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  1. They did say that, yes, and they are sticking to that promise.
  2. I don't think we've had to lock any, but they have been merged into the main one.
  3. Darn right! Actually, do not go there in any thread on this community Political content has been removed (as per rule 2.2b)
  4. Whilst I agree with the general sentiment, @Snark, it's not quite true that all businesses only exist to make money. Most of them, probably yes. But there are also businesses set up as hobbies by the owners, and they make little to no money and the owner doesn't mind. There are also businesses where the owners feel that all they need is a steady enough income to pay their employees, and they aren't interested in expanding to get more money. Then there are businesses where the owners are more interested in investing all profits into R&D for a certain field, even if they don't benefit from it directly. It all depends on the mentality of the owner. But there are few people who would say "we've earned enough money now, so let's just keep paying our employees to keep working even though we'll get nothing back from it."
  5. Everyone in this thread gets banned for impersonating moderators.
  6. Things you consider to be stupid and do not appreciate does not translate to things everyone thinks are stupid and nobody appreciates them. You are entitled to your opinion, but it's maybe not so wise to be so bold as to assume that your opinion is shared by everyone else.
  7. I think most of those criticisms are referring to the quality of the visuals rather than the diversity of them.
  8. A couple of off-topic posts were removed at the poster's request.
  9. If it has those features, I'll take two, please
  10. Ok. Please let me know if you would like it opened again.
  11. As far as I know we're all ok thanks. I hope that all the rest of our community members are as well.
  12. It's also drama, and as previously requested, that kind of drama should stay within your Minecraft community and not spill over into this one. It would be greatly appreciated if you could take any further discussion of such things into your private channels rather than here in this thread.
  13. They "make an ass of U and mptions"
  14. Plus the claw already breached the hull before he even started cutting the window out.
  15. Surrend-aaaaaaaaaaah? Isn't there a St. Aaaaaaaaaagh in Cornwall? Or you don't suppse he meant the Camaaaaaaaaagh? It's in France, I think.