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  1. Asking in the forum is another version of "search" Thanks guys.
  2. Anybody have a link or upload of one of those nifty DV maps of the stock Kerbol Solar System I've seen floating around from time to time. I can't figure out the proper search query to find it myself, and all my old links are dead. And I'm not sure if a DV map from vers .25 would still be applicable. -- DV map: A map of the system that shows the rough DV usage estimates for each stage of insertion, orbit, landing, takeoff, etc for each body in the system. -- Thanks guys!
  3. As mentioned, for those who don't use the steam version, or have multiple installs, it would needlessly complicate the whole thing. We have enough fracturing of the mod hosting community as it is, we don't need another.
  4. Came up short trying to land at the KSC. Was returning from a rescue mission. When I realized I was going to land horribly in the mountains, I did a quick save, thinking I could reload and power through to land on the plains if the first try went south. Well, I didn't quicksave with enough altitude, so I ended making many attempts to save this one, mainy because Jeb, Val, and Bill were running this one. Eventually I made a "landing" near one of the summits, and the chutes kept me gently sliding down the face. For ever. Eventually the chutes went away, and I was afraid of a another steep hill ahead, so I eva'd as quick as I could.
  5. Within five minutes of walking into the plant, I had two guys say they loved it. Upon talking to them about it, they both knew what it actually meant.
  6. It's just that... if you're going to do a satirical presentation on something, doing some actual research on the variety of things with the same name would bring so much more humor to it.
  7. A) i missed it. Usually / 's like /rant, /s, etc are done on a separate line, to make them clear. B), I didn't know that /s meant that, my bad. Sarcasm is best achieved when people aren't quite sure if you are being sarcastic or not, so well played sir, well played.
  8. You can kiss the vast majority of mods goodbye then. You cannot cheat in this game. There are practically no rules. The only rules I play by are self imposed ones, and they're more like "guidelines".
  9. There is a silver lining in one way. This is an awesome view on the scientific method. At the core of it, KSP is a science based game. Yes, sometimes physics decides it doesn't want to get out of bed today, but most of the time the kerbal laws of physics stay the same. We are encouraged to design, experiment, gather data, review the data, and then refine our design. This is wonderful that one person's claim has been peer reviewed and been found lacking. It's a testament to the mindset of question everything and try it yourself, don't accept canon just because it's canon.
  11. Never heard of them until right now.
  12. 1/10, not confusing at all, just annoying. Absolutism, in any form, is always wrong. @cubinator, the (infinite) sum being -1/12 is not confusing at all when you see a proper explanation of it. Zero divided by anything but zero is zero. Anything divided by zero is not infinity, it is undefined. Hence 0/0 is undefined. Look at a graph of 1/x. At x=0, y is both infinity and negative infinity, and since it can't be both, it is undefined. I think I'll play this game by de-confusing the confused posters.
  13. I recently installed a life support mod, and that gave me a new challenge in ship design. But my biggest thrill I've had is installing the Final Frontier Mod, which assigns individual Kerbals ribbons for mission accomplishments.
  14. How can you not get it? I mean I understand if you work in a special needs home, but those are pretty simple to understand shirts. You might want to look at the back catalog of I think you'll find some you 'll like there.
  15. Not having to design my ship so it won't clip the launch tower on the way up. Having the KSC look like it might actually be a real space center, not just a disfigured chess piece with it's tongue hanging out. Not having to use an outside program to bring in sub assemblies to add the premade lifting stages of my ship. Water now seems softer to land on than land.