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  1. Those rover wheels are looking really good. On the subject of additional work on IVAs, has the IVA shadow casting bug been fixed?
  2. [MOD - Moved to the Modelling and Texturing Discussion section of the Add-on Development subforums, as this is a modding-related question.] A city seems rather ambitious for your first project, as it is generally advisable to start learning about modding by making a simple rocket part. The third-party mod plugin Kerbal Konstructs is currently the only way to get "bases" and "cities" into the game, but as I don't make cities myself, you'll have to read through the documentation in the aforementioned thread yourself.
  3. Please check out my latest post. It is about a Avalon mod. It is in the KSP discussion thread

  4. Hi @SpaceHips, if you know your old username, a senior moderator can merge your accounts for you.
  5. As it stands, the SDHI parachute-equipped Clamp-O-Tron has no restrictions on docking orientation, just like the stock Clamp-O-Tron. It sounds like another mod is interfering with SDHI SMS.
  6. Thanks for the heads-up. I'll update the CKAN listing over the next few days.
  7. Just as long as you don't redistribute the improperly-licensed mods yourself, you should be okay, but ideally you should try to replace it with a properly licensed version as soon as possible.
  8. No, you won't get banned for using a mod with an invalid license. However, the person publishing such mods will get their download links removed.
  9. No - TweakScale has been reported to cause issues with the Service Module decoupler.
  10. There are two ways of sharing your logs here: - Upload your logs to your personal Google Drive or Dropbox account, get a shareable link to the logs and paste the link URL here. - Copy and paste the contents of the log files to, save it as a new paste, and provide the link URL to the paste here. I don't recommend directly pasting the contents of the log file on to the forums, as log files are very long and it make scrolling tedious for every other user. You mentioned you were getting an Access Violation error, and the common cause is running out of computer memory. Could you please provide the following information? (as well as the game log files) - Operating system version and whether it is 32/64-bit - Your CPU brand, model and clock speed - Your RAM brand, model and capacity - Your graphics card brand, model and memory capacity - The version of KSP you are running, and whether it is 32/64-bit
  11. The Parachute-equipped Clamp-O-Tron should work as-is. Can you try reproducing this issue in a separate game install with only stock parts, SDHI SMS and dependencies? You can't. The hatch and animation is directly integrated into the Boost Protective Cover model, so if you want a similar hatch on the FASA Apollo or ShadowWorks' SLS Orion mods, you will either need to ask their respective mod author to do it for you, or you will need to learn how to make your own mods. Also, you're continually using the incorrect terminology: - The Launch Escape System is just the small SRB rocket at the top of the stack that pulls the crew capsule away during abort - The Boost Protective Cover / Aeroshell is the aerodynamic shroud that protects the crew capsule during atmospheric ascent / abort; this is the part with the hatch I think what's happening is that some mod authors like to combine both with LES and BPC into one part, and call the result the LES, which I personally think is incorrect. Hope this clears up the confusion.
  12. As per @Starwaster's response, the toggleable hatch built into the Boost Protective Cover, and not the LES I don't host my mods on Spacedock, and never will - I only maintain download locations on CurseForge and GitHub, as well as list it in the CKAN index. Going back to your original question, @redmonddkgamer: I still don't understand what you're asking for here. Did you want to know where the hatch is, or did you want me to take the hatch out of SDHI SMS and put it into a separate mod?
  13. I don't understand what you're trying to say here.
  14. As per my personal headcanon, Kerbals are native to Kerbin Various empires and nation-states rose and fell over the course of millennia Around KY 460, tensions between three major power blocs, led by the Confederate States, Krussian People's Republic and Honko Hegemony, escalate into The Great Kerbin War over territory and resources The conflict, lasting over three decades, drove military and technological innovation, such as the evolution of experimental rocketry into intercontinental ballistic missiles For reasons unknown to this day, the Confederate States, on the verge of total victory, called for a truce, The resulting armistice eventually led to the formation of the Kerbal Federation, a constitutional, liberal, and representative democracy governed by a council of representatives from each major nation-state, whose seat of government, legislature and judiciary is located in the Confederate States capital, Kerbin City The Kerbal Space Program, overseen by the Federation Science Council, was originally conceived to launch an artificial satellite in observance of the International Keophysical Year (IKY) in KY 506; this quickly expanded into a manned spaceflight program, a publicity stunt that eventually grew to stand on its own scientific merits
  15. What platform are you playing your game on - PC, Mac or console?