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  1. Great game. Never managed to play on higher than "commander, please come over here and press this button, sir" difficulty though. ^^ But I could draw on the experience during my first ksp EVAs from the satellite capture and MMU missions here.
  2. WE are not getting off this planet ever. Neither us right here specifically nor we as the population of Earth. Transporting billions of people of a planet may never happen realistically. The species might have better chances to survive if we settle other planets/systems. But this cannot justify leaving behind 99% of humanity behind in terms of letting them deal with a wreck of a planet or society. And I refuse to accept that we cannot accomplish both.
  3. Who gave you the keys to the oil storage?
  4. Ah yes. Translations done with dictionairies. I remember that one game setup menu: "Wählen gesunde Karte" Select soundcard "Nicht genug Weltraum auf ihre harte fährt" Not enough space on your harddrive
  5. Yeah. There is simply to much material.
  6. I would have liked to be playing Civ6, but since I try to cut down on my gaming expenses, and because I had no luck with any of the raffles/lotteries, and because none of my regular streamers seemed to have any spare keys for give away events, I just started playing Civ5 again - lost already several hours of sleep, still good stuff!
  7. Kerbal Space Procrastination I have not seriously kerbaled in a long long time. Always waiting for the next update, that last mod to catch up, yet another incoming update ...
  8. Natural selection. Those tribes from down there "brave enough" to not run away from/apply fireballs to spiders havo long gone extinct.
  9. Would an older settings file from an earlier version still work?
  10. Ah, that thing! Yeah, OK, i see.
  11. I am not sure? The way it always worked for me was, I place thrusters where I see fit and the game decides which one to fire when I want to rotate/translate.
  12. Maybe add -popupwindow as well for safer and easier alt-tabbing.
  13. Really thrilled that this is actually possible! No more struggling with how to break up my station into launchable portions without adding yet another two parts (docking ports) and same for less wobbly orbit-assembled ships. If I could code, I would have beaten you by three years!