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  1. ive actually found out that if i ran the 64 bit version of the game it was fine, so when i release it i guess ill just let people know to use the 64 bit version of the game
  2. hey man, im having this exact same error, its spamming in the map view on my new planet pack, please tell me how you managed to fix it ive been stuck with it for 3 days and i cant get an answer from anyone
  3. ive been having an issue where every planet i add to the game creates a "nullreferencepoint" error whenever i enter map view when im using a vessel, anyone know how this is fixed that error flooding the console every time i enter map view is causing a tremendous amount of lag
  4. hi, im having a small issue with one of my planets in kopernicus, aside from this error its perfect, basically whats happening is when i go to land on the surface, i land fine, but the game still thinks im flying above the planet for some reason, and so i cant go back to the space center, and i cant eva because the game thinks my kerbal is falling, anyone know a way to fix this?
  5. hi again, im having an issue with one of my planets where i can land but i cant eva and walk around, my kerbal falls on his side and cant move, when i use the jetpack i can get him to wobble around a whole bunch but thats about it another thing, while im on the surface any ship i land there gets classed as "in flight", and so i cant return to the space center
  6. sorry to bother you again but i have one more question, my planets textures and everything else are working great now, but i get this annoying error when i go into map view that says "null reference exception: object reference not set to an instance of an object" ive seen posts saying its related to not having modular flight integrator but it comes packaged with kopernicus 1.2 now unless ive missed something
  7. thank you, i apologize for quoting the entire topic thats how ive always replied, i didnt realize it did that
  8. small problem, i ripped a normal map from space engine, but my planet still shows up as a dark blue sphere with no features, ive got a color map and a normal map, not sure what went wrong on the games end they all appear to load correctly
  9. here is the cfg file i wrote for my planet, textures were exported from space engine and the paths are all correct, it even generated a cache file edit: some new information has come to light, when i load the game the log tells me it "cannot find celestial body tacheon" its being created but its not showing up in the game
  10. Yes when I get off work, thanks in advance
  11. i hope this is the right place to post this, i got it to load, but its not showing up, i set the referencebody to be kerbin and i just cant find it, its as if its loading into the game but not showing up in the game when i get there, this is the log
  12. a key part of economics is your ability to enforce your claims on resources, if we have an expansion into space its likely that it will be lead by powers capable of enforcing said claims, when you have an abundance of something its value overall may go down, but that does not mean its usefulness suddenly disappears we can still use those resources to manufacture useful products/more rocket fuel i will reiterate what i said earlier, no ones doing anything about it now, and we dont have the resources needed on the planet to be able to solve it here, population growth is skyrocketing way too fast, and its been shown that in order to improve the quality of life of everyone on the planet, you would need around 2.5 earths worth of resources to do so, while i may not be regarded so well its not about that, i would be no different than anyone who is ignoring the problem hoping it will go away itself now, except that i would be doing something to try and help even if i succeeded only halfway, i would be able to stand tall knowing that i at least tried and made a difference, for me its not about propelling humanity into a golden age, its about ending as much suffering as possible, fulfilling my dream to see humanity explore space, and insuring that we at least add a few more thousand years to our life expectancy as a species, i want us to survive not prosper,i understand very well that simply going to space wont insure humanity ends up in some kind of golden age as a final note, if i did accomplish this goal somehow, as this is all conjecture, i wouldnt care at all if historians ended up seeing me in a negative light, or anyone for that matter, because i would have succeeded and i myself would know that my actions lead to humanity becoming spacefaring and perhaps having some chance of surviving the next 10'000 or so years and continuing the journey that was set in motion by me, because if i was able to set in motion said events, i wouldnt just be directing everything, i would be out there helping make it happen, putting my life in danger as the people who had accepted my decision were also doing and taking the same risks it doesnt have to be this way, we can do it peacefully too, at least i hope we can, the last thing i want is to see our first proper steps into space ones of conquest and uncertain borders
  13. ill go through these points one by one, i am aware that it would take the next century to establish a permanent human presence in space, and i am alright with that considering the benefits that would come afterward, i understand people would suffer in that period but like i said earlier, they were gonna suffer for much longer anyway if we didnt get a move on when i say resources im not just talking about gold and platinum, i know a common fact people say is that one asteroid contains more gold in it than humans have found in all of human history but asteroids arent just gold and platinum, you can make rocket fuel from the resources you find in asteroids, asteroid spaceships have been presented as a viable option for space travel within the solar system, not to mention the massive amounts of water, which isnt something thats really going to tank the global economy considering that we use it for so freaking much, with this new abundance of useful resources i believe the economy would be at the best its ever been since economy started to matter, same with iron and aluminum and copper and we can probably even find some carbon and oxygen mixed in there somewhere, the last thing on my mind and on anyone sane's mind is gold and platinum, also in this case a monopoly on those resources might be a good thing to keep the market from flooding should we start to decide were gonna mine gold if i have to go up there and build every damn thing myself, i will, you can be sure as excrements that i want to live in space be it on an asteroid or somewhere else even if the living conditions were to be uncomfortable for a long time, i would give up everything i have in my life right now to help pave the way for space colonies i wouldnt care if they didnt pay me and ended up working me to death if it means people were going to start leaving the planet and there was a brighter future ahead for our species, theres probably no one on this planet who shares the same opinion as me but as unfortunate as it is, theres also homeless people and people in 3rd world countries who are starving and dont have access to clean water and are suffering from the effects of industrialisation in their respective regions and overpopulation, those people dont act based on what they want they do what they need to in order to survive and find a better life at some point hopefully, dangling a $40-100/hr job in front of them building infrastructure in space and offering them access to food and clean water and a decent place to live to boot, they may not want to, but that is the best opportunity they have and that gives them a chance at a much better life, just like how people will immigrate to other countries in search of a better life, not because they particularly want to, but because its often the only choice they have, just no instead of it flooding our respective borders with immigrants, we have a place to put them, and a moderately nice one at that as a final note i would also like to say that if we do start, i agree, we do need to take our time and think about how these things are to get done, we cant just "go for gold" as you have said while this is true, i also believe life is the universes way of experiencing itself, we just so happened to develop a complex intelligence that allows us to look out there and appreciate what we see, and allows us to have a shot at going to explore it, considering we are quite likely to be one of the few species in the universe to have a large amount of complex intelligence, we deserve the title of species as do other life forms, and we need to get out there and appreciate that weve been brought into existence in the first place instead of writing ourselves off as "insignificant clumps of atoms so we might as well not try" we should be trying even if we make the smallest of dents on the history of the entire universe we should go out there to appreciate that weve been allowed to experience this universe, to see in just the right wavelength of light to be able to see the true beauty of everything around us, we are fortunate, i am not creationist, but i do appreciate that we exist and would like us to make something of ourselves we can accomplish both, it will take a long time, but there is more than enough space in the solar system to house trillions of humans, at first it will only be a few and progress will be very slow, but as we put more effort into it we will develop better rocketry technology and eventually we will all get to leave earth, we will not be leaving anyone behind, we will just have to endure some hardships to get everyone a chance at a much better life, im not denying there will be suffering, but if we dont take steps soon the suffering will just continue without anyone having made an effort at all, at least if we try we can improve as many lives as possible
  14. i wouldnt quite say that, abolishing the outer space treaty just means we have nuclear death hanging over our heads at all times, i feel like if there was no outer space treaty countries would just dump more money into defense contracting and surround the earth with orbital bombardment weapons instead of actually getting any useful space colonisation done