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  1. 2.5m format 6-way hub 3.75m docking port 3.75m command module 2.5m NERVA/NTR type engine with toggleable LANTR mode 2.5m RAPIER type engine 2.5m Air intakes Larger wings/wing-sections Larger landing legs Surface mountable omni-directional light Laser illuminator 45 degree offset RCS clusters Girders/spars/trusses which use the fairing-structure method, snapping something to a node automatically makes it that long. Grid fins Ground anchor
  2. After having the game for maybe a few hours, deciding that I should built a space station The lesson in this case being that if you're going to learn how to dock, you probably shouldn't start with massive truss sections Still, the feeling once getting docking mentally sorted out and the station started coming together in LKO was amazing
  3. That particular post is probably locked because they don't want you to post your bugs there, but as the post says please do report your bugs on the prerelease bugtracker
  4. All sound pretty interesting Will the Making History parts be getting normal maps in the future?
  5. You don't have to use every attribute/key so if you looked at a light part designed with no EC cost the author probably skipped including those lines (KSP probably assumes 0/false without causing an issue)
  6. They do, the keys are under the MODULE{} MODULE { name = lightName = useAnimationDim = lightBrightenSpeed = lightDimSpeed = animationName = resourceAmount = [Amount] useResources = [true/false] }
  7. It looks (to me) like a naming convention change, and Unity 2017.1 is (for all intents and purposes) Unity 5.7 Unity uses Mono (a free/opensource version of the .NET platform) which is intended to let you have a common language runtime (i.e. write once, run everywhere, which is good for supporting multiple platforms as Unity does) Unfortunately the current version of the Mono runtime Unity uses is mostly .NET2.0 / C# v2 (circa 2005), and sort of .NET3.5/C# v3 (circa 2007), in a kind of uneven fashion. The new runtime version of Mono (in Unity 2017.1) is going to be .NET4.6.x / C# v6 without any weird partial behaviour/s, as well as providing all the upgraded functionality/improvements on .NET/C# Please bare in mind that while I am interested in Unity/Development I am not a programmer so my understanding of the gains/advantages of this move may be way off and/or unduly influenced by listening to programmer/dev chatter regarding the current state of Unity's Mono.
  8. Yes, I asked in one of the earlier threads and TriggerAu confirmed it's staying on 5.4 (for 1.3 at least) [Edit 2] Honestly if Squad was going to spend devtime upporting to a new Unity version, I'd prefer them to target Unity 2017.1 since that will be using the .NET4.6 version of Mono (runtime upgrade at last = yes).
  9. Squad has subsequently hired BlitWorks to substantially revisit the porting work they'd paid for once already, it's not like they've hung the console users out to dry and washed their hands of it, even if the timeline feels unacceptable, or even punitive. Submitting PSN and XBLM updates costs a bundle (think ~five figures per platform per patch), plus takes a great deal of paperwork with bureaucratic approval to push through which means PS4/XBOne users can't get the kind of rapdi-fire/ad-hoc partial/beta/pre-release updates Steam/SquadStore users have recently gotten (if they opt in to help with the QA/QC portions of the release), GOG users have the same issue (no pre's) due to similar platform specific approval process. It's happening, possibly (almost certainly) not as fast as either Squad or you would like, but it is happening.
  10. Unity uses the CPU branch of PhysX, not the GPGPU (CUDA) branch. Your CPU's single thread FP performance will be the main determining factor in physics sim speed. KSP's default graphics are pretty light on the GPU (mods like Scatterer/EVE/SVE/SVT can nail it pretty hard though).
  11. Continuing the theme of weird requests... any chance of making the 64 bit player the default when launching from Steam, or a way to make that selection permanent (without resorting to %command hijinks in the launch options) Even having the 32/64 picker show up when you launch from a steam shortcut would be nice, currently you only see this if you launch from the library list inside Steam which is a bit inconvenient. And yes I know you can make a direct x64 player shortcut, but if you launch the executable directly you don't get the Steam overlay (or the option for Steam screenshots) etc
  12. Will the Russian themed missions launch from Baikerbanur? Because if you're gonna build an R-7 themed Vostok, well, lets go all the wayyyyyyyyyyyyy
  13. Thanks @TriggerAu Fingers crossed for KSP 1.4 running on Unity 5.6 so we can launch a Vulcan using Vulkan then
  14. Talking of squishy things... any chance of the world cup soccer balls making an appearance in 1.3?
  15. Sure, but currently it's on 5.4.4 while 5.5.2 is available I mean, I'm assuming it's going to stay on 5.4.4 otherwise the 1.29pre would have come out on 5.5.2 since it's probably way too late in the piece to implement that The 5.5.x branch has some nice stuff (I'm looking at the line/particle system upgrade mostly, but the FBSS and compiler upgrades are also nice)