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  1. Came back to the game, checked the transfer windows, and then did this seven times: Seven little nuclear tugs, all safely on their way back to Kerbin. Next up, not sure when, I have a crew transfering back from Duna, the missing eighth nuclear tug arrives at Dres with its fuel slug (it will be the only one to refuel at Dres due to the earlier exorbitant correction burn), and then five correction burns so all of the tugs come back in an orderly fashion. I also noticed this little gem in the future correction burns, always a fun thought... GC is getting crazy on this save, especially with all the jumping around. I'm not sure how much more I can bear, maybe after all the tugs are back home I can back it up and see if removing a few helps.
  2. Also, Wube axed a feature that was on the Factorio roadmap and there wasn't a huge fuss over it. People moved on, got excited about the things that were happening in the rest of the list.
  3. Of course not, but that's a common way to dismiss your desire to have more information as unreasonable.
  4. There are others as well, although I have only personally confirmed NathanKell. Even if they're not on the same team it's still good to hear that they've got decent jobs and that we'll continue to see their names in the credits of games elsewhere.
  5. If it's a "NathanKell game", I'm buying it. Probably.
  6. For the future of KSP? It means precisely nothing. I am definitely looking forward to what comes out of that team, however. or if they're not on a singular team just knowing that they're working for a good employer is enough.
  7. That's because Squad had no idea what to include or cut in KSP. The game wasn't so much designed as it was cobbled together from disparate ideas based on an overriding advertising statement that was intentionally vague. One of the things a roadmap does is outline the expected features and give an expected timeline of them arriving (not in terms of dates but in terms of discrete events, i.e. "We can expect a more realistic aerodynamic simulation to arrive in the game at some point"). Cutting something from a public roadmap does happen but it also helps dampen the PR outrage because you can then point to things that will get more time, or add other things to compensate. Roadmaps also set expectations during early access by informing the buyer what they can expect from the finished product, and also what suggestions they can make that might actually make the roadmap. Roadmaps needn't be a complicated Tarn Adams sort of affair either, but they should offer a detailed list of major features that one can expect in the finished product. Quite frankly I have no idea why I backed this game in early access without them having a public roadmap, but I most certainly will check for one before I fund another game in EA, I see Squad as a cautionary tale in early access rather than an example of "doing it right".
  8. Congrats!
  9. Squad could have averted so much forum drama pre-1.0 just by having a public roadmap.
  10. Having new places to go is great. I don't spend a lot of time on the planets anymore, beyond landing and grabbing science, so additional transfers, cargo to be pushed, basically space-based activities get expanded by the addition of new planets. That makes the game for me, new destinations. The New Horizons mod got me a bit excited about stock KSP again because there were new destinations; being able to wrangle Sarnus and then Urlum fly-bys from a Jool transfer, and then finnagle a dip back to the inner system using Urlum's gravity was very satisfying. Additional destinations did that. I have zero interest in "colonizing" activities or building bases so, as long as they're reasonably detailed (as most of them are), new planets are a major win in my book. There's nothing to do on the planets anyway and I have yet to see a remotely interesting new activity proposed for the surface beyond biome-hopping or the simple challenge of landing. New planets are sorely needed.
  11. It's not "kind of" useless, it is useless. It's a feature that will get used once and then complained about. There's a Minecraft mod that works much the same way, Thaumcraft 4, which has a minigame to unlock features. Once you've gone through the entire research thing (hell, even before you're halfway through it) it becomes an incredibly tiring experience when you start a new playthrough. With this feature in KSP I'd just go to the planet. This adds nothing to the immersion.
  12. KSP's fuel and oxidizer are not meant to be cryogenics but hypergolics. They are infinitely storable, are used in engines that can infinitely restart and throttle very deeply, and have the hsp of Aerozine50 and dinitrogen tetroxide. While in reality we might mine water and/or methane relatively easily for our craft in KSP you're literally reprocessing complex molecules from "dirt". As pointed out, "realism" takes a backseat to players being able to refuel anywhere.
  13. The ISRU in stock KSP, and, in fact, most mods about the subject, isn't even remotely realistic. One of the original conundrums I faced with RealISRU (when I was still involved) was that the most easily accessible resources were atmospheric. Extracting resources from regolith or soil is a very complicated process and requires a lot of heavy equipment. OTOH, look closely at the chemicals found in 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko and you can see the potential in asteroid mining, and one of the reasons why Zubrin thought Deimos would be a gas station to the solar system.
  14. I highly doubt it would end up being something like that considering they've already flatly stated it has nothing to do with contracts. I mean, that's pretty much what I wanted to see in career mode since ... career mode was announced, even had a suggestion for a "mission proposal system" but instead we have a limited set of random contracts that kind of sort of adjusts to what you want to do but really doesn't let you drive the space program.
  15. Ah, the saga of KSP dev notes. Without a public R O A D M A P O A D M A P R A D M A P R O D M A P R O A M A P R O A D A P R O A D M P R O A D M A we're just spitballing every day.