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  1. Welcome to KSP Weekly, everyone. This week has been full of work on consoles, the pre-release and, of course, the Making History Expansion, so without further ado, let’s dive in. This week QA have been hard at it again, but with the most excellent help from the public too. Thank you so much all for the reports that have been submitted so far, they really do help. We have already been identifying problems with the current localization, and many of them have been fixed, or are in the process of being fixed right now. New Pre-Release builds will be hitting Steam and the Store soon. Work also continues with the expansion, and the new parts are being tested alongside the existing parts to check that they not only function as they are intended, but also with the knowledge that the players use them in unintended ways - Such is KSP and the unbridled imagination of our players. Console work has also progressed, and it does look like the save problems might be a thing of the past. Those issues are of considerable importance, so all potential scenarios are still being tested as the UI and input system are refined. In addition to the usual bugtracker work, Technicalfool has been painstakingly driving rovers and aircrafts over every suspicious looking lump and bump on the runway, giving JPLRepo useful information on any seams he can find. Trying to jump the runway with a rover or haul some giant into the air is great fun, until a gap into Krakenspace flips you onto your roof and reduces the vehicle to a debris field. But now all of them seem to have been dealt with and they are looking great. Sal_vager has been fiddling with Unity player settings in an attempt to work around a bug with Linux windows resizing, so this week he passes the poetry night mic to Toasty_buns from the Steam KSP forum: KSP History A long time has passed since early KSP Where monoprop engines were totally OP Firing our rockets against neon green grass Watching Bill and Bob panic, whilst Jeb stays badass SAS forces displayed in bright blue No science equipment or mystery goo Several parts and a crude parachute But nevertheless we all had a hoot Flash-forward a bit and we get map view Wait, is that a moon? Can I land there too? Stacking tanks high in a desperate bid That moon will be mine! And that’s what we did. We launched our rockets with absolute glee “Dude! Look what I did in KSP!” Then came the atmos, plane parts galore Spaceplane+ was rolled out the door Flapping our wings we took the skies Planes work on Duna? What a surprise! And yet KSP continued to grow, Adding more things to improve the show Relays, networks, atmosphere tweaks Enough to keep us amused for weeks Now Squad reveal their latest mystery The expansion named “Making History” We’ll roleplay the Soviets, Americans too Don’t worry China, we’ll get round to you. Now let’s move to the development field, where we’ve been taking all the great feedback and bug reports for the localization Prerelease, and rounding things up to improve each iteration as we go. For example, aside from some UI tweaks and missing texts, we re-jigged the KSC MiniBiomes system to work correctly no matter what language you have selected, amending and adjusting science for save files across languages. Also we’ve spent a bit of time fixing a few small poly issues with the level 1 Runway, too. Similarly, we worked on the Russian possessive forms, several autolocs still showing up in the game and some unlocalized strings (like the agency names on contracts or some tooltip messages). In addition, we did some adjustments to the Map Nodes: Now the scale should be better, and these shouldn’t be “jumpy” while these move in the map, jumpy orbits are a different issue, however. Furthermore, we are happy to announce that we will embed the Ambient Light Boost function in for an upcoming Prerelease version next week. This adds two sliders to the settings to tweak the ambient light levels in the renderer in map mode and flight-mode. You can lighten it significantly and darken it a bit as well. On other news, the work on the Making History Expansion is ramping up. Adding UI components and Part Tests. Part Tests allow missions to test parts on a vessel for certain conditions. We've also been busy adding part actions. Part Actions allow things to happen on parts during a mission. Additionally, a set of UI prefabs have been added to support the Mission Builder logic. The player will make use of this set of prefabs to create and visualize missions. The prefabs set includes visual representations like nodes, connections, actions and parameters. Our artists continue working on parts, parts, parts. Roverdude, for example, spent this week focusing on some of our Soviet parts - and learned along the way that yes, a Kerbal will in fact fit through a 0.625m airlock, helmet and all! And Leti, after finishing up The Kerbal Chronicles (which now you can download as a PDF!) design, is going back to not-secret-anymore UI work for the new Mission Builder. Iterations are now on early stages, as we’re trying to make decisions on wireframe versions. This week Robbonaut has been looking at the Design for the Expansion - going over what we have worked on so far and making sure it’s airtight for the developers as they work on it. He also wanted to take this opportunity to let you know a bit more about the Mission Builder and it’s background. The Mission Builder takes inspiration from the Challenges we’ve noticed that you set yourselves on the Forums. We saw these and wanted to come up with a system that replicates these within the game and that allows you to build and share Missions far and wide. We’ve also noticed some chatter on the Forums speculating about what a “Mission” might actually be in regards to the Mission Builder. Well, Robbonaut can confirm that when using the Mission Builder you as players will be able to select and place Objectives and link them together into a Mission. For example (in fairly simple terms) you might have a Mission that consists of an Orbit Mun Objective, then a Plant Flag on Mun Objective, and finally a Return Home Objective. Those 3 Objectives then make up the Mission as a whole. Obviously these are basic examples at this stage and we are of course planning lots of different, more in-depth Objectives for you to use and add into your Missions. We will of course be divulging more as we continue with development and as ever we would love to hear your suggestions as to the types of Objectives you’d like to see. Last but not least we welcome our newest member of staff to the ranks of QA. Bruce, also known as Bewing, has been most engaged and helpful for a long time, and can now get his hands even dirtier with the new tools available to him. Here’s a little something he wrote to let you know a bit about himself: I got dual degrees in Math and Physics from UCSB quite a long time ago, and got published once – so technically I’m a scientist. But I didn’t go that direction. Instead I did C programming and sold computers in a small business I owned. Now my business does virtual reality photography. And I have a funny hobby of being an inventor. When I look at things, I sometimes get ideas on how to build them better. And then better and better. It makes life into a fun puzzle! That’s it for this week. Be sure to join us on our official forums, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Stay tuned for more exciting and upcoming news and development updates! Happy launchings!
  2. Boris44 made this incredible mun base! That´s a pretty cool #KSP
  3. Welcome to KSP Weekly, everyone. What a week! A big week rounded off by big news: The Kerbal Chronicles, the Localization Pre-release and of course the Making History Expansion. We are very excited and we hope you are, too. With all these announcements we can also start sharing more information in these weekly updates, something we’ve been dying to do over the past few months, so without further ado, let’s begin. The whole team has been working impossibly hard to get the Pre-Release ready in time. There’s still polish to do, but most of the gremlins have been slayed now. The core QA team have found it harder and harder to play KSP in multiple languages as more and more of it was localized. However, the language specialists came to the rescue, not only in providing refined translations, but also reporting the problems we could no longer read. We owe them a debt of gratitude. Now it’s over to the many players who are now able to enjoy KSP in their own language, and we hope there are not too many mistakes. Please let us know via our bug tracker. The big news is now out of course, and we are now free to not only talk about the other project, but shift more effort into testing the expansion out. Things are looking great so far. Parts are sublime, and the layouts for the editor are exciting for the creative possibilities they will offer. QA expert and poet, sal_vager, wrote a little poem to express his excitement about the Making History Expansion, maybe even given some further details between the lines… The expansion was revealed, as you can see With many new parts to fill the tech tree Plus mission creation and historical flights That we can share, and play through the nights Vostok, Gemini, Apollo and more Crafted by Roverdude, so no eyesores Drag n drop editor, weave your own story The Mission Expansion, making history Robbonaut, our game designer, might be the most excited of us all, since he can finally talk about what he’s been up to after months working in silence! Yes, you’ve guessed it - he’s been working with the team on the new expansion. And like all of us, he is really looking forward to showing you all what we have in store and of course talking more in the coming weeks about all the exciting features we have planned! The programming team had a very busy week, too. They’ve been working on localization: refactoring code, adding tags to strings and lots of bug squashing to get as many kinks ironed out of the Localization Pre-Release as possible, which is looking good, but with plenty of work to go. And now, with the help and eyes of the wider community we’re sure that all new languages will have the same Kerbal experience to offer. But yes, now that the big announcement is out devs, who during all this time have also been working on design and development of Making History, can talk about the expansion work in future KSP Weeklies! To give you a taste of the work that has been done: Roverdude focused last week on finishing up our new American 1.875m lander modeled after the Apollo LEM. And since a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s a screenshot. Usual caveats that all parts have to make it through QA, etc. Some interesting things on our LEM - RCS is built in, it supports a crew of two Kerbals, and while it lacks a reaction wheel (depending on RCS for maneuvering), it does have space for LFO, and can be connected to either a 1.25. or 1.875m stack. We also want to take this opportunity to give a huge shout-out to all participants of The Kerbal Chronicles contest. We’ve said this already but Art3misa, Badie and UomoCapra really enjoyed reading through all of the participant’s articles. They were incredible and although not all made it to the final magazine, we really encourage you to read them, because they are worth it. You can do so by visiting this thread. And, of course, if you haven’t seen the final magazine… check it out! We had a blast working on it, specially Leticia, our lead artist, who, as you imagine worked on the awesome art of the magazine. That’s it for this week. Be sure to join us on our official forums, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Stay tuned for more exciting and upcoming news and development updates! Happy launchings!
  4. Whens the weekly update? Its friday 4pm my time and still no update.


  5. 13 YouTubers came together to create the “Collaboration Station” project ! You can´t miss this incredible playlist! All of them did an amazing effort for you to have fun and enjoy! #KSP
  6. TAPE Gaming takes down the Kruolan air force… Enjoy! #KSP
  7. Welcome to KSP Weekly, everyone! Yesterday, March 9th was the 83rd anniversary of Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin’s birth. Here at the KSP HQ, Gagarin is a major inspiration, he was not only the very first human to journey into outer space, but he was a very passionate, good willed human being from humble origins that strived to become a pilot and through his determination achieved his dream and beyond. He was widely known for his smile and his kind nature, and although he died at a young age (34), his legacy lives on. Right before he embarked on Vostok I, he said the following: “Dear friends, acquaintances and strangers, my dear compatriots and all of humanity, in the next few brief minutes a spacecraft may take me into the outer space of the universe. What can I say during these last few minutes before I start? All my life comes before me in this unique and beautiful moment. Everything I did and lived has been for this.” But we’re here to talk about everything Kerbal, so without further ado, let’s begin. This week has been a particularly busy one with the upcoming pre-release of the localization pack, there’s been a lot of testing, fixing, polishing and refactoring, but things are coming along nicely. We are really getting down to the fine details now, and every twist and turn is a new and exciting adventure. That said, we are now feeling confident that we can release a build to the Experimentals team that is worthy of their time and effort on Monday. We need to “dot the tees, and cross the eyes” between now and then, and certainly things are looking more complete. Some new (but old) bugs have also come to the light during this phase of testing, and those are getting attention, too. It’s only when looking at other things in minute detail do these things become so very apparent. Everyone on the QA team from language specialist to core staff have been working every hour to make sure the developers know which are the areas of concern and interest. Special mention again goes to the language specialist volunteers for their dedication, persistence and efforts. They really are some special people. The Devs are special too, and have patiently dealt with everything that has been thrown back at them. So thanks to all the people playing Spreadsheet Simulator 2017, your work is appreciated, and useful! On other testing news, the console builds have been thoroughly tested and for example, on PS4, there are advancements on the save game corruption issue, the team has been putting it to the test and it seems to be working alright. The team are still throwing everything at trying to break the game on your behalf armed with the great feedback that has been given by the community. Things are looking much better, but there’s still much more work to be done to make things perfect however. For example, the VAB tools and part rotation aren’t accessible yet, so if the QA team wants parts at an angle, they have to add a part with sloped sides then surface attach to it, which reminds us of the tricks we had to pull before 0.15. On the bugtracker, the QA team has been chasing along behind Bewing and confirming bugs that nobody else would have gotten. Playing KSP with one finger over the screenshot key is beginning to remind Technicalfool of the old drop-the-ruler game. As expected devs have at full throttle with localization, as well. And some of them are even dreaming with the string “#autoLOC_XXXXX_Assets” - which is “interesting”. But there’s been also some bug squashing, for example the terrain seam fixes continue and hopefully we’ll have all of the kinks worked out of the PQS system by the time that we ship! Furthermore, we do have two “additions” for 1.3 pretty close to done from spare time fiddling, which might be inserted throughout the pre-release: Ambient Light Adjustment: A common request from the media group is to adjust the settings for Ambient light values. For 1.3 we have added a Boost value to the ambient light setting (similar to the highlighter boost slider). This one brightens the render engine settings to bring light into the darkness Asteroid Redirect Mod:Yes this is not a new thing, but this will finally be merged to the base game to add that extra facet to contract gameplay without needing an extra download - including the SENTINEL Infrared Telescope, the final art to make the main game. We have something else to share with you about the console update, as we’ve said in previous editions, there’s been much progress and the guys at Blitworks have even improved several aspects of the UI to avoid using the cursor as much as in the current versions, one of these improvements is the addition of radial menus, which actually make the console KSP experience much smoother. The art department is also very busy helping us out with really cool content that we’ll be able to show you soon. One involves a very large nebula image, which according to Leticia is very relaxing to paint. Finally, we are very happy to see how many of you are sending us articles to participate on the Kerbal Chronicles Contest, remember that the last day to submit your entries is on Monday, March 13th, so if you haven’t and want win some the best prizes we have given yet, you can submit an article here. That’s it for this week. Be sure to join us on our official forums, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Stay tuned for more exciting and upcoming news! Happy launchings!
  8. Welcome to KSP Weekly, everyone! This week was all about localization and its upcoming pre-release. The amount of effort and work hours that have been put into this project was nothing short of a gargantuan endeavour and our excitement is a testament of watching our efforts come into fruition. But we’re here to talk about everything Kerbal, so without further ado, let’s begin. Everyone in QA has been incredibly busy checking and rechecking all of the strings that have been converted, as well as making sure the game still behaves as it should. There are so many different ways of playing KSP, and and an equal number of results. There’s even more ways to break KSP to add on top. The localization effort has highlighted this very well. Variations between platforms can mean that some characters don’t render in the same way as others. Screen space has been a big concern. Another special mention is due to the volunteers that have worked tirelessly through this. For example, one of the most challenging things we had to deal with the localization process was that, originally, the code wasn’t optimized for localization and the logic of the game was intertwined with some explicit words in english. We had to deal with this and many lines of code required some tweaking to allow us to introduce new phrasings and characters, i.e., lots of work. But the QA team went also through more general bug discovery, confirmation and testing of fixes this week,so you can expect quite a few bug fixes for the upcoming update (you may have learned about some of them if you have been following KSP Weekly in past editions). On other regards, Blitworks is doing some good progress on the builds we’ve been receiving and testing for the past few weeks, they even added a circular menu for the controls that will make the console’s UI more user friendly. Renowned poet and tester, sal_vager, decided to write a verse to express his experience with the last build he tried: PS4 My planes soar Kerbals on the Mun Saves compressed Stability test ✓ Having lots of fun The development team has also been jam-packed with localization bug busting, too. For example, JPLrepo finished refactoring Biomes (did you know there are over 140 planet biomes in KSP and over 40 KSC biomes?), Celestial Bodies, Science System. The devs have had to do a lot of refactoring, this week included messages, PartModules and Contracts, too. Refactoring is the process of changing the code to separate UI display strings from strings used internally in functional code. This is what happens when a piece of software is developed without Localization and then Localization is retro-fitted at a later date. Developers also did amendments to lots of UI screens and elements to make all the Russian and Spanish fit! As well as fixing some linux bugs, some KSPedia adjustments and the creation of an automated script in python to populate the language prefixes. Finally we just want to remind you that the Localization Pre-release will take place on March 16th and that to celebrate that launch we are doing a cool contest with some of the best prizes we have given, yet. Learn more here. That’s it for this week. Be sure to join us on our official forums, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Happy launchings!
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  10. In an exercise of precision landing and both over-engineering and micro-engineering, Hazard-ish went to the mun and back THREE times in a single launch without using any docking, mining, refueling or gameplay mods! Incredible! #KSP
  11. This mod is a continuation of the old State Funding mod by @iamchairs. Linuxgurugamer is looking for some new governments to add to the mod. Please share with him If you have one you’d like to be added! #KSP
  12. Welcome to KSP Weekly, everyone! On Wednesday we were all surprised by the reveal of the largest batch of Earth-size, habitable-zone planets around a single star by NASA’s scientists. We’re talking of course about the TRAPPIST-1 system, which not only has an interesting resemblance to the Kerbol system, but three of its planets are firmly located in the habitable zone of this ultra-cool dwarf star and most likely could have liquid water on them. The key ingredient to life as we know it! This system of planets is relatively close to us at around 40 light-years from Earth in the constellation Aquarius. Although we won’t see a mission to the TRAPPIST-1 system during our lifetime, this discovery will move forward our understanding of Earth-size exoplanets in the universe and the likelihood of life outside the solar system. So hyped, but we’re here to talk about everything Kerbal, so let’s begin. The QA team have been testing tutorials, working hand in hand with the art department to check KSPedia and overall making progress on the localization. At last the big picture is coming into focus. Additionally, the terrain fix is coming along nicely, but not quite there yet, it’s good to have the thorough eye of QA to check up these kind of things. Behind the scenes, our bug tracker software has received some upgrade love. There’s just a few visible differences that you may notice when reporting bugs, but more importantly it brings it up to date and will allow us to use it in more efficient ways in the future. As expected, the programming front has also been busy with localization, looking at strings, reading strings, finding strings, refactoring variables. Similarly, the team has been making changes to the KSP code to support localization of Biomes, Science, Vessel situations and CelestialBodies Names. The Lingoona grammar engine has also been documented by some of the devs: good practices, pitfalls and and how it’s been applied across KSP source code. And of course, there’s been some bug fixing, including the seam issue on the KSC’s Runway, which is being tested by our QA volunteers as you read this just to make sure that it all works properly. In fact, JPLRepo wrote a Developer Article called Who needs a level runway anyway? Which talks about about the whole process, so if you haven’t, we recommend you to give it a look, it is very informative and interesting. The artist have been busy, too. Paul Amsterdam, for example has been fixing KSPedia layout issues and is working on some video tutorials for the localization update. Furthermore, the team has been working on some illustrations for something you’re gonna see rather soon (if you haven’t, yet). We all love the era aesthetics and the team is certainly having a good time doing these. Finally we just want to let you know that we will make an important announcement in the forum next Thursday, March 2nd at 16:00 EST. So stay tuned! That’s it for this week. Be sure to join us on our official forums, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Stay tuned for more exciting and upcoming news! Happy launchings!
  13. Aisha second generation large space station! Very nice station by Jebediah & Dreams! #KSP Thanks to our forumer 坎星资讯菌 for sharing this great video!
  14. Tyler Raiz is trying to launch a Star Destroyer around Kerbin and to dock a TIE Fighter to it! Enjoy! #KSP
  15. Welcome to KSP Weekly, everyone! Did you know that on a day like this, but in the year 374, was the 9th recorded perihelion passage of Halley’s Comet? Back then people saw comets as omens of bad fortune, such as deaths of rulers, famine and even the coming of plagues. It was not until 18 years after Sir Isaac Newton published his Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica, in which he outlined his laws of gravity and motion, that Newton’s friend editor and publisher, Edmond Halley, was able to determine after examining historical records that the orbital elements of a comet that had appeared in 1682 were nearly the same as those of two comets that had appeared in 1531 (observed by Petrus Apianus) and 1607 (observed by Johannes Kepler). Halley thus concluded that all three comets were, in fact, the same object returning every 76 years, a period that has since been amended to every 75–76 years. Needless to say that the comet was named after him. But we’re here to talk about everything Kerbal, so after that brief curious fact, let’s begin. The QA team was very busy this week as we get closer to the final development stages for the localization pack update. Doing keyboard layout testing and spending hours reading through KSPedia in every language and part descriptions. Then doing it all again as soon as the next build comes out. And there are of course other pending bugs that have been fixed and now need some checking. In between all the testing, sal_vager had the chance to set up a new PC and he was so excited that he wrote a small lyrical piece about it: Setting up the new PC Minty fresh, it’s Linux you see All AMD and open source It’ll give an edge in tech support From black screens to missing text I’ll take a look and do my best On the dev front the localization effort continues as well. Some of the devs have spent some time refactoring code so that some ingrained things can be localized, such as CelestialBody Names, Biome names, Vessel Situations and so on. Furthermore, Jplrepo was able to complete the seam fixes on all runways and they have been signed off by QA. He worked together with BJ on the general terrain seam investigations. The root cause has been identified as something that has changed in Unity itself between KSP versions from 1.1.3 to 1.2.0. Whilst we continue to investigate the Unity changes, fixes for the problem have been tested and work. BJ is now working on implementing the fixes. Additionally, the kerbal name generator for the localization pack is almost done, and the site generator is coming along nicely, all thanks to the help from the volunteers. Here are some examples of some of the names the site generator is now able to spawn(bare in mind that these have still to pass the volunteer’s check and may still have some errors): Spanish: Cuenca de Schiaparelli Russian: Бесплодные земли Билла Japanese: キリムのベンド Chinese: 玫瑰坡 English: Trigger’s Lament Past Tuesday, TriggerAu wrote a Developer Article about The Weighing of Fonts, which basically talks about the difficulties the developers faced when trying to fit new characters and symbols in the KSP interface, we highly recommend it. We’re planning to continue which the Developer Articles to let developers talk about their work and experiences in greater detail and to give you more insight about some of the challenges we face when developing KSP. These won’t be scheduled as regular forum posts, as we’ll be having multiple authors sharing info whenever they are willing and able. Nevertheless we will let you know when these come out, so you don’t miss any and keep your eyes peeled on the DevBlogs section of the forum for when they do. Now let’s talk a little bit about our friends at Blitworks, who continue with the console update on a safe and steady pace. As we mentioned last week, we received the first builds to start the testing process and although there is still much to do, some of our testers have stated that these builds are becoming increasingly stable! Finally on the Art Division, there’s been some fixing of KSPedia issues and the work on the retopology of animation models is now focusing on blendshapes of the eyelids for the male and female characters. That’s it for this week. Be sure to join us on our official forums, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Stay tuned for more exciting and upcoming news! Happy launchings!