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  1. @Sigma88 @OhioBob As I was not looking for a proportionately scaled atmosphere for my 2x Kerbin just a higher one that thins slower, I went with @Resize = 2 @Atmosphere = 1.153846153846 @atmoTopLayer = 1.300000000000 @dayLengthMultiplier = 4 for the atmosphere, reentry seems to work better for now, more testing for g during reentry required. And I only picked @Kopernicus:FOR[RealisticAtmospheres] { @Body[Kerbin] { @Atmosphere { temperatureLatitudeBiasCurve { key = 0 13 0 -0.2 key = 15 10 -0.2 -0.2 key = 38 0 -0.8 -0.8 key = 60 -13 -0.7 -0.7 key = 75 -25 -0.65 -0.65 key = 90 -32 -0.4 0 } temperatureLatitudeSunMultCurve { key = 0 12 0 0 key = 22.5 14.5 0 0 key = 45 11 -0.18 -0.18 key = 90 4 -0.12 0 } temperatureAxialSunBiasCurve { key = 0 0 0 0 } temperatureAxialSunMultCurve { key = 0 0 0 0 } temperatureEccentricityBiasCurve { key = 0 0 0 0 } } } } from RA to see if I get a bit more frost bite at the poles.
  2. Back in the day when I was deep into SimCity 4 and took part in the still very active community, someone said that putting all a mods file into a single asset-bundle-file fastended load times on game start. So everyone who knew how took their downloaded mods and put them into one neat file. I wonder if this would be helpful for KSP too? If all the assets could still be easily addressed while bundled into one file - making one more step in enhancing performance of the game?
  3. No wonder, closing the window stops the mod from working until you open it again.
  4. I meant, what is being simulated? A launch straight up? With atmosphere?
  5. How would I safely integrate this mod into my 2x Kerbin with 1.5x atmosphere via Sigma Dimensions? I have the feeling the atmosphere is a bit thicker in the upper layers now, or maybe it is just the 1km/s more orbital speed, but I am getting a lot of reentry heating very soon after entering a few meters of atmosphere.
  6. What is this simulation window all about??
  7. 20+ Bwaahahahahahaha!!! I lost count! Partially I even mod these mods to my liking. Why? Because: The game can look nicer and I have the hardware to run it. Some things just add an extra challenge, like lifesupport or runtime of radio signals. In some parts the game's UI is lacking, dV readouts missing completely, some editor tools make the "work" easier. Other mods add possibilites, be it building in orbit without docking lots of pieces or simply plugging in fuel lines to share resources.
  8. @NomenNescio You could also take a look at Ship Manifest, I find its UI a bit more clear and I think to remember you could define multiple "from-to" tanks.
  9. Roverdude does something similar in his MKS/USI LS, where vessels in a certain distance - without even being connected - share resources, but I guess it works completely different from what you want to do.
  10. Ah, ok. So the pipe will be more of a hose with limited length? Do you plan to have some ways of connecting (for refueling) without making it one vessel - like DMagics EVA Fuel Transfer?
  11. KAS_CPort1 At least it should be. Building pipes from (right clicking) an attached thingy pulled to another thingy. Guess it will be your RTS-1 later? Also: I totally overlooked that there are two versions, two threads, two files in my mod storage folder ...
  12. I seem to remember you could pull pipes from surface attached valves to one another at some point. Also there were harpoons and magnets, winches - or was that IR?
  13. @Bit Fiddler No. This stops production - and therefore should also stop usage of input resources. OUTPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = Supplies Ratio = 0.00066000 DumpExcess = False }
  14. Willing to help with a German translation.