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  1. That's what I mean. The older comments in this thread talk about negative numbers. Can anyone confirm that this no longer happens?
  2. Hi @Bersaelor. I moved the thread to the relevant forum (it was in the console forum before). About your problem. It sounds like you're running mods. Is that the case? Attempting to run 1.3 with incompatible mods will result in a crash, especially if you have Module Manager or Mech Jeb. Try it with a clean instal and no mods and it should work fine.
  3. I think the readings are different now but I wasn't able to find it in a changelog. Does anyone know if it ever still shows negative numbers?
  4. There has been some fun had in this thread, and I'd like to thank everyone who was careful to stay within the rules. Unfortunately, the very nature of this subject ("Dumb things found...") means that there have been a very high proportion of unacceptable posts in this thread. Why were they unacceptable? Well, one of the most common problems has been people copying a picture from elsewhere that includes text that breaks our "no swearing" rule. Another common issue is that people keep quoting things that others have said in other parts of the forum - effectively insulting them in the process by indirectly calling them "dumb". In general, since this thread has required so much moderator intervention, it has been decided to close this discussion. I have no doubt that everyone will stumble across enough dumb things on the internet in their day-to-day activities that we won't miss this thread too much ;).
  5. It hasn't been released yet, Kerbuvim. It is the version currently being worked on (on console).
  6. A couple of posts have been removed from this thread. Think about it for a moment. The title of this thread is "Dumb things found on the internet". If you then link to something someone said in this community, don't you think that is a bit rude to that person?
  7. Although it was originally planned to be released in all markets at around the same time, there was a problem and some markets were left out entirely. I would imagine that it'll receive a proper release once the problems have been fixed and the new port is ready (It's in testing at the moment but it hasn't been released yet). Until then, it's probably best to wait before buying the console version. The new one is a complete rewrite and will be much better and include many more features as well.
  8. I think we can all agree on this: 1) The console version is not up to the standard it should have been 2) Regardless of the reasons, the fix has taken a very long time 3) In light of the above, a lot of console users very upset, and justifiably so Let's hope the next version will be considerably better than the first one. On that subject, I'm personally glad that they are making sure it's done properly before releasing it.
  9. Very interesting discussion going on here, that's maybe worth starting a separate thread about so as to avoid derailing this one
  10. That's why I said you're welcome to share your opinions
  11. Guys and gals, you're welcome to come with your opinions on the situation, but this is edging towards getting a little personal, isn't it? Let's try and keep the discussion objective.
  12. Either that or lots of people really suck at driving
  13. I agree with you that it has taken too long, but I would like to clarify this point. SQUAD are not working on the console ports at all. That work has been outsourced to Blitworks.
  14. Locked it for you, @Solar Ranger. All the best with your project.
  15. @Starman4308 Double posting is really when you accidentally post the same thing twice or fire off more than one post in quick succession instead of making one post that includes everything you want to say. Adding a new section to a mission report is not double posting and is absolutely fine
  16. Interesting! But didn't the Glido have a plane icon instead of a capsule one? (As an interesting discussion rather than a critique) EDIT: Oh wait... you're on an older version of KSP, aren't you. Not sure if the version you play has the plane icon.
  17. Oh wow, poor Gregmore, but what a great use of the only resources he had available, and what a fantastic ending to the chapter! A few interesting things we just learned: 1) Kerbfleet have learned the word "battle" and the definition of it 2) All the onookers can suddenly remember who Gregmore was (as can we readers) as well as his history with Kerbfleet 3) Gregmore's ship was actually invisible on radar and visually, even after he left the cockpit (his craft was sticking out of the missile bay at an angle that would have been visible from the Ghost's cockpit) 4) Mort cares about life more than funds, since he was not primarily concerned about the cost of the friendly ship that got destroyed in the explosion
  18. If you do that, he will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine. But who's that flying the plane?? Gene's was destroyed and he was the last one up there!
  19. Uh... Well we don't usually judge forum games, but how about... Carry on!
  20. I understand this question as referring to something you personally are thinking of posting. Is that what you mean? In that case, I suppose the answer really depends on how doubtful you are that the post is ok. The higher your doubt, the more likely it is that it's against the rules and therefore the more appropriate it would be to ask first. We have also had people report their own posts because, whilst the post in itself is ok, the poster recognises that it's a sensitive topic that could get out of hand, and they would like to give the moderators a heads up so they can keep an eye on it.
  21. @0111narwhalz what Vanamonde says is true, of course. But it isn't annoying, no
  22. The Ghost will probably forget that his ship was boarded.
  23. Thread has been reopened for discussion.
  24. Sure thing, @Numerlor. It's a shame it didn't work out as you had hoped.