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  1. These... ...and these. But at that point we're probably not talking about DLC anymore. I can't see Take Two pouring that much time and money into something they're going to sell for $10-20 a seat. Those are the kind of features we're going to see in KSP 2.0. (I hope.)
  2. See, this is the sort of thing that scares me about the Take Two acquisition. That eventually KSP development will be overseen by a producer who knows video games but who knows nothing about space or planetary science, and then they'll start adding this sort of stuff to the game. "Well, yeah, sure, why shouldn't they be able to land on a gas giant? Just make it really hard. Let's put some funny-looking tree scatters there while we're at it."
  3. You've got to be really careful with wild rabbits. Rabbit Fever is no joke, it will jack you up something fierce.
  4. I hope you washed your hands afterwards.
  5. Our cat must have a much better memory than yours does. We're constantly removing dead birds, lizards, and occasionally mice from our garden and back yard. At least one per day, usually several. My wife said we should put the birds heads up on little pikes on the back wall as a warning.
  6. I grew up in Los Angeles, so I had Disneyland. But we were not so well off growing up, so we only got to go every couple of years or so, so it was a real treat for us. Funny, I always remember the mundane things, like the Hundred-Acre Parking Lot, and sitting in the endless traffic jam that always happened when you waited to closing time to leave. My mom and dad would always make sure that my brother and I were in our pajamas before we got settled in the back seat so we could sleep on the ride home and go straight to bed when we got there, but we would never get to sleep until we were out of the parking lot because Dad would spend the entire time loudly growling about this idiot doing that or that moron doing this. When I was in high school I remember going with our church youth group, and me and my two friends Tony and Victor just had the time of our lives. On Pirates we wanted to see if we could really tip the nose of the boat into the air on the drop (which was an urban legend we had heard about). So we managed to get into the very back seats of an empty boat, and then just as it crested the top of the drop we jumped up out of our seats and sat on the very fantail of the boat. <WHUMP!> The ride operator caught it and put the brakes on the boat. Over the PA system, in his best monotone drone, he said, "Please remain seated with your hands, arms, legs, and feet inside the vehicle at all times." We were laughing, and Tony yelled, "PARTY POOPER!" Over the PA system in the same monotone, "I heard that." We bought bags of the sour balls and were throwing them at each other on Haunted Mansion and the Skyway. Right before closing time we were trying to see how many times we could ride Space Mountain. There was no line to speak of, but they still had the chains up outside, so we were running out of the exit and jumping all the chains to get back to the entrance. At one point I misjudged my jump and my foot caught on the chain. <WHAM!> Face-plant. But, ding-dang-it, I was going to ride Space Mountain. I got up and kept going. We got on like six or seven times before they closed it. Next day my knee was all swelled up, so mom took me to the doctor. I had a hairline fracture of my kneecap. (But this was all 35 years ago, when the security was much more lax than it is now. These days we would have totally been kicked out.) Grad Night was funny. My girlfriend went with her ex. He had bought them tickets back in January, before they had broke up and she had started dating me. But he still wanted to go with her, and she was too polite to turn him down. I wasn't happy about it, but she was all, "We're not getting back together, we're just going to Grad Night." One of her friends had no date because her boyfriend had shipped out for the Marines, so I wound up going with her. It was all cool, until it wasn't. And then ex and girlfriend got into an argument, and then ex and I got into and argument, and then girlfriend and I got into an argument, and then we all just split up for the night. She and I wound up breaking up over it. It was too bad, because she was hot. Edit: Now I've been craving sour balls all morning.
  7. Did the pilot have a chute on as well?
  8. Not so much a quote, but one of the best aviation stories ever told: Los Angeles Center, Aspen 20, can you give us a ground speed check?
  9. I was just reading up on the whole Etherium/DAO saga. The world is starting to sound more like a William Gibson novel every day.
  10. That was the movie that almost single-handedly killed the entire franchise. They had to tap-dance something furious to get Paramount to greenlight a sequel, and one of the conditions the studio forced on them was that Gene Roddenberry was kicked out of any creative role. I hear the Director's Cut DVD is much improved.
  11. I get acephalgic scintillating scotoma, basically migraine auras without the follow-on headaches. I started getting them back in 2007. First time I had one it scared the crap out of me, I thought I was having a stroke or something. But after talking to my doctor I discovered that they were essentially harmless and I was only getting them about every other month, so I just ignored them. But, after I had my surgery in 2014 I started getting them two or three times a week, which was a bit more of a problem. So my doc here put me on medication for it, and now they're down to about every other week. So, I guess I'm unlucky that I get them at all, but lucky that I don't get the headaches. I had terrible allergies also when I was younger, and that was back in the 1970s when there was nothing reasonable to treat them at all. I had a prescription antihistamine that I could take, but it would knock me out for hours. The playground at the school I went to was surrounded on two sides with these massive oleander hedges, and every spring when they would bloom I would just be incapacitated. I would miss probably a week or two of school a year. Cats and perfume were also bad, but they were pretty easy to avoid. But like you I grew out of it, by my teen years it was just an average hay fever. Probably the worst I have is Marfan syndrome. (Although I haven't been officially diagnosed with it, since I haven't gone in to have the genetic testing, my doctor and I both agree that it is most likely suspect.) I've always had loose joints, I have a long history of dislocations. And then in 2014 I had emergency open heart surgery to correct a 10cm ascending aortic aneurysm, which by all rights should have killed me. So now my aorta all the way from my aortic root through the arch is a mix of ex-pig parts and Dacron tubing. I'm going to have to go back in and get my aortic valve replaced sometime in the next 10-15 years. (7-12 years now, where does the time go?) But they're already doing that as a minimally-invasive procedure through the femoral artery for high-risk patients now, by the time I get around to it they'll almost certainly be doing that for everyone. So, the good news is that this is the worst thing that can happen from Marfan's. We're just keeping an eye on my eyes to see if my lenses slip (which is correctable with surgery), and I'm working out to keep my muscle strength up which helps with the dislocations and to keep my resting heart rate down which will stave off the valve replacement. Really, even with all that, I can sit here and easily name half-a-dozen people I know or have known personally that have it worse than I do. My wife works as a physical therapist, she sees people every day she works who would gladly trade their circumstances with me. No point in complaining, you just have to play the cards you're dealt.
  12. Nothing lasts forever....
  13. I'm almost positive that somewhere in the boxes and boxes of 8mm films in my mom's closet there is one that my dad took sitting in the front of the Disneyland monorail, just like that. Except that it was back in the 1970s, when there was no DCA or Downtown Disney, it was just Disneyland and the hotel. I really need to get those digitized.
  14. I know it's late in your trip, but a friend of mine just linked this article, thought you might give some of them a try: The Best Secret Menu Items at Disneyland
  15. Never played it before I saw this thread. Downloaded it last night and played it for a couple of hours. Pretty cool, reminds me of the old Traveller RPG, without the RPG part.