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  1. Playing with Remote Tech installed and I noticed that there is only one ground transmission station and it's a thousand or so kilometers to the South of KSC. Is that a known issue with this mod or Remote Tech? I had a thought that it might be a leftover piece of code missed when converting Kerbin to Earth so the mission control coordinates are where KSC used to be on Kerbin. EDIT: Fixed it by copying the GroundStations settings from the QuaterSizedRSS RemoteTech_Settings file into the regular RemoteTech Default_Settings file. For some reason the custom config wasn't loading correctly for me.
  2. Your username... you profile art... 





















  3. I haven't updated the game or any mods to 1.1.3 yet so that isn't it. I tried turning off the default scan setting and now scanning fully works for Phobos and Deimos so I'll just leave it like that. This issue is something to do with the default scanning system.
  4. I am using SCANsat with SSRSS and everything was working fine until I tried to do a resource scan of Deimos with the M700 Survey Scanner. I am getting the message "You must be in a stable polar orbit between 25km and 3km to perform an orbital survey" which makes no sense with the larger number being first. I tried anyway and have been unable to find any polar orbit between the surface and escape that will match whatever constraints are needed to do the scan and am at a loss for how to complete it. I looked through all the cfg's I could find related to orbital scanning in my install but can't find anything sticking out that would cause this and could use some help in figuring it out. Thanks in advance to anyone that responds.
  5. I'm having problems doing a resource scan of Deimos with the M700 survey scanner, I'm getting a message which says I "need to be in a stable polar orbit between 25km and 3km" which makes no sense. Anyone else having this issue?
  6. Thanks, appreciate the response
  7. @sDaZe @Berlin Could you please let me know if this is a known issue or something on my end? Its preventing me from finishing several contracts.
  8. So... Am I alone with this issue or something? Has anyone else tried to complete a contract which needs data from a low solar orbit?
  9. Is there something wrong with the value for low sun orbit? Its supposed to be at 1 Mm if its the same scale as stock but I managed to get down below 400,000 km (before beginning to explode due to heat) and still hadn't reached the threshold for low orbit.
  10. First time saw your signature and your name. Just laughed hard. OMG... What actually happened to your name?

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  11. That looks amazing, exactly like the real thing. Any idea when the next update will be out?