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  1. Correct. At one point the Kerbals would spawn either under ground or in the air. If newer versions of CC allows specifying spawning on ground, feel free to tinker with the cfg to see if that changes it. I admit I've been sucked into r/l and sometimes other games. If anyone wants to help me maintain GAP, let me know. Anyone is free to submit changes in Github. Today is truly the first day things have settled down around me. hopefully the summer is quiet and I can look at GAP in depth and try out the new versions of KSP and CC. Thanks guys for your loyal following!
  2. Yea, I've finally moved into my new home. Things are settling down. It may take a few weeks, but I should be back to GAP fixing by May.
  3. Unfortuantely it's been neglected as I've been sucked into EVE Online. ha. I guess I was waiting for the update dust to settle with KSP before working on GAP updates. Again, the offer is open to anyone willing to help make GAP compatible with recent changes to CC and KSP. Feel free to check out the github from here: and offer your corrections and bug reports.
  4. I'm still here. Just sucked into Eve Online. That and in the process of moving. Not sure when I will revisit this mod, or KSP, but hopefully sooner rather than later. If anyone wants to help maintain this mod in the meantime, feel free to step up! I hope to return to KSP in the spring or sooner.
  5. Hmm... this may require some investigation on my part. I may have to raise a github enhancement request on this. You're welcome! I enjoyed making it, and I even more enjoy playing it! Hmm... this may require some investigation on my part. I may have to raise a github enhancement request on this. I understand the frustration. You can disable it yourself in the .cfg file and then cancel any existing contract for it and reload contracts using the Alt+F10 menu option. I don't want to disable it for production because the point of GAP and specifically this first contract, is to force people to think outside the box. As one poster posted, you can use Walkabout and drive over. I know it's a pain, but it works. What do I do? I spawn a simple rover, park it to the side of the runway, and then spawn my craft and board it.
  6. um, going to stock + GAP is only a troubleshooting step. next step is to re-add mods, probably starting with your wing mod. You are welcome to edit GAP cfg files anytime.
  7. remove all mods except Squad, Contract Configurator, and Contract Packs. Then do a force contract generation through the cheat menu.
  8. ok. thank you! ya we really do need a mining mod in this game.
  9. @pap1723 could you mode the Command Seat to starting tech? The ability to drive a car or fly a plane with an open chair is actually more historically earlier than the enclosed command modules you start with. Currently, the chair is several levels deep up one side of the tree.
  10. Awesome. I love this mod. notes in game. i can't live easily without it.
  11. @magico13 will you add this to your thread OP list?
  12. Contract Pack: Giving Aircraft a Purpose (GAP) 1.2.9 inigmatus released this 42 minutes ago Requires Contract Configurator 1.20.3 or higher from Requires Module Manager from Total Career Contracts Available: 70 10/28/16 GAP 1.2.9 compatibility upgrade for KSP 1.2 and Contract Configurator 1.20.3 please remove your current GAP folder and install this new as many contract filesnames were changed, and some disabled until spawn issues with certain props are resolved. reduced Mk3 crew cabin test requirement to 10,000m from 20,000m. decoupled crew cabin testing from each other, so you can now test crew cabins idependently as you research them, and not in their assumed order. Flight 102 requires either mk2 or mk3 cabin to be tested. added Cargo directory in Assets for future cargo subassemblies for GAP 1.3. readjusted min and max passengers for charters and regular service flights. clarified contract titles for Flights 101-103 to inform users that a minimum crew of 3 (two pilots, 1 engineer) is required for all regular service flights. removed crew requirements for Charter Flight 5 so that all charter flights only require a pilot and not additional crew. cleaned up list code for inbound passenger contracts as some names were duplicated on roster unnecessarily.