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  1. Some people build big, some people build efficiently, some people build tiny, some people liberally slap panels all over the place, etc... Just because you can't conceive of a reason doesn't mean it isn't valid (or necessary!) for someone else.
  2. Then don't. The option is there, however, for people who want to. FWIW I don't play the game to recreate either. While I enjoy building replica launch vehicles in RO (on occasion, and man is Angara-5 a fantastic LV) my motivation is not to recreate payloads and missions in exacting detail; I'd much rather explore different concepts or my own ideas. OTOH, I very much enjoy part diversity. Those pesky early-game contracts...
  3. Confirming that it is disabled for a very good reason.
  4. Rather than parachutes that are pod-specific I'd like to see stack-inline parachutes. Would really expand the building possibilities.
  5. Vostok looks good, nice to see some specularity and subtler shading. Might just be the colors... vOv
  6. I think the biggest revelation from that interview is that Hazard-ish does multiple tries to get the cinematics right and then people think he's some kind of amazing player. He's certainly amazing at spending time setting up a shot... What I like seeing is genuine, honest-to-Johnny playing, no do-overs (bugs notwithstanding), just pure skill. But that's why I don't watch him or channels like his.
  7. Procedural tanks. Nothing opened up the possibilities like that mod.
  8. Back in the days before proper atmospheric heating everyone just used Jool to brake; you could pretty much blindly throw anything into an atmosphere and expect it to survive. Tylo is much safer for interplanetary tugs that don't bother with aeroshields nowadays. IMO it's a much better state of affairs because people have and get a greater understanding of orbital ballet. Getting a Tylo intercept from outside of Jool orbit, even with the exaggerated SOIs in stock, takes some fiddling and is to be commended.
  9. If it makes you feel better.
  10. It's nothing particularly special, just using Callisto's gravity to lower my apoapsis. It's just easier to do in stock because SOIs are so big. In RSS you need to ... wait longer. And no, that doesn't make your Munar inclination change any less impressive. Callisto, and yes, they are massive enough to perform such maneuvers. What you didn't see was the 2.2km/s braking burn that got me into the Jovian system in the first place. Maneuvers like this just mean you can be much sloppier about your braking burns.
  11. It's more fun watching people take things like this so seriously. I couldn't care less about some Youtuber's stock KSP "cheating".
  12. Orbital slingshots? Every. Damn. Day.
  13. This entire thing is highly amusing to me on so many levels.
  14. Nope, nothing's changed. I passed off KSCSwitcher to the RO group for maintenance etc... I also highly doubt DMP will work with KSCSwitcher as it has precisely zero provisions for sync across a server. You may be able to use it locally, but the server might act strange when using it. In any case, I wouldn't recommend it. Correct. The intention was for the user to choose a main launch site. I did investigate duplicating the KSC at one point but I fear we would have run into some very strange problems with it. Besides, Kerbal Konstructs handles that functionality; KSCSwitcher is mainly a tool for RSS/RO (where the focus is much more on space than making cross-country journeys across a low-PQS-res Earth) and for the end user to easily create new sites.
  15. Sounds like a recipe for burn out. Good luck though!
  16. The further out you are (where orbital velocity is the lowest) the easier it is to make a plane change, which is probably the lowest fuel maneuver to accomplish what you want done. You could also potentially use a planet to sling you most of the way through the plane change.
  17. After ... what, more than a month? I finished up Dres station tonight. Brought in the science lander, the mining rig, and Klamath, inflated the main hab, ready for operations. Klamath had to dock "upside down" but this is space so no big deal.
  18. Because you didn't improve it. So you attacked the community's credibility? Do you think you're the sole authority on how KSP should look? We both know you're not doing that so stop trying to defend it. Your opinion can stand without attacking others', try it sometime.
  19. I was writing a regex on the day that I registered (no, I am by no means an expert on the subject). The image is just some cool spaceman picture from an album I listened to, used to be the O'Reilly owl from the cover of their regex book; I think this one suits me better.
  20. Trying to undermine my argument by attacking my credibility in regards to how well I know the community, classic. Stick to your opinion and make it, don't try to drag others down to make your opinion seem better.
  21. You said "ask anyone". I have a differing opinion. Represent your own, don't misrepresent mine. Those old parts were placeholders IMO and the devs that made them.
  22. Doesn't mean we liked the look of them, it just meant they were the best in the game at the time. - Someone who played KSP 2014~2015.
  23. I just realized I'm a month into FTB:IE Expert mode. Still not tired of it. I have a spruce farm with eight Railcraft boilers and sixteen steam dynamos, a handful of water wheels, and I just setup a Big Reactors reactor. Five IC2 reactors and I'm nearing my fifth ultimate hybrid solar. Got the AE2 system up and running recently with full quarry handling to various machines, and completely automated fuel handling for the IC2 reactors (no more rubber suit mishaps). Starting into the "magic" tetralogy. I've seen someone farm the end dragon on playthroughs, I think I'm going to make that a goal even though it's not strictly necessary when you can simply create a dragon dimension. Still so much to do... much more interesting than the normal mode server I played on.
  24. Procedural parts, most especially fuel tanks and wings, have many advantages. They reduce part count overall, making performance better. They unify the parts for a cleaner rocket, reducing the number of "breaks" in the line of a craft. Textures are similarly unified making for a prettier craft overall. A single fuel tank or wing choice in the VAB/SPH makes the lists less bewildering. Shape to order. With proper limiting in size they can provide the same tech progression we currently have while allowing for a greater expression in craft higher in the tree. I see no reason why procedural tanks or wings would harm anyone's playstyle as they can be limited by progression as many modders have shown. The "engineering challenges" of the early tech tree are preserved and part counts are still meaningful for assembly building progression (LOL). Everything ends up looking better. At higher tech levels the player can spend more parts on making things pretty rather than building up delta-V. It's a win-win.