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  1. I didn't claim to understand the practice of craft sharing since I have zero desire to use someone else's creation when I enjoy the satisfaction of making my own, but that's a worry to some people.
  2. Some people enjoy sharing craft files with others and mods make that process much harder. In this case the DLC will function as a "mod". See above, challenges are not the issue.
  3. Since we're here do we have any idea how Squad will handle Store purchases before May 2013 which were later moved to Steam?
  4. vOv I would assume the same given that the code to use the missions is in the DLC with the base game only needing some new API functions to allow it.
  5. I have never done this, for the record. No, I will not automatically pay for an expansion just because I enjoyed the original game, thank you very much. And I most certainly will not ignore issues of quality in said expansion should I buy it, if they exist. Much as your rant has some merit on the simple fact that "devs gotta eat" (I know this all too well like many others) it fails when you stoop to telling people how to spend their entertainment money.
  6. So your intent was to insult them because they don't make choices the same way you do? I'm pretty sure insulting people is against the forum rules. Maybe a better tactic would have been to call out the obvious, that we've only seen a single part from this pack and then let the matter go because it's not your place to tell people how to spend their entertainment money.
  7. Are you literally trying to guilt-trip someone into buying a product to keep a company afloat? The product should stand on its own against its competitors. Some will prefer it, others won't, but at the end of the day Squad needs to deliver something worthwhile in order to remain in business.
  8. Oh, I thought you were making an argument against realism in the game. Most of what you said made sense but claiming that it would take the fun out the game was suspect.
  9. Please remember that "fun" is subjective before using it an argument. Thank you.
  10. Says nothing about whether they kept a record of Store purchases <-> Steam keys, whether we'll need proof of purchase from the Store, whether the DLC will suddenly appear in our Steam account, etc... I realize I didn't specify that I was interested in the mechanics of said promise honoring but the devil is in the details. I'm sure I'll be fine; I kept a record of my original transaction specifically because I transferred to Steam, but what about other people?
  11. Well, if color/specular variety implies "photo-realism" then sign me up for "photo-realism".
  12. I never once asked for "photo-realism" in KSP, I asked for less drab grey. Stop imagining what I'm writing. I like the Porkjet parts and the proposed rocket part revamp because the parts looked fresh, clean, and ready to fly. They captured the hand-drawn, cartooney aesthetic of KSP quite well while elevating the general impression of Kerbal handy-work from literal disaster-sim ready garbage found on the side of the road. They were also kind of shiny for once. Kind of like how Bac9 captured this with the buildings, Kerbals being overly-enthusiastic pro-engineers. I feel like the LM's model captures this very well but the texturing feels ... overdone somehow. Maybe it'll look better in the game; for some reason we don't get previews in the game itself.
  13. Presumably they have to add api functions to the main game in order to allow the mission builder to work as promised so you could potentially just hook into those. I imagine someone will end up supplementing the mission builder anyway because Squad has a history of hiding as much detail as possible (E: Initially, at least. NathanKell's not on the team anymore so I'll reserve my judgement on this one).