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  1. You should be able to select your preferred language in Steam via your game properties menu, much like any other game.
  2. Ah. Don't quote me this because I'm not entirely sure, but I think the transfer offer expired around the end of March 2013, a couple of weeks after it came out on Steam. Best I can suggest is to contact to see if there's anything they can do. Bear in mind you can still add non-Steam games to your library. It'll just be updated by a Store download rather than via Steam's updating.
  3. If you bought the product early enough, you should have a "transfer to Steam" option in your KSP Store account page. Bear in mind it's not a reversible decision, so make sure you really want to use Steam and not Store downloads.
  4. That used to be a link to a certain download site before they were blocked a while ago, due to having less than family-friendly adverts at the time. I'm reluctant to fix the link until I can find out whether that's changed. After a little test, I can also confirm that while the Agamemnon Core craft loads, there have been enough changes to parts and aerodynamics, that it's a little broken. Getting it into space would be more a matter of luck than skill without some re-engineering, and perhaps a reconstruction of the booster stages. The 1.25m SAS unit is now a 62.5cm reaction wheel, and the probe core is upside down, to name just two problems with the current build. I'll leave the thread open in case @Arendey wants to come back and fix it, but until then it looks like this craft pack is pretty much dead. This is totally unaffiliated with Squad, but you could try the community-run if you're looking for craft to download. Some of the craft there can be quite epic in size and CPU-hogging ability. (Warning, this particular craft is certainly not a beginner's vehicle and is a bit.... finicky to get into space without rapid unplanned disassembly)
  5. Assuming the game you want supports it, you can select which language you prefer in your Steam options, and the game will be downloaded with the correct language. You should be able to decide this on a per-game basis as well as globally. Once KSP is updated, Store and GOG purchasers should also be able to access different variants (details on how that will happen tba). It will not require multiple purchases. Edit: To clarify, when I say "per game" I do not mean "per KSP save-game". I've just been asked about that. No, KSP will only be one language at a time (although you should be able to re-download the game in whatever language you like).
  6. Squad aim for this game to appeal to a very wide audience. It's one reason why the community rules are framed in the way that they are. A good part of the audience they are aiming at, is "people who don't speak much English." Or maybe "people who would prefer to read in their own language." It is not "lazy" to be ignorant of languages outside of your own country, or to simply prefer to converse or to read and write in your first language. It is perhaps, though, ignorant to accuse such people of laziness. Unfortunately, we are all ignorant in some way or another. Nobody is omniscient. I've been hired to work with the rest of the QA staff, to help this game to be the best that it can be, by people who seem to know what they are doing with regards where their potential markets are, and who is buying their game. Localisation options have been a request by many actual and potential users for a very long time, and now they are finally being worked on. I'm sorry if KSP Weekly isn't as exciting as you'd like. I will attempt to supply @UomoCapra and @Badie with more explosions and screaming kerbals in future. However, bear in mind that my time is limited, and working with the rest of QA, the dev team, and the excellent localisation volunteers takes priority. WIth that now said, I would appreciate it if this thread gets itself back on the rails, with a whole lot less insulting commentary from all involved. Thankyou.
  7. All of this. Every single bit.
  8. What @Benoit Hage posted is about the most accurate info that will be given. Squad are infamously tight-lipped about giving even approximate release dates. About mods, it would be very difficult to allow KSP mods onto games consoles in a way that would satisfy console manufacturers, as a lot of KSP mods involve arbitrary code being run along with the mod, and console manufacturers typically don't like that. It's all happening behind the scenes though, and I hope you get to enjoy 1.2.2 on your games console just as soon™ as it can be ported, tested, certified and sent out.
  9. There's not much can be said because it's all under wraps. @nightingale already dropped hints in his goodbye message. And I'll do the best I can.
  10. I know. It's hard to see him go, he's been a great help in all sorts of ways.
  11. important

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      Someone accidentally the whole first page of add-on releases. We're seeing if it can be restored.

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      What a love!

      Some one don't deserve the power it have!!!

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      Eh, mistakes happen. If it helps, the person responsible is rather apologetic right now.

  12. You should be able to post any http image link, and it should convert itself into an embedded picture as you're typing. Since the forum uses a WYSIWYG editor, a preview button is less useful than a forum that's strictly markup-only. It can actually be quite annoying if you only want to post a link to the image. One image, hosted on my own server. Which image in particular are you trying to link to or embed? Edit: Moved the thread to the Kerbal Network. It's a bit more on-topic there.
  13. Steam itself probably wouldn't cope well with being copied from system to system. KSP is DRM-free and all installs to the same folder, so it should copy to your new machine just fine. Also if you're playing modded, I'd recommend keeping the modded install separate from Steam anyway, so that future updates don't wreck installed mods.