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  1. Then the wiki is behind. I just started a new sandbox save in 1.2.2 and was able to use the advanced options to enable Kerbal experience and immediate leveling. When the save initially loaded I confirmed that the starting four were, indeed, at 0 experience in the astronaut complex. Not that I know of.
  2. All game modes (pretty sure, I can use it in Science mode), depends on save settings.
  3. Download the latest Kommunity Khallenge! Yeah, no thanks.
  4. Some people build big, some people build efficiently, some people build tiny, some people liberally slap panels all over the place, etc... Just because you can't conceive of a reason doesn't mean it isn't valid (or necessary!) for someone else.
  5. Then don't. The option is there, however, for people who want to. FWIW I don't play the game to recreate either. While I enjoy building replica launch vehicles in RO (on occasion, and man is Angara-5 a fantastic LV) my motivation is not to recreate payloads and missions in exacting detail; I'd much rather explore different concepts or my own ideas. OTOH, I very much enjoy part diversity. Those pesky early-game contracts...
  6. Confirming that it is disabled for a very good reason.
  7. Rather than parachutes that are pod-specific I'd like to see stack-inline parachutes. Would really expand the building possibilities.
  8. Vostok looks good, nice to see some specularity and subtler shading. Might just be the colors... vOv
  9. I think the biggest revelation from that interview is that Hazard-ish does multiple tries to get the cinematics right and then people think he's some kind of amazing player. He's certainly amazing at spending time setting up a shot... What I like seeing is genuine, honest-to-Johnny playing, no do-overs (bugs notwithstanding), just pure skill. But that's why I don't watch him or channels like his.
  10. Procedural tanks. Nothing opened up the possibilities like that mod.
  11. Back in the days before proper atmospheric heating everyone just used Jool to brake; you could pretty much blindly throw anything into an atmosphere and expect it to survive. Tylo is much safer for interplanetary tugs that don't bother with aeroshields nowadays. IMO it's a much better state of affairs because people have and get a greater understanding of orbital ballet. Getting a Tylo intercept from outside of Jool orbit, even with the exaggerated SOIs in stock, takes some fiddling and is to be commended.
  12. If it makes you feel better.
  13. It's nothing particularly special, just using Callisto's gravity to lower my apoapsis. It's just easier to do in stock because SOIs are so big. In RSS you need to ... wait longer. And no, that doesn't make your Munar inclination change any less impressive. Callisto, and yes, they are massive enough to perform such maneuvers. What you didn't see was the 2.2km/s braking burn that got me into the Jovian system in the first place. Maneuvers like this just mean you can be much sloppier about your braking burns.
  14. It's more fun watching people take things like this so seriously. I couldn't care less about some Youtuber's stock KSP "cheating".