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  1. No, the Soviet Venus probes were incredibly successful considering the environment and the technology of the time. Saying they "barely" worked is an incredible understatement as they usually completed all their mission objectives once the planet was understood. OP, you may want to consider RO which is tuned for RSS. If you already are then you might want to ask in the RO Discussion thread in thr modding area of the forum.
  2. Have you tried procedural SRBs?I think a battery of LMDEs is probably your best bet, there aren't many historical landing engines for heavier payloads besides that. Upper stage hypergolic engines like the AJ-10 are another good place to look, I would think.
  3. Also, the delta-V of that craft? What's the Mars stats for it? Were I to build something like that (not saying I have) I would probably try an aerocapture followed by parachutes for braking with a propulsive landing. If my Earth LV could loft enough and my transfer stage had enough delta-V I'd probably skip aerocapture and move straight on to parachute braking with propulsive landing. E: This subway map says you need 3800 delta-V for a propulsive landing on Mars. You can probably cut that by using parachutes for some braking but the atmosphere is pretty thin.
  4. Oh totally. I stopped doing it in stock a long time ago (incidentally after I started playing RSS/RO) because fine-tuning an orbit in stock is so cheap and easy. Often times it really doesn't even matter unless you're trying to set up for a rendezvous.
  5. No, you need to properly compile it, it's C#, not KSP or Module Manager configs. Sarbian left instructions to get you started in the MechJeb thread. Yes, you will link the new project that you create to put this code into to those libraries. Again, I remind you, this code is not entirely working, there will be some debugging involved. I advise you to get a stock install, remove the asset bundles and possibly prune enough parts to make loading the game super quick (you can get by with just a probe core, some solar panels, and an antenna for this now that Hyperedit isn't needed), and MechJeb. You want it to load as quick as possible because debugging this will involve starting and quitting the game over and over and over. Good luck!
  6. 1. Low TWR burns, especially, as noted, in RSS/RO. 2. When using MechJeb because it's a simple click to add a circularization node followed by another click to execute it. Otherwise there's really no need. If you don't like your orbit in stock KSP It's not like you have to waste a precious ignition from your engine and/or RCS fuel performing ullage.
  7. Me? Easily "level 6", except for the Scott Manley stuff. Guy's cool and pretty entertaining, I subscribe, but damn, ease up on the fanboy stuff.
  8. This, exactly. Shutting down modding in KSP would sour the PC playerbase to the brand, damage the community, and that's what Take Two bought: a brand, an IP, and a passionate playerbase. And while I don't for a second believe Squad still has ultimate free reign to develop the game the way they want (they've got to continue making Take Two money, after all) I do believe they've got enough autonomy to continue on as they have been, making profits off a strong indie game. Future products in the "KSP brand" may be different but I doubt it. The KSP brand implies customizability and PC products, at least, will likely be eminently moddable.
  9. buildid.txt Label accordingly.
  10. Here's some code I was playing with. It works in that it completely disables the ability for MechJeb to control the craft (you can still use its menus and stuff, it just has no ability to control). It doesn't work in that it simply disables MechJeb all the time. There's some logic failure in there with the CommStatusChange going wrong (I have confirmed, however, that the CommStatusChange event does trip correctly and with the proper boolean when the craft is out of communications). It might also have to do with the fact that I'm not validating whether MechJeb actually exists when this runs, so it might need to start a coroutine and wait for a second or two. So basically, here's some plugin code that needs some testing/debugging that I'm not particularly interested in doing. Free of charge, public domain. All this needs is for the project to be linked to the normal KSP libraries and MechJeb, this will be compiled as a separate library which you can safely plop anywhere in GameData. namespace MechCommJebNet { [KSPAddon(KSPAddon.Startup.Flight, false)] public class Core : MonoBehaviour { public void Start() { GameEvents.CommNet.OnCommStatusChange.Add(new EventData<Vessel, bool>.OnEvent(this.OnCommStatusChange)); Vessel vessel = FlightGlobals.ActiveVessel; MechJebCore mj = VesselExtensions.GetMasterMechJeb(vessel); mj.DeactivateControl = vessel.IsControllable; } private void OnCommStatusChange(Vessel vessel, bool b) { MechJebCore mj = VesselExtensions.GetMasterMechJeb(vessel); mj.DeactivateControl = b; ScreenMessages.PostScreenMessage("Comm status changed to " + b, 5f, ScreenMessageStyle.UPPER_CENTER); } public void OnDisable() { GameEvents.CommNet.OnCommStatusChange.Remove(new EventData<Vessel, bool>.OnEvent(this.OnCommStatusChange)); } } }
  11. I get this problem as well. Using Chrome on Linux, Windows 10, and Android, whenever I login on one device/OS I am logged out of the others. This was not the case until quite recently, within the last few days I feel.
  12. 2 (stock modded and RSS/RO) plus the Steam delivery directory. I used to keep a "clean room" for modding but I don't anymore.
  13. Launched a few Thor-Ables today. I unlocked the required engines and guidance last night, and built the rocket, then had to unlock some new probe cores so I wasn't just launching Explorer I over and over. Of the three launches one was a failure due to communication malfunction, it broke up over the Amazon. The other two managed 150x12000km and 433x19606km orbits. Here's some highlights of the "electric toothbrush":
  14. An established and passionate community that wants more content will pay for DLC or additional merch. They may even purchase a new game simply on the strength of the name alone (see above RE: Maxis). KSP has sold nearly two million copies, it's hardly a "niche game" and people around here should stop assuming that playing it means one is "smart". I eagerly await evidence of these plans by Take Two to destroy this "niche game" what is not an MMO (which represents a VERY different business model than a game like KSP) and is already in a "released" state. We're not in beta anymore, the game's features are pretty well established at this time and anything new is going to come from a DLC, not from the base game itself. Yes, the base game will receive updates to support these new DLCs, if that is needed, but for the most part it's pretty finished (on PC at least).
  15. And they regularly transfer fuel through said claws.
  16. I thought this was a bragging and making fun of how other people play thread, did I misread? Yep. And then they find out they don't need it because the impact tolerances are stupidly high in the game and they can smash multi-hundred ton craft together at 5m/s and not worry about wrecking the locking mechanism on the port.
  17. Oh, well, nothing lasts forever then. vOv
  18. Then Maxis is a stupid company what bought a winning IP and messed with it.
  20. Highly doubt it and evevn if KSP is next, what are they gonna do, retroactively install DRM on all these DRM-free versions of KSP? Come to my house and make me delete my existing installs? NO MAN THEYRE OUT TO RUIN THE GAME MAN INCLUDING THE COMMUNITY BROTHER ITS GOING TO BE RUINED LIKE RUINED HARD GTA V IS PROOF THAT THEYRE COMING FOR YOUR COMPUTER THE CODES ARE IN THEIR HANDS MAN
  21. Yeah, I remember that from an article some time back. To be perfectly honest I've always felt that Squad devs got the short end of the stick from the higher-ups, and I think this might be a better move for the company, and the IP, in general. I also think that a lot of the baseless fear-mongering going around right now is exactly that. KSP is an established game with a five-year codebase and a passionate community, nothing much is going to change from our POV so long as Squad remains profitable. Take Two will probably leverage the IP in other ways, maybe with some spin-offs and such, but KSP is an established product with a good amount of life left in it, you don't mess with a winning formula.
  22. Since KSP is largely single-threaded (where it counts) I doubt it'll offer much improvement over a decent i7 or i5.
  23. Confirming. If anything, it's a Scott Manley reference to an EVE Online saying. Granted, Scott largely brought it to this community, but those of us who've played EVE Online know it from that community.
  24. In comparison to GTA V, yes, it's a "niche product", but in terms of other games, especially indie games, it's a pretty decent seller and hardly niche, that's the real issue I have with the classification. It seems to be thrown around on these forums a lot as if it's some sort of badge of eliteness when it's actually a pretty popular game. So popular, in fact, that a major publisher thought the IP was worth enough to buy it. Now this, this is definitely spot-on. Nice comparison.