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  1. Continuing the theme of weird requests... any chance of making the 64 bit player the default when launching from Steam, or a way to make that selection permanent (without resorting to %command hijinks in the launch options) Even having the 32/64 picker show up when you launch from a steam shortcut would be nice, currently you only see this if you launch from the library list inside Steam which is a bit inconvenient. And yes I know you can make a direct x64 player shortcut, but if you launch the executable directly you don't get the Steam overlay (or the option for Steam screenshots) etc
  2. Will the Russian themed missions launch from Baikerbanur? Because if you're gonna build an R-7 themed Vostok, well, lets go all the wayyyyyyyyyyyyy
  3. Thanks @TriggerAu Fingers crossed for KSP 1.4 running on Unity 5.6 so we can launch a Vulcan using Vulkan then
  4. Talking of squishy things... any chance of the world cup soccer balls making an appearance in 1.3?
  5. Sure, but currently it's on 5.4.4 while 5.5.2 is available I mean, I'm assuming it's going to stay on 5.4.4 otherwise the 1.29pre would have come out on 5.5.2 since it's probably way too late in the piece to implement that The 5.5.x branch has some nice stuff (I'm looking at the line/particle system upgrade mostly, but the FBSS and compiler upgrades are also nice)
  6. Will KSP be making the jump to Unity 5.5.2 during the 1.3 update process or will it be remaining on Unity 5.4.4?
  7. One of the defining technologies (for the Saturn rocket) was the use of Hydrolox for the second (S-II) and third stages (S-IVB) giving it a massively improved payload to orbit vs. the Kerolox and Hypergol alternatives of the time. While the current LF/O and mono would stand in pretty well for the first stage (S-IC) and the LEM/CSM engines (respectively), will the MH-DLC have any concession for these lighter/less-dense yet more efficient cryo fuels?
  8. Well we're about an hour out from the important announcement, does that make it guess o'clock? KSP 1.3 based on Unity 5.5.2? KSP 1.2.2. console release, also bringing Console KSP to regions currently without? More collab stuff like ARM/NASA, maybe with ULA (since EJSA and others were already making an official ULA pack for KSP), ESA, JAXA or SpaceX?
  9. Please tell me you have a UPS now to isolate it from your abodes terrible power system
  10. I was hoping that, given the programming manpower which Squad has picked up recently (the last three hires have all been experienced programmers with some serious shipped-game pedigrees behind them), that part of the 'secret' feature might be a broader code refactoring away from Unity's GameObject (which isn't threadsafe) to a custom implementation (I believe FromTheDepths also did this, however that's back on Unity4 so I'm not sure that still applies?) to leverage more advantage from multi-threading (if there's a realistic gain from the effort). If stuff is in QA now, I wonder when we'll start seeing release candidates for 1.2.3 (if it's bugfixes) or 1.3 (if it's a feature update)? They were looking for a lead artist too I think, I wonder if they've had any bites for that position, since having a lead artist in house is probably a requirement for the art/model overhaul which is capturing so much... hot verbage
  11. If the KSC/Planetary (non-scaled space) textures/assets were moved into asset bundles, they could be dynamically loaded/unloaded as necessary
  12. Unity Technologies itself (upon which KSP is built), also has a pretty nice roadmap broken down into five sections from live to (essentially) gleam in the eye type stuff. Oh how I wish the GC, .NET Profile and Runtime upgrades would move up a place or two though
  13. The current wing selection is a bit small, not selection wise but can require a large number of wing elements to be stitched together While you can now hold them together better with AT:Autostrut's, this exacerbates the physics slowdown you already get with lots of parts. If you could switch up their size a bit (like the 2x2 panel is available), that could cut down on the number of wing parts by 75% (in some cases), and could be done with either MODEL{} calls or scale arguments, although having this accessible as an advanced tweakable rather than further discrete parts would be preferable (so as not to clutter up the parts selection).
  14. Keen Software House had success putting the whole codebase for Space Engineers up on GitHub and accepting patches (pull requests) from the community, this didn't happen immediately or fully, but it did eventually become full open access (not open source). Maybe Squad could talk to Keen and see how's it working for them, and if they could gain any similar advantages?
  15. A more advanced 0.625 engine option would be nice, personally I think a tiny RAPIER would be awesome, even if it ended up being something like the SCIMITAR/A2 instead of the full SABRE dual-mode capabilities. There are a few gaps in the parts lineup which would be nice to address. I don't mind filling those voids with mod/s, but not everyone is happy (or even able) to do so.