry! Have a badge! Also commendations on the space burger Ahha, do I recognize this from the weekly challenge? Nope that was @ShadowZone: Anyway great effort! I'm sure that it's been done lighter/smaller but this thing is so cute! Much shuttle, so badge! Welcome to the challenge! Can you post some pictures of the craft in the VAB/SPH or on the launch pad as there's no pictures of your launch vehicle which the mission report mentions. Just want to see it so I can award you the badge SM
  5. It's supposed to be separate MMU's I'm afraid! Hail Kraken indeed! Excellent story and mission report well done! I like the Mohawk stabilisers Firstly - Skunkworks just for doing the payload extraction and installation using an actual vehicle designed to do the job rather than a click of the button. Mullet Dyne in the face of losing millions of are willing to forgive this small loss of payload in light of the oohs and ahhs it brought to the event. Excellent rescue mission, and a well earned badge! Can't wait to see your station!
  6. I guess you can have one support launch for going outside of LKO! @Alchemist is of course right again. thanks Alchemist! Very nicely done, you are proving your shuttle worthy. Have fun with the next mission Backwards to space in a Shuttle. Possibly, but not guaranteed Look forward to the full mission report! Yeah use interstellar if you so wish. Definitely modded category. Take the Shuttle to another star system and you can have internet points! SM
  7. Farting Simulator 2017 Get away with it in increasingly difficult situations SM
  8. @Papa_Joe - Couldn't find an OP thread for Burn Together. Are you still maintaining it? If so any tips for @Enot02 SM
  9. I guess Vens Stock parts does add a few parts and also includes new models etc. I know 98% is unchanged according to the OP, but that's a 2% part change which makes the shuttle non stock really. Sorry to be a stickler, but don't let it take anything away from your awesome shuttle! Got to love seeing two shuttles in orbit. Nice explosions by the way! Couldn't stay away hey? I wonder how far you will be able to get. I reckon with your skill you can go beyond LKO. I dare you infact, and seeing as you have completed everything already you can pick and choose your missions as you please with this one! Awesome effort and great looking shuttle. Now bolt a super ugly edifice to it and go land an asteroid Also, if you felt like thinking about a new mission (within one of the categories) I'm sure I would entertain the proposition! Welcome to the challenge - I foresee great things and lots of explosions To start with here's your badge: @qzgy is right - The biggest thing I could see instantly was that your tail needs to be much further back which will help you a lot with stability. The other thing you could do is to add a body flap to that shuttle. Check out this thread for some development tips also: (Really time I overhauled that thread and updated my Buran! Haven't flown a shuttle mission since V3 of this challenge, largely because of this challenge to be honest!) SM
  10. Let's crank out some reviews shall we! I thought it was a tiny shuttle, then I noticed the 3 man crew and the cargo bay. Good work and welcome to the challenge! I'm sure you'd run a fine challenge! But yes I said no to this, landings should be horizontal when returning to KSC. I missed this when I was reviewing your craft the other day. I must commend you again on the quality of your presentation and craft design! Solid video report, and obviously a very solid shuttle indeed! Enjoying the engine placement on this one! Your badge certainly gets upgraded, along with the Flight Director award, well done COMMANDER! Haha go for it! It's got to be pretty amazing to declare you are going to get the badge and actually get it though - Buyer beware! Yes those parts would sit you in the modded category, but honestly don't worry about it, there's no difference and you are still as awesome as anyone else. Some of the more "insane" shuttles have been the modded ones. Nice screenshots they are too! Looks like you sent two sats up there which sits you in pilot land right now: Haha good work! I'm not quite sure what to do with this one. It looked like a re-run of STS-1A just for the fun of it. Interesting design and you can have the commander and the pilot badge for the separate landings @Alchemist is correct on both answers. Bet you can land the fuel pod though, your shuttle looks really capable. Give it a crack! @qzgy is correct - Stock for this one. Very nicely done indeed! The Space telescope looks great and it was a nice mission report, well done! Need to make sure I'm keeping on top of this. It's so much less work to not wait until I need to review 50 things at a time! SM
  11. The shuttle must land horizontally on the runway at the end of each mission basically. Also - Welcome to the forum! SM
  12. Thanks very much! Credit to the original @inigma for really getting this challenge going back in Version 1 to be honest! That is a brutally massive shuttle and delivery system for sure. The badge is only small but still: To answer your questions: Yes you can transport the shuttle in the cargo bay, but only because I want to see that done haha. The shuttles don't have to be the same, you can picknmix CRAZY STUFF! Seriously good work. I did rattle through the images pretty quickly, but this is an amazing achievement. Have a badge - and also the Skunkworks badge for landing a shuttle in side a shuttle Overkill, from you? Nooooo chance! It's possible. I've awarded you those badges so many times you can just take them yourself now Welcome back with a shiny new shuttle! Looks like you had no real problems here which is testament to your (massive) shuttle design. Well done! Woot! Welcome back Looks like you launched some pretty large sats there! I'm the only one that needs to apologise on here for not reviewing missions quickly enough - Good to have you drop in again Well done on landing a class A right on the runway, that's really impressive work! Isn't it fun when you sep the ET and realise it's all down to the shuttle to land a potato from here... Phew, you continue to blow us away. Reckon you can automate an asteroid landing mission? Let me just review the video for you......Send the bill to Mullet Dyne?? Yeah we aren't gonna pay, got to chalk that one up to some dodgy accounting at Mullet Dyne Really nicely produced video mate. I see the mod list so thanks for providing that. Very happy with you sitting in the Stock category based on that. Nice work thanks for checking in! Unfortunately the "do any mission" was only for the duration of the weekly challenge itself, but I can award you the first badge for a successful mission: Yeah might just remove the FAR rule. I've never really paid any attention to it. It takes heaps of work to build a half decent shuttle, I'm sure everyone is this thread is with you on the iterations etc etc. Great work for putting in the hard yards! Thanks also for the mod list. I can't see any glaring parts mods in there so it looks like I can place you in the stock end of the spectrum. Yep - going to need a bit more imagery here. It looks like you literally went vertically upwards, but there's no detail of any of the mission between UP, and landed. Sorry no badge yet, but keep working on it, you will get there! Oh right, I see you posted the orbit photo just below here. Well I'm going to go out on a trust limb here and award you the initial badge, but for your future entries I will need to see an extended mission report showing all stages of flight. It needs to be a joined up thing really in order to judge properly. Really nice mission report, I like the effort and detail you put into it, with a little story line injected also. Lovely Space Telescope and again heavy on the detail. Forgive me if I'm just getting reviewers haze, but I could definitely see the STS 3 mission completed, but I'm struggling to see where the "rescue" is for STS 4 and 4R? Ah I get it derp. "Stay Tuned for the rescue mission" which presumably is incoming. I'll sit tight and in the meantime have a badge! Now all I've got to do is press "post" without anything going wrong and I am up to date after 1 hour 23 minutes and 2 cold cuppas! SM Mount it upside down and inside out if you like! In short yes go nuts SM
  13. IT HAPPENED AGAIN. 30 Minutes of post writing foiled by a miss-placed button click. There's got to be a way for the post to auto save itself every 30 seconds or so, or a "are you sure you want to navigate away from this page" notice to be displayed to prevent fat finger attacks. My tea is also cold. . Forgive me for rattling through this with minimal comments. I'd written a lot but I just don't feel like writing a huge spiel for each post now: You have to go to orbit not just lift off and land sorry! Looks like good sea trials though so keep going and you will get there! Edit number 2 is correct sorry Loved it, nice Mark 2 shuttle! Interesting re-entry technique Welcome to the challenge! I wrote something about airbrakes and gave you a badge: I said that your shuttle looks like a packet of frankfurters until the 4 boosters come off in the first separation. I also badged you Yep this was a legit cross post - You already have your badges Affirmative on the cross posting, and you also have your badges. I'm fine with TAC Life Support being a stock entry. Stock really only goes as far as anything that alters the performance of the craft. If you are just adding the need for life support you are making things more difficult for yourself and not adding anything like modded engines or wings etc. I also said I miss @Lack for reasons unknown to me, something about the LLL mod and making things look pretty. I think this was where I got to before my pork sausage fingers foiled me. Another Mk2 Shuttle - Nice. Slippery form on that one, it looks like it would go fast and high as an SSTO! Nice work - Just eeked in for a runway landing there! Ah I didn't realise you went suborbital only sorry! It's definitely challenging so I'll make an exception and award you the badge - You can pick the commander or the pilot depending on whether you landed at KSC/Island runway etc. AWESOME JOB! You have really proved your shuttle worthy, and may now advance on to the sillyness of trying to land an asteroid! Great looking station and really well played out mission report! Boom nice work! 2 Missions in one is always a good thing when you can do it. I really like the lines of that shuttle too, the nose and cockpit, and the side profile viewed from a front quarter is really pleasing to the eye! Cross post verified, thanks for checking in. You already have your badge so I won't go digging it out again! Wow right, whole page reviewed, let's click post before I do anything silly! SM
  14. I've got nothing on tonight and will review to get myself up to date with the challenge thread when I return from work in about 10 hours SM