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  1. I used the rule of thumb of choosing what best applied to me. I don't make mods or videos, I don't subscribe to many youtube channels, I've played with mods but mostly stick to stock when I play these days, and I've been to a few of the Jool moons and back, but I haven't been to every planet. I feel confident I could get to every planet/moon and back from most, so Level 4 seems the most appropriate.
  2. Since @Snark went through the effort and I don't recall this thread from forever ago, I figured I'd contribute. I'm a solid 4.
  3. Since several people have mentioned it in this thread I'd like to add my voice to those asking for more assignable action group keys, ideally using a modifier like ALT+Number, and in-flight editing of action groups. I think there's some great suggestions in here that are relevant to the work the devs are doing since they're currently putting some thought into part actions and action groups.
  4. Ah, it could certainly be the case that the deal between Squad and Shapeways was terminated prior to any business with Take-Two. Perhaps the deal had an expiration date and was not renewed or perhaps one or both parties decided to end the deal. I don't remember seeing anything about Shapeways no longer making KSP items, but I definitely could have missed that news.
  5. Shapeways appears to still be very much in business after a quick check of their website. It looks like they still have a lot to offer, but probably no Kerbals until they have a new deal worked out with Take-Two. I wonder if anyone from Squad or Take-Two gave maintaining the Shapeways merchandise agreement a thought during the sale of KSP. Edit: I just checked that Cafe Press link you posted. I could be wrong, but that merchandise appears to be unaffiliated with Squad or Take-Two. It looks like it was created by a fan and I don't see anything that makes it look like those are officially licensed products.
  6. And likely those individuals who, like yourself, we're enjoying what mods brought to your GTA experience are now less interested in giving Take-Two money in the future. I didn't get into GTA V, so I can't say I'm immediately affected by this. However, I had hoped that KSP's purchase would generally be a good thing by supplying capital and resources to grow the franchise. KSP is still a title with a lot of unrealized potential and I was hoping Take-Two might help it and the franchise grow to reach some of that potential. Obviously we still have KSP as it is now, no matter what happens, but I was hopeful that we might have more and that it wouldn't come with customer-unfriendly business practices.
  7. Could they chose not to do this and still be profitable? Absolutely. Does it hurt their reputation? Yep. Does it make sense that they would do this? Not really since there are alternative solutions.
  8. Squad and Take-Two are still separate entities with Take-Two owning KSP completely. As much as I appreciate the assurance of @UomoCapra and Squad, and as much as I believe that Squad really means it, the fact remains that Take-Two can decide to do whatever they want regardless of Squad's wishes or involvment. As far as I understand the business arrangement, if Take-Two decides to take KSP development in a new direction they could fire Squad and assign a new developer to KSP at any time.
  9. Rockstar actively showcased mods, including mods that used OpenIV. OpenIV has been active for around 10 years and Rockstar and Take-Two have never spoken out against it. Take-Two chose to shut down the mod rather than attempt to work with its creator to prevent undesirable mods that may be built off of OpenIV. OpenIV was intended and designed to only function in single-player offline mode.
  10. My point is and will continue to be that Take-Two is the only entity calling the shots from here on out. They can do whatever they want to the current KSP product and any future products. The fact that they killed a popular single-player GTA mod because it enabled unfavorable mods is proof that they're willing to upset a large part of their customer base. That makes me think they wouldn't hesitate to upset the relatively small KSP community in a similar way. Imagine Take-Two decides to make new parts packs available in microtransaction form with or without Squad's involvment. This doesn't seem far-fetched. Then maybe Take-Two decides to go after something like ModuleManager or TextureReplacer since they allow users to easily incorporate free part mod packs that include similar styled parts as Take-Two's packs. This scenario, while unlikely, is not very different from the GTA scenario. It's foolish to believe it's impossible given what just happened with one of their biggest properties. Again, I'm not saying it's going to happen. Heck, KSP is probably too small for Take-Two to care about. But since they're willing to do this to GTA, I wouldn't be surprised to find they're willing to do something similar to KSP. It sets a precedent that they are unconcerned with their customers' best interests. At the very least it's an unpleasant bit of news and I think current and potential customers should be aware of the situation.
  11. That's not surprising. Whatever deal Squad had with Shapeways would likely no longer be valid since Squad no longer owns the Kerbal Space Program intellectual property; Squad can no longer authorize any third-party to use the Kerbal likeness for commercial products. My guess is at this point it would require Take-Two and Shapeways coming to some sort of new agreement to restart sales of KSP figures. That being said, maybe a new arrangement is in the works between Take-Two and Shapeways, but I haven't seen any official mention of Shapeways since Squad sold KSP. It likely would not take a lot of time or work to restart sales if Take-Two wishes to do so. I'm guessing Shapeways was printing to order; it's unlikely they keep a stock of figures, but even if they do I'd be surprised if they could sell anything until a new deal is made.
  12. I have no fears of Take-Two at this time. I am simply advocating that folks be informed and if they are not concerned about it then that's great. I, too, am not worried at this time. I bring up that fact that Take-Two can decide to do something similar to KSP because some folks seem to think Squad won't let that happen. My point here is Squad is essentially powerless to stop Take-Two since Take-Two is the owner of the IP. As for why they might choose to do something to KSP, Take-Two has said they're interested on making more money from microtransactions and other DLC. It's not outside the realm of possibility for Take-Two to reduce the availability of user-made mods that offer similar features that they are trying to sell. Again, I'm not saying that Take-Two is going to do anything to KSP. I'm pretty confident they won't, but if they did Squad can't stop it. Take-Two probably does not desire to mess with KSP modding, but I wouldn't be shocked to see them try if they thought mods can affect their sales numbers for new products.
  13. @LoSBoL I agree with you and others that Take-Two would be harming themselves by blocking mods for KSP and I share the sentiment that it seems unlikely they would do something to harm themselves. However, I recognize that despite the likelihood they won't choose to harm themselves the fact remains that they could still choose to do so. To some extent they are already doing so with their current action regarding GTA V. My concern stems from the fact that with something like GTA V, and even with something like KSP, when a company has full control over a popular product they can make unpopular decisions because they know they have a captive audience. People may say they'll boycott future products from Take-Two, but it'll take a lot of willpower for those folks to follow through when a hugely anticipated title like Red Dead 2 or the next GTA comes along and everyone is having fun while you ride you high horse... and Take-Two knows it just as much as they know people won't be happy with decisions to block or limit their modding communities. Edit: @Lupi I'm glad you brought it up because I believe it cetainly deserves attention and probably warrants some discussion. I saw the news earlier and thought that it wasn't particularly favorable. Businesses make business decisions. That makes sense. Where it begins to not make sense is when those decisions negatively impact the customers' opinions of the product/service and the business itself. When a business continues to make these types of decisions and the customers decide they've had enough then it doesn't matter how happy the owners/shareholders are unless they're ready to cash out. Once again, I'm not saying I think Take-Two is about to kill KSP modding in any way, but I do think it's good to be informed of what Take-Two is doing and form your own opinion. And if you're not worried about what Take-Two does you can always ignore the discussion and the folks who might want to talk about it.
  14. While I don't think it's quite time to run around and yell "The sky is falling," I don't believe the concern that Take-Two might attempt to stop some/all modding of KSP to be irrational. Despite the huge success and popularity of GTA V, Take-Two has shut down one of the major mod projects of that community. KSP isn't nearly as popular, so it doesn't seem unreasonable to accept the possibility that something similar can happen here at Take-Two's whim. And honestly at this point asking anyone at Squad for a promise that nothing will change regarding an intellectual property they don't own the rights to seems pointless. Any word/promise/guarantee that a Squad employee could give doesn't actually have an effect on what Take-Two does, at most it could only ever influence Take-Two's decisions. Hope for the best, but don't pretend like the worst is impossible. Being aware of what is going on regarding (one of) Take-Two's other properties and sharing concern that something similar could happen here is not quite fear-mongering.
  15. It seems like Squad is teasing out one part each week. I'm guessing we still have many, many weeks before the expansion is ready based on how little we know and how many questions we still have, so I suspect that it'll be a while before they get around to showing all the new parts. That being said, it would be nice to know for a fact they're working on those and other parts.