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  1. Hi @SpannerMonkey(smce) Speaking of KK odds and ends, I've got this old mod up and working. I may tinker with it but I'm not sure if I can post it due to its license. I had partially built a bridge to connect the city to the airport but never finished it.
  2. That is an awesome suit!
  3. I may make an easter egg in my Top Secret! mod just to reference this post. For reference, Top Secret! adds a bunch of easter eggs and discoverable objects to the Kerbol System to promote exploration. Most of it refers to myths and sci-fi references, memes and NASA references. A white whale would definitely be a good reference to this thread and the TT , Squad procurement thread.
  4. YAY! @Shadowmage you are so wonderful!
  5. @RealGecko Warp drive doesn't load in KSP for me, it crashes due to thinking there is an empty part config file.
  6. I'd certinly like to make Kargantua, from the Kargantua mod, be at the center of the cluster. I don't consider the cluster a galaxy, more like a small globular cluster held together in a black hole's SoI. With all the really nice planet packs out there, it would be nice to procedurally plant other packs in their own stars. Also be able to chose which planets are used procedurally and which ones are to be fixed in their own system. What is the furthest distance that KSP is capable of placing a star system? I'd like to place stars between the vicinity of .25c and 1c away. Maybe have planetary visual effect to see them from Kerbin?
  7. I certainly hope you're right, but being one that has dealt with corporate management, logic is thrown out the window and is replaced with a twisted logic (logical fallacies) that suits their wants, or what they think they want.
  8. Well written rant. With that being said, I am sad to see that my kids will not be learning rocket science with me, as I would not want them to learn a dumbed down sequel that I would guess would be more sci-fi then science, zero features, and not allow modding which allows us to learn more about game design then some of these so-called profit making schools. Once again big business kills progress.
  9. So long, and thanks for all the science!
  10. May he rest in piece, and shall his excellent work echo though the ages.
  11. I too have mixed feelings about this. A large publishing house taking over does seem to have its benefits with its larger budget, but at the same time TT has had a spotty history which reflects in some of its games. The thing that TT must, and I mean must understand is that KSP has a big community and has high visibility to the point it has gotten the attention of NASA, the ESA, and Space X. With that, TT has to understand it is make or break under the scrutiny of the aerospace industry. Even though this is not a level of oversight or finance backing that these organisations are involved, but in much the way of reputation as the scientific and aerospace community is very strict and may frown upon a poorly constructed project in such a way that it could hurt TT games and possibly effect the opinions of some of their other partners. It is a absolute feat that KSP has had such recognition from such organisations, and from my understanding, from engineers to professors that the aerospace community has watched KSP carefully. Not only the aerospace industry but also especially those in the modding community (a huge backbone to KSP's success). Should TT games treat KSP as a cash grab like some of their titles, the effect could ripple in a way that financial support from investors could curtail. KSP is used as a teaching aid, a way for some to relax with a physics sand box game, for some to simulate and experiment with ideas, and for me to keep some of my perishable skills while having fun. The visibility in the community is such that if dismissed could very well cast a vast shadow over TT games. This is in my analytical opinion. With that said, the best of luck to TT games. I hope they will continue running with the torch, and in their hands I hope it may burn brighter.
  12. Just to add, this small developer could have done just like other developers (I'm looking at you SquareEnix), micro transactions. "You want to go to Jool? Sure, for only $49.99 you can add Jool to your collection."
  13. I fully endorse this! Disclaimer; Eskandare Heavy Industries, endorsement of this post is for support purposes only and does not constitute to any agreement, business arrangement, or contract for extra explodiness here-in. All Eskandare Heavy Industries' explodiness is created from 100% explodium and has no bearing on this endorsement of support.
  14. Actually those are going to be actual live crafts. The Kuznetsov is almost done I just need to add working colliders for the odd shapes. The VLS will be a working component.