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  1. I have like 10-12, but they aren't forks of the same version, they are versions dating back to .18. But my dumb ass, instead of labeling them KSP_1_8 or KSP_122, labeled them KSP1, KSP2, etc. So now, I have no idea what folder plays what game.
  2. Don't forget the mass of the ablator. Spitting in the dark rough guess, Figure out the surface area of the heat shield, subtract 30% from the mass for structure of the shield, and that will give you the mass of the ablator itself, per surface area unit. Then have the mod figure out the surface area of the fairing, and add the appropriate mass to the fairing. My numbers are pure guesses, but the theory is close enough. If you want to simulate having only the leading faces have ablator (which makes perfect sense), then reduce the added mass by the appropriate %. Edit: lots of little details missed, but you get the idea.
  3. While I totally agree... You STILL missed the point of this one particular thread.....
  4. LOL. Thank you, I needed that laugh.
  5. Well, since everybody else can fly their rockets without this issue creeping up, or if it does, they all realize it's a piloting issue, then it must be the games fault for having a bug that doesn't recognize your perfect skills. Half a dozen people have given you the correct answer, and you've argued with each one.
  6. There's also a tab on the bottom in map mode that lets you expand the navball. I only use the navball about 5% of the time in map mode, so unchecking auto hide would be a pain.
  7. Yes it does show CoL outside of atmosphere.
  8. Yes well, the joke sailed right by you then. Kids these days.....
  9. Ah, I doubt that it's only reachable by kraken. While technically possible to get there by conventional means in stock, your computer would have degraded into dust by that time.
  10. That's the thing. It will either work or it won't. Everybody laughed at Apple's idea for the Ipod, and it revolutionized music storage and playback (even though I think it was inevitable, they just did it "first"). So while I think you are wasting your time, building a social media site based around gaming might just take off. Give it a go, the worst that happens is you learn better web page design and you're out a few bucks. The blip on the resume might help someday. But of course, coming to a gaming site and saying you want to build a better site with your first post might not be the best move....
  11. Dangit.... why must you break the chain?
  12. You refuse to accept that gravity works in real life? I've slid down many mountains (some intentional, some not), I can assure you, this happens in real life. There may be a friction bug, but in this case I wold not call it that.
  13. Check Danny's Mass Relay videos. I think you'll find some inspiration there.
  14. They should default to LFO.
  15. This is the same thing as asking a brick and mortar store to give you a refund for an item you bought today, or last year, based on a sale they ran 5 years ago. Some of us bought this game when it was no ore than watching a rocket you built go Up Up and Awa...Boom!..... sigh..... and some of us bought it when it is the complex 'simulator' it is today (Boom! still included at random times). Again, this just seems like more of the whiny entitlement quite a few players have expressed since the announcement. The only ones that asked about the promise were asking to make sure Squad was going uphold their offer. And because they are, it just increases brand loyalty. And if you look at the timeline, those who are eligible for the offer easily have moved onto greater things in their lives and could most probably afford the DLC, so it is not about the money.