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  1. Yes, go Gene, because there are absolutely no friendly craft remaining in LKO!
  2. Ok @TopHeavy11, I locked it for you. I hope you managed to get your issue worked out ok.
  3. Wow well done Kuzzter! I am very impressed you managed to piece it all together again after all that. What you have done is the equivalent of moving a building stone by stone to a new location. Amazing work
  4. Sorry, what's an amp server?
  5. Moved to Gameplay Questions for you, @cowboycomando54. Welcome to the KSP Forums!
  6. Well not all companies appreciate the long-term value of a good reputation, but that doesn't mean it isn't true
  7. A company's good reputation is worth far more than quick profits.
  8. @Mako, that's one of the most intelligent things I've read on the internet for a while now
  9. Since @hazard-ish was recently interviewed and explained what happened, it seems that there's nothing more to gain from this discussion. It's a fact that the craft was modified. I can understand why some people are upset, but isn't it a shame that some are so militant about it? The poor guy even said he got hate mail. Whatever the wrong, that kind of response is never appropriate. As a wise man said: On the other hand, it really makes me happy to see such reasonable comments from most of you here. So let's let this thread close on a good note and allow Hazard-ish the opportunity to correct his mistakes as he sees fit.
  10. It's good that so many in our community would like to make sure that no misinformation gets spread around. Of course, let's be careful it doesn't turn into a witch hunt. Well done for not doing that ..
  11. @Dj-D0M0 ok, I moved it for you. I hope you can get some help with this. Here's your thread:
  12. Hi @Dj-D0M0. That sounds really annoying! This is a bit of a chat thread, so would you like me to move your post to tech support, instead?
  13. @Abastro, why is that suspicious, and what is it suspicious of? By the way, four other languages were also announced but aren't in 1.3.
  14. Let's keep to the topic of helping him find a system. There are other threads for comparing your computer specs