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  1. Hello Boris Thank's for update. I just wanted to keep my settings for many planes from 1.2.2 through 1.3 and i thought i had only to transfer the designs folder from AA in KSP 1.2.2 in the AA folder in KSP 1.3, but it does not seem to work when i open atmospheric Autopilot. Is there something i am missing?
  2. So far, the bulb engine i use on a reckon satellite in 1.2.2 with the "AtomicAgePatches" is working fine on 1.3, no problem with gimball
  3. I was just wondering why they let to download a non working version (01622) as the version 01604 works perfectly ! At least they could leave the 1604 for download!
  4. Hello Is OPT mod working on 1.3? Maybe same small problem? As i have a lot of OPT planes in my game, i don't want to go to 1.3 if i am not sure it will work....
  5. Explorer launch from SSTO deck during sea run and flight to the mining site 4 StarEagle engines are at reduce thrust 50% Flight controls free and liquid fuel tanks open Around125 m/s, decouplers free both docking ports, 4 main engines are stopped, Explorer engine is at full thrust, SSTO speed brakes are out, if the run has been done speed brakes in. The run can also be done speed brakes out. If the pitch control is pulled, while the Explorer is being decoupled, it takes off immediately from the deck, but it can roll a while without problem before taking off. Pitch action is limited to 70% to avoid tail strike. Taking off from the deck Pass over StarEagle, before heading to the mining site Landing The SSTO being very light (around 400T) , its gears supporting its take off weight (1031T) it can easily land on ground near the mining site. Taking off at reduce thrust, 50% Approach Final Landing You will see on the vid that we made a barrel for the fun with this big bird……launch more interesting than on the screens!!
  6. Ok, so why is it still in download section in the store?
  7. Hello I just downloaded the last 1.2.2 version for mac OS X. Build id is 01622. It does not work, staying blocked at "loading bundle asset definition". My mac is updated at the last version of OS X Sierra. What's happening? The build id 01604 is working.
  8. My trip to Laythe in one go with starEagle, an OPT SSTO Seaplane of 1031T . After the Reckon Sat launch and scan of Lathe, we entered the atmosphere and ditch safely near an oOe mining site, with our explorer aircraft stowed on the deck. Explorer aircraft will be soon launched from theStarEagle deck while on sea and then both aircrafts will land on the mining site. Screens and vids
  9. Vid of atmospheric entry and ditching To follow: launch of the explorer plane stowed on deck and landing of both aircrafts on the ore mining site
  10. ATMOSPHERIC ENTRY AND DITCHING IN LAYTHE SEA I eventually get a good scan for Ore mining and now we are preparing for Entry and ditching after some aerobraking passes. I determine 2 waypoints, one for mining, one for ditching. Eaglestar being south of those points, i let mechjeb calculate and begin nukes braking for Entry Once we are nearly aligned, i take over and brakes in retrograde myself. we can see the waypoints behind us. Eaglestar had difficulties to maintain retrograde, I realized I forgot to use SAS!! We will be too long, no matter! Heating is really not a factor I should really have selected prograde...I switched through Radial + to help braking, no a good idea!! Ramjet engines are lighted to begin a 180° turn to island We are so light that we need only 1/5 thrust to fly Turning left on final to ditch along shoreline Still nearly poor thrust Final at 940m, explorer standing on deck. Flying manually by wire with atmospheric autopilot 245m, Trust 1/10, 95m/s, it flies very well Altitude 88m, null thrust ditching in a few seconds, speed 95, vertical speed 3.5 is perfect, no thrust In water! it slows very quickly, but to reach 0, you need to extend gears We did it! We join Laythe in one go and now we are ready to launch the Explorer plane..
  11. Thank's That's what i have been hopping for, but it i did not happen, whatever is the number of passes done by the scanner. It looks like there's a bug, even with the last version of scansat mod i downloaded for ksp 1.2.2. But i manage to dicover some places in the strips with enough Ore to mine and convert. so i should be able to go on...
  12. Hello i have a problem on KSP 1.2.2 with Ore scanning on Laythe. Biome scanning was perfect but for Ore here is the screen impossible to have more detection, orbit is polar, color management is the following: green is ore, white is no ore, i just need to set the scaling better because it's too green. But the problem is that the satellite can make as may orbit as i want, there's no more detection. Electricity is ok and the biome scan was perfect...I use M 700 scanner, M4335 scanner and all the scans scanners.... What am i missing ? here is the biome, full detected....
  13. Reckon Sat launched Opening the cargo doors near the periapsis at 750 kms. the goal is to be far enough for inclination change from equatorial to polar, it will be less expensive The satellite is out. I unlock fuel tanks and thrust is set to 100% Engine started to establish a 250 kms periapsis, better for scanning EagleStar aerobraking periapsis has been set to 60 kms to let him orbit while i scan...Starting inclination change Nearly completed Scanners out, solar panels deployed Biome scan completed, Perfect planetary overlay And now here is a problem with ore scan: while is it half done??? I don't understand this planetary overlay, green being great Ore concentration, white being no Ore. I tried all Scansat settings without success..... Can somebody help?? Thank's