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  1. Give us your most unhelpful tips for daily life. Please limit it to one at a time, and nothing that is actually a good idea Lose 1 kg of weight overnight by drinking a litre of water before going to bed
  2. Well, that depends how well your plane is set up
  3. Would have been easier if you had just changed your email address Have fun
  4. I'd like to add that even though the admins have that level of access, I've never known them to use it, because PMs should be private and we all want to respect that.
  5. Great start to the new chapter! That part about unreliable narrators got me hard... I feel bad
  6. Hi @Steven2006t, welcome to the forum! I took the liberty of putting the log in a spoiler to make scrolling the page easier for others, and I put your post in Tech Support. If you have mods installed, please let me know and I'll move it again to the proper section :). Hope you get a nice solution to your problem!
  7. That's not so certain, though! They have increased performance with the new port. We know that because they have been able to improve the graphics settings to show real shadows, for example. It'll be interesting to see if that part limit gets increased.
  8. Hi @Trunkmonkey, welcome to the forum! It's great to have more console players in the community. As you know, the first console port was a bit of a disaster and we're waiting for the rewrite of that port by a new contractor. It's been a pretty frustrating wait, but well done for your patience so far. Last we heard, it's gone into QA, which is one of the final stages of development. We don't know how long it will stay in QA before certification, but we can at least see that we're getting close.
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    This thread doesn't really make much sense anymore because OP removed his own posts, so I'll go ahead and lock it to avoid any confusion. Please let me know if you would like it unlocked for any reason.
  10. I haven't seen it done as a challenge in this format, at least not for a while. But I do miss a lot of posts... Looks fun!
  11. Whoah now, let's not be that harsh, eh? We don't threaten to ban people from the forum just because they ask for an update, that would be pretty harsh. But it's true that we discourage people from pestering for updates for the reasons you gave. Remember this is free stuff, @matthew3181. We can't pester people to give us free stuff
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    I think it's important that we please don't include in this discussion speculation about the motives of the moderator, since that would be unkind to him. If anyone would like to speak or complain in this thread in general terms about moderation, well that's OK if it's done politely, but please try not to go into details about specific cases as it isn't kind to the people in question. Actually, the best place for that would probably be in the thread for asking moderators questions about the forum.
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    All the moderators know very well what the Spam tool does, and the other tools we have available would be much more suitable for that eventuality, Kerbart. It's no secret that if we really have to, we can remove posts, merge them with an existing thread, put a user into the moderation queue, temporarily ban them etc. It's also no secret that we avoid all of those as much as we possibly can. We also go to great pains to be as transparent with our moderation work as possible, though without breaking confidentiality (which is why you should always see a message from a moderator if your content has been edited or removed). We have a long-standing policy never to remove posts just because we don't like them. We will always try and merge similar threads so as to avoid cluttering up the forum with repeats of the same discussion, but we won't remove posts unless they break the rules (an exception can be when it's necessary to remove a whole set of messages that aren't rule-breaking in themselves but that reply to one that does). If you ever see a moderator apparently abusing his or her powers, it's almost certainly because you can't see the whole story. But I do hope you remember rule 3.4 if that ever happens: 3.4 Contesting moderation action All of the moderators are active community members who try to set a good example and apply the rules as appropriately as possible, but they are only human and can make mistakes from time to time. If you disagree with something they have done, please contact them or a senior moderator privately, and the issue will be re-examined.
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    @Just Jim, but if you make backups, how will we be able to deviously wipe you and your content from history?
  15. Locked as requested. Please report this post if you would like it reopened, @Youen.
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    I'm not in a position to answer the technical details about the database, but as far as the interface goes, (and especially on a mobile phone) it was actually possible to accidentally flag a user as spam with just a few simple clicks in the wrong places with big thumbs. How bad is that? Well, flagging a user as spam automatically removed all posts, status updates, pictures and personalised details that the user had put into their profile. Here's the worst part: there was no undo button. It was hard-deleted, with no way to get it back. Very good for dealing with spam bots, but extremely nasty if it were ever applied to a regular user. The moderators are not Squad employees. We are not paid to do what we do. All of us were active members of the community before being asked to help moderate the forum, which means we are members first, moderators second. So why would we be interested in shutting down a legitimate discussion? Even if we wanted to do that, why would we only do it to a single person and no everyone joining in? It doesn't make sense. To be clear, this is something that we would never even consider doing on purpose. What kind of stupid and unkind action would that be? Is that really the kind of people you think we are? Wow, guys... EDIT: Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I moved this thread to Kerbal Network, since this isn't about KSP but about the forum.
  17. That's some great stuff right there, everyone. Nice challenge and entries! As a general reminder, please don't reserve posts for future content. Just post it when it's ready
  18. Yeah, sorry Razark, we promise to be better from now on.
  19. That is a far cry from "Last I checked they are going to shut down modding in KSP".
  20. I removed a couple of off topic posts. Please don't make posts just to complain about the existence of a thread. Besides the fact that the thread has every right to exist, contrary to what you may think, posting in it will not make it disappear faster.
  21. I'm pretty sure I would also have wanted a refund, judging by how the console release has been received. I don't have a say on that, though, because I don't work for Squad. I (and the other moderators) only volunteer to help look after the forum and as far as I know, we are all on your side. I'm not sure how long you have owned the game, but there were some people who had some success in getting a refund from the place they bought the game. You could try that if you haven't already, but I'm not sure what the returns policy is on the Sony/Xbox store.
  22. It's a nice touch that Leonard's eyebrows are visible from behind. An enjoyable interlude, and a good tribute to the spirit of exploration that drives us to discover the unknown.