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  1. This falls outside the original scope and intention of this add-on, so I'm going to have to reject your request. You're better off making your own parts and models from scratch, rather than depending on re-purposed versions of SDHI SMS parts.
  2. *

    [MOD - Some posts have been removed and/or redacted due to personal remarks. Let's all keep it civil, please.]
  3. @Capt. Hunt is correct - the Avionics Ring is for people who want to build their own Service Module from scratch while still using the SDHI SMS Heat Shield, BPC and LES. If I added petal attachment points to the Ring, you might as well just use the Service Module itself. @Bottle Rocketeer 500, what sort of vessel are you trying to build?
  4. Is this a question for the developers, or for the modding community?
  5. [MOD - Moved to Add-on Discussions, as this question is regarding an add-on rather than the stock game in general.]
  6. Hey @MOARdV, I'm experiencing an issue with JSIVariableAnimator seemingly forgetting between scene/vessel changes that a vessel is out of ElectricCharge. Full details are on your GitHub issue tracker.
  7. Hey @RoverDude, as reported here on GitHub, the empty AsteroidScannerSetup.cfg file causes KSP PartTools in the Unity editor to crash. Some folks have suggested temporarily moving out the file, but would it be possible to put some placeholder content in there so that PartTools doesn't try to load it into Unity?
  8. The only sure way to find out what's causing this problem is to perform a linear search of your mods: - Temporarily remove all of your mods - Make sure you can load the game to the main menu without mods - Add a few mods back - Check to see if you can load the game properly - Repeat until you get stuck on the loading screen again, and so the mod you just put back would be the culprit
  9. [MOD - Moved to the Modelling and Texturing Discussion subsection of the Add-on Development subforums, as that is the correct place to talk about modding textures for the game.]
  10. [MOD - Moved to Technical Support (PC, modded installs) subforums] When you get stuck on the loading screen, what does the text in the progress bar say?
  11. Upload it to an image hosting website like imgur, and link/embed the URL to your original post.
  12. V3.2.4 released - see first post for download link 3.2.4 - 18 June 2017 --------------------------- Changes / Fixes: - Compatibility Patch for KSP 1.3 - Updated various MM patches to use FOR instead of FINAL - Added MM patch to hide parachute-equipped IACBM docking port from VAB/SPH editor parts list if FusTek Station Parts is not installed - Existing vessels that use the part are not affected - FusTek Station Parts development builds also now include a special MM patch with a FOR keyword to automatically re-enable the SDHI IACBM - (Pseudo-)Compatibility Patch for Ven's Stock Parts Revamp - If Ven's Stock Parts Revamp is installed, the parachute-equipped SDHI Clamp-o-Tron docking port will revert to using the stock Clamp-o-Tron model rather than the revamped model - Removed Ship Manifest plugin from list of Supported Third-Party Addons - Ship Manifest is still compatible with SDHI SMS, but is not neccessary for Connected Living Spaces-restricted crew transfers Bugs/Known Issues - PEBKAC support does not make use of LES pitch control motor RCS thrusters to actively point pod retrograde during abort - Kurld is working on adding this feature to the plugin in a future update Thanks for your patience, folks. If you want to support me without paying real money, please download my add-ons from CurseForge - the more downloads I get from there, the more Author Rewards points I can redeem from Curse, which will help me buy bowls of ramen to keep me going during late-night modding sessions
  13. As @Kurld already stated, the latest version of PEBKAC (at the time of writing) is not compatible with KSP 1.3, so it makes perfect sense that it would crash your game. He is also already working on an update, so please be patient.
  14. If you go back to editing your post, double click on each image, and there should be options to set the display dimensions. Make sure you maintain the aspect ratio so that the images don't come out wonky. Also, reducing the display dimensions does not change the actual dimensions of the original image, so your pictures won't load any faster.
  15. As @Starwaster said, I am still working on FusTek, but at a lower priority.