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  1. In addition, stuff seems to be installed in the old legacy folders. There's warnings about being unable to install stuff from KSP/Plugins, and everything should be going in KSP/GameData (and not GameData/GameData as @severedsolo has also mentioned). Moved to the modded support forum. You might get better results here.
  2. Please read here for instructions on how to find the output log.
  3. Looks like @bewing checked and confimed it about three hours after your post here.
  4. Hi. Can you upload the logs to a site such as Dropbox or similar? I've edited the paste out, as in-post log dumps cause the forum to lag for some users.
  5. No, no he was not saying that.
  6. I'll lock this unless and until @Mihara wants to come back and maintain it.
  7. In the stock game at least, orbit change contracts should be generated to be within the capabilities of the satellite that needs its orbit changing. If they aren't, it may be worth reporting as a bug. Some screenshots with details of the contract and the satellite may help.
  8. Do bear in mind that the warning you get when using physics warp is there for a reason. During physics warp, calculation accuracy is reduced in favour of speed so you can go faster. This may or may not result in strange forces being applied, or the Kraken tearing your ship apart, depending on how big it is. It's a good idea to also hit the quicksave button if you're going to play with physwarp while under acceleration.
  9. You haven't got a copy of the output_log.txt perchance? That will show which mod assemblies are loading, and may provide an insight into what's going wrong.
  10. It's a program that can help with installing mods. Not really a topic for the unmodded tech support forum. That thread should have everything you need to know in it though.
  11. Moved to Add-on Discussions. Oh, and pinned.
  12. Hi. We've pinned a thread detailing how to roll back here: For the KSP store, you can select which version you wish to download from a list of links.
  13. No worries! Also, since the prerelease is done with and 1.3 is out, I'll shut this thread and direct people at the Grand Discussion thread for 1.3: Enjoy.
  14. It depends on where you got the game. Steam should allow you to select languages in the game's properties, under the "language" tab. The KSP store asks you for your language before downloading, and has patchers available to change the language of existing 1.3 installs.
  15. Hi. I've confirmed the problem and put it on the internal tracker. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.