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  1. In other words I set the Home Sickness for Veterans to 0, which I believe is default, and Jeb still gets home sick, thus goes back to playing Sudoku.
  2. Hi @RoverDude, I noticed that once the mulch container is filled Jeb goes on a self imposed vacation (I caught him playing Sudoku). I thought Veteran Kerbals didn't sit there twiddling their thumbs after they run out of resources? Although I had plenty of supplies, the mulch container was filled and the two life support units were working at 100%. Edit 1: Never mind, I found the USI-LS settings and changed the vets from 1 to 0. Edit 2: It isn't obeying the boolean for 'Home Sickness'
  3. I'm aware, I'm working on fixing all the engines. It needs to be updated to 1.2.2
  4. Hi again, I have a question. is it possible to make a mod that makes contracts available in sandbox mode? it would give people more to do if they are bored, and i would use it for the GAP and DCA for contract configurator. GAP lets you do search and rescue, fly chartered flights with kerbinside, do tours, and all kinds of things. DCA is a series of missions for BD armory, and paying for crafts to battle with is a pain. sandbox would be so much better for contract configurator as it improves gameplay, but since its in career mode, you still have to manage all of the career mode tasks, instead of having all the parts, unlimited money and having a lot more options. I don't know if this will be a tweak, or an overhaul. I don't want you doing it if it's an overhaul, as you have SOOOOOOO many mods you are already working on. thanks for even acknowledging this.

  5. Just saw that you were interested in working on Fantom Works. is that still happening? i'd be really excited to see that mod work without messing with config files. anyways, I really appreciate what you do for ksp, i love KRX and CVX, just a suggestion, Cockpits for KRX, i feel that having to use either firespitter cockpits or one of a small passenger jet is not ideal. love your work, I dont expect anything but you can never be to hopeful, Right?

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    2. GhostboyDB


      Im Sorry i use airplane plus i guess i meant attack helicopter cockpits. I'll check with Blackheart on that.

    3. Eskandare


      Actually I have a command pod model I was going to give @blackheart612.

    4. GhostboyDB


      Oh awesome! I'd Like to see that.

  6. Hey @SpannerMonkey(smce), I'm looking forward to the trucks and tanks mod.
  7. Well currently I'm modeling the 'wheel' assemblies. They look like vents and I'm thinking of having them somewhat be engines with a 1 thrust to generate the ground effect caused by engines. The animation will be controlled by the engines, extend while on but not be linked to throttle position. The skirt is being animated in blender so it is properly limp when deflated. The rear fans will be gimbled at the the rudders and the forward jets will come in two versions, gimbled, and non gimbled for infernal robotics. I plan to have the LCAC work with my up coming Wasp class. Also an amphibious LAV is in the works.
  8. Use stock gear for your nose gear if you are making carrier based aircraft.
  9. @Shadowmage I have discovered that no player should ever try to use the ALG with the Aircraft Carrier Accessories mod. The Catapult and ALG are incompatible resulting in total distruction of an F/A-18c and the carrier.
  10. I've been testing the gear on my CVX carrier mod, I'll let you know what i find. I did, however, have to strengthen the gear for rougher landings by increasing the breaking force and stress capabilities. I did notice when flipping the gear for mirrored attachment, one wheel tuns backward versus forward motion.
  11. Wow! Nice work! That was very entertaining. Of course mine will be a low parts solution, but yours is very nice.
  12. Meanwhile I am working on making an LCAC, the United Kerbin tanks you. That would be very helpful. I hope to have an LCAC to release with the Wasp class LHD.
  13. I am ecstatic that this is working again. I promply went to work building amphibious wheeled vehicles. Question, if I wanted to build air cushion style hovercraft parts, would the rigging be essentially the same as the anti-grav parts?
  14. It's included in KRX, refer to my signature at the bottom of my posts.
  15. Update: My work load should be decreasing, therefore I'll be able to devote a bit more time to KRX and CVX. I'll be releasing the 4 blade and a 5 blade folding rotors for stowing in the hangers of carriers in CVX. I'll also be adding the rotor thrust function into the tail rotors. Fixes of the Osprey rotor texture and a few other minor texture issues and update dependencies. On the Fantom Works Redux, still working on making the texures stock-alike and adding hatches. IVAs won't be implemented yet as, a) I haven't tried making any yet, and b) they are the last thing on my list as they are time intensive to build especially the ones planned for CVX wich are the various decks you'll see Kerbals hanging out on (mess halls, munitions rooms, command decks etc (most of it made up as the deck layouts are generally classified).