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  1. I think paid DLC is great: Any way that Squad can make more money is a good thing because I want them to stay afloat and keep making more content for KSP. Because at the rate they're going, it seems like they're going to have to produce at least ten more major updates and three or four more paid DLCs before we see anything simple that we've been clamoring for for years, like an art pass for the parts, or clouds.
  2. Well, unless something is going to change between the pre-release and the real release, the big new feature is: ambient light adjustment. They almost literally released it with tint control. (I really wish I could find a copy of that Bloom County strip.)
  3. Well, I'm all ready for the update. Copied my current folder off to a secure location, then told Steam to uninstall KSP. All set to keep playing 1.2.2 until the next version and all my mods get squared away. I figure it will take at least a month, maybe two.
  4. Well, yeah, but that's exactly my point. How many people are swapping between missions around Jool and Sarnus in the same game session? Couldn't we just have it set up so that, by default, none of the rings are enabled, but there are a set of MM patches to enable the rings around each planet as the player wants. So if, for example, in this play session I'm going to Sarnus, before I start the game up I drag the sarnus_rings.cfg file into GameData, and voila, I have rings around Sarnus. Next time I'm going to Jool, so I drag sarnus_rings.cfg out and drag jool_rings.cfg in. It's not elegant or permanent, but it could get everyone up and running until things get sorted out.
  5. Would it be possible to just have a set of MM patches to selectively enable the rings around whatever body you're operating around? I'm guessing most folks aren't running missions around multiple outer system bodies simultaneously.
  6. It's a closed-cycle gas turbine, they've actually already run one with a nuclear reactor, ML-1. It's a sound concept, although I think your projected efficiencies are a little high. I also think you may want to look at reliability as well. A gas-turbine will be, by its very nature, less reliable than, say, a Stirling engine, and if it were to fail it would fail far more spectacularly.
  7. I think we need a patch in the Extras folder for this.
  8. Well, DSEV does have a part like that, although it isn't very flexible in terms of what you can place at the ends of the arms.
  9. I think they're going to implement multiplayer, but it only works if each of the players is using a different language.
  10. I think the first one to submit an article about a train derailment should win an honorable mention.
  11. Well, you still aren't making a lot of sense. I'm making the case that Squad's attempts to generate hype and excitement for their announcements are actually backfiring on them and that they should take a different approach to them. You seem to take that (very angrily) to mean that I think Squad should somehow be ashamed of their work and are some kind of monsters. That's quite a non-sequitur. Are you just having difficulty compartmentalizing a bad day or something?
  12. You really aren't paying attention at all, are you? I'm not complaining about having a writing contest. I actually think that's a great idea, especially considering how many folks on the board write fan fiction. I'm complaining about the way they try to hype their announcements. Do you actually understand that, or do you just want to start slinging insults?
  13. I read my post. If Squad wants to avoid inducing massive amounts of teeth gnashing and disappointment in people then what they need to do is stop trying to hype their announcements by keeping them secret. Like this announcement. If they had just come along on a Thursday afternoon and said, "Hey everyone, we're going to have a writing contest to support our localization release!" then everyone would probably be a lot more on board with it. Instead they try to build excitement by being all secretive about it, "We've got a huge announcement coming!" And everyone does exactly what they did in this thread: They think they're announcing a new parts pack, or multiplayer, or the next release. And instead, it's a writing contest. And everyone ends up disappointed instead of interested or excited. If they want to avoid weeks and weeks of people complaining about a perceived lack of detail about the big announcement, the solution is simple: Don't talk about the big announcement until you're ready to talk about the big announcement.
  14. Did you read the post I linked to above?
  15. More like: Squad: "We're localizing KSP." Community: "OK." Squad: "We're localizing KSP." Community: "Yes, you said that." Squad: "We're localizing KSP." Community: "We heard you the first time." Squad: "We're localizing KSP." Community: "OKAY! OKAY! We get it! You're localizing KSP!" Squad: "WE'VE GOT A REALLY HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT! IT'S REALLY BIG! DON'T MISS IT!" Community: "Wait? What? What is it? What are you doing! What's the big news!? Tell us! Tell us!" Squad: "We're localizing KSP." Community: "GAAAHHH!!!"