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  1. RealISRU now lives in the KSP-RO group. Please point your repos/pull requests to
  2. This thread is mainly intended to move discussion of ISRU topics out of the Real Fuels thread while serving as a working document for a realistic ISRU mod. Git Repository Here Requires: Community Resource Pack Useful for the demo: Cross Feed Enabler (otherwise you won't be able to use methane in the processes and probably a few other resources). Contributors regex - Code, configs, project wrangling. Dr. Jet - Art, knowledge. Raptor831 - An incredibly helpful spreadsheet that helped get the mod started. Northstar1989 - Legwork in the form of a very helpful forum post found here. Includes assets from: The contributors of Karbonite BahamutoD's EPL Drills License All art and 3D assets covered under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 License Code and configs covered under the BSD 2-Clause license. Goals Real ISRU aims to be a fairly realistic simulation of what ISRU might be possible within the next fifteen years. The aim is not total realism, as that would simply leave us with a few useful reactions for dealing with products shipped from Earth, but instead to extrapolate current and potential concepts and proposals that might be, or might have been had our species been more focused on space. Abstractions will have to be made for play flexibility and ease of use, but it can otherwise be considered to be a "hard science" mod where everything has at least a solid basis in fact. You will find no magical unicorn poop herein. Real ISRU is first and foremost a mod for Realism Overhaul intended to be used with Real Solar System and Real Fuels, but it should work fairly well with KSP out-of-the-box alongside its dependencies. The Community Resource Pack has planetary resource definitions for many of the resources we depend on within this pack and if it doesn't have what you want, your desire is only a config file away. Current Status Playable alpha. You can use certain reactions and parts on Venus/Eve, Earth/Kerbin, Mars/Duna, and Titan/Laythe. Right now the Kerbol system is mapped to Sol analogues for testing but when the mod is finalized we will remove the mappings and let the individual RSS/CRP planetary definitions stand on their own. This means that CRP and any other third party configs will eventually be responsible for Kerbol system resource placement. Dr. Jet is working on some fantastic hex-style core frames with integral tanks to manage all of your equipment, along with an Elektron-alike water electrolysis unit and a resource tank to fit with it. You can see the development gallery below and check out the parts in-game. The other available processes are as follows: Water Electrolysis: 2 H2O → 2 H2 + O2 Methane Pyrolysis: CH4 → C + 2 H2 Solid Oxide Electrolysis: 2 CO2 → 2 CO + O2 (Reverse) Water/Gas Shift: CO + H2O → CO2 + H2, or CO2 + H2 → CO + H2O Bosch Reaction: CO2 + 2 H2 → C + 2 H2O Sabatier Reaction: CO2 + 4 H2 → CH4 + 2 H2O Haber-Bosch Process: N2 + 3 H2 → 2 NH3 Ammonia Oxidization: 4 NH3 + 7 O2 → 6 H2O + 2 N2O4 Fischer-Tropsch Reaction: 25 H2 + 12 CO → 1 C12H26 + 12 H2O There are two atmospheric intakes for sucking up atmospheric resources, the most easily accessible in the solar system, as well as a water drill for pulling ice from asteroids, and a liquifaction array for compressing and cooling your gaseous resources to liquid resources. There are some placeholder tanks for ISRU while I square away configs for Firespitter Fuel Switch, Interstellar Fuel Switch, Modular Fuel Tanks, and Real Fuels; you can find them under the Utility tab in the VAB/SPH. Since Real ISRU will be used with Real Fuels we'll be integrating with CRP which means we'll have nearly all of the resources we need to begin with, aside from the three below, which have already been added to the mod: C Carbon 0.0021 (solid) CO CarbonMonoxide 0.00000125 NH3 Ammonia 0.000000769 Once this mod gets rolling I'll make a pull request to CRP to add these resources but, for now, they'll be custom. There is one key abstraction for Real ISRU that will make modding easier; there will be no "holding" resources, like "regolith" or "ice". Instead, collectors will be assumed to have the filtration/fractioning systems needed to pull in the raw elements from the environment and will be mass-, and heat-balanced accordingly. This avoids the problems of having "MartianIce", "MartianEquatorialRegolith", "MartianPolarRegolith", "CereanIce", etc... Once resources are brought into the craft and converted you will potentially need to liquify them for use as fuel (other resources will help with life support). The initial fuel scope is shown below: Hydrogen -> LqdHydrogen 0.00007085 Oxygen -> LqdOxygen 0.001141 Methane -> LqdMethane 0.00042561 Ammonia -> LqdAmmonia 0.0007021 You can also produce HTP (High Test Peroxide), NTO (Dinitrogen Tetroxide), and Kerosene (C12H26). Future Plans Additional reactions: Anthraquinone Process: H2 + O2 → H2O2 HTP-Hydrazine Production: 2 H2O2 + 4 C2H5COCH3 + 4 NH3 → 4 H2O + 4 C2H5COCH3 + 2 N2H4 HTP Decomposition: 2 H2O2 → 2 H2O + O2 Anything else that represents a reasonable suggestion (in terms of equipment on-ship) or that has been proposed for ISRU will definitely be considered for this mod. You will eventually be able to produce N2H4 (Hydrazine). Additional converter configs. Additional collector configs. Liquifier configs. Resource definitions for all bodies in RSS. Other solar systems will have their own, this mod will specifically work for RSSOur initial focus will be on atmospheric gasses and ice products. Asteroids will have to fall into the major classifications, perhaps the best place to start is to assume they're all C-type with water available for extraction. [*] Part models, either custom made or selected and borrowed (with permission in all cases, despite license). Dr. Jet has already done some fantastic work in this area. Where at all possible we will use stock systems and run off a ModuleManager-heavy setup, and I think this might be possible given the systems in stock. Please note that this project will never itself broach the subject of off-planet construction or integrate with mods that deal in that. While immensely fun gameplay, mods like EPL simplify the processes, manpower, and infrastructure required to build off-planet facilities to such a degree that they simply cannot be considered "realistic". Once the initial ISRU phase is complete work on greenhouses and algae farms will be considered, although at that point we'd have to start modeling radiation, shielding, and health effects because getting people actually living off-planet for any length of time is Tough™. If you'd like to help out with the mod, please let me know, but be aware that this mod is specifically designed for RO/RF/RSS so if you're looking for stock/resize integration you will have to define planetary compositions outside of this thread/mod. I don't work especially fast myself but I've had this on my mind for some time and am determined that it become A Thing.
  3. I didn't claim to understand the practice of craft sharing since I have zero desire to use someone else's creation when I enjoy the satisfaction of making my own, but that's a worry to some people.
  4. Some people enjoy sharing craft files with others and mods make that process much harder. In this case the DLC will function as a "mod". See above, challenges are not the issue.
  5. Since we're here do we have any idea how Squad will handle Store purchases before May 2013 which were later moved to Steam?
  6. vOv I would assume the same given that the code to use the missions is in the DLC with the base game only needing some new API functions to allow it.
  7. I have never done this, for the record. No, I will not automatically pay for an expansion just because I enjoyed the original game, thank you very much. And I most certainly will not ignore issues of quality in said expansion should I buy it, if they exist. Much as your rant has some merit on the simple fact that "devs gotta eat" (I know this all too well like many others) it fails when you stoop to telling people how to spend their entertainment money.
  8. So your intent was to insult them because they don't make choices the same way you do? I'm pretty sure insulting people is against the forum rules. Maybe a better tactic would have been to call out the obvious, that we've only seen a single part from this pack and then let the matter go because it's not your place to tell people how to spend their entertainment money.
  9. Are you literally trying to guilt-trip someone into buying a product to keep a company afloat? The product should stand on its own against its competitors. Some will prefer it, others won't, but at the end of the day Squad needs to deliver something worthwhile in order to remain in business.
  10. Oh, I thought you were making an argument against realism in the game. Most of what you said made sense but claiming that it would take the fun out the game was suspect.
  11. Please remember that "fun" is subjective before using it an argument. Thank you.
  12. Says nothing about whether they kept a record of Store purchases <-> Steam keys, whether we'll need proof of purchase from the Store, whether the DLC will suddenly appear in our Steam account, etc... I realize I didn't specify that I was interested in the mechanics of said promise honoring but the devil is in the details. I'm sure I'll be fine; I kept a record of my original transaction specifically because I transferred to Steam, but what about other people?
  13. Well, if color/specular variety implies "photo-realism" then sign me up for "photo-realism".
  14. I never once asked for "photo-realism" in KSP, I asked for less drab grey. Stop imagining what I'm writing. I like the Porkjet parts and the proposed rocket part revamp because the parts looked fresh, clean, and ready to fly. They captured the hand-drawn, cartooney aesthetic of KSP quite well while elevating the general impression of Kerbal handy-work from literal disaster-sim ready garbage found on the side of the road. They were also kind of shiny for once. Kind of like how Bac9 captured this with the buildings, Kerbals being overly-enthusiastic pro-engineers. I feel like the LM's model captures this very well but the texturing feels ... overdone somehow. Maybe it'll look better in the game; for some reason we don't get previews in the game itself.
  15. Presumably they have to add api functions to the main game in order to allow the mission builder to work as promised so you could potentially just hook into those. I imagine someone will end up supplementing the mission builder anyway because Squad has a history of hiding as much detail as possible (E: Initially, at least. NathanKell's not on the team anymore so I'll reserve my judgement on this one).
  16. Did you buy before April 2013? If not, no free DLC. What I want to know is whether they will honor free DLC for people who bought before April 2013 but have since transferred to Steam. I still have my old receipt email just in case I have to push the matter...
  17. I would love to see reflecting metal tanks, deep shiny blacks, clean gold foil, engines that look like engines... That's the kind of parts diversity I'd love to see in the game, things that look like spacecraft, not like junkyard dirt in drab grey.
  18. I'll almost guarantee you the parts exist, if we're talking the equipment to "recreate" historical missions, in multiple mods (FASA, Tantares, and others). Kerbal individual parachutes also exist. The Mission Builder will be new to even mods though.
  19. Real spacecraft designs, at least those operating beyond LEO, have to contend with realities that are entirely absent within the game, such as engine radiation, waste heat (face it, it's not a concern beyond ISRU or maybe, maybe a Moho trip), cosmic radiation, fuel boil-off, crew life support and comfort, etc... They are also designed to keep the structural element to a minimum in order to extend delta-V, efficiency is one of the highest concerns. Conversely, KSP craft tend towards being squat, compact, and/or fanciful due to game engine constraints, orbital construction of a coherent starship being a serious challenge in more ways than one, lack of dangerous considerations, simplified physics model, reduced delta-V requirements, and so on. Plus, it is incredibly easy to get anything to orbit in KSP, and not just because of delta-V requirements. Even in RO you could potentially launch a satellite without a fairing because there is no consideration towards protecting the payload from vibration or heating or failure of the electronics. For me, while I enjoy building "realistic" looking craft I find I can't really achieve that goal because of the peculiarities of the building system and the failures of orbital construction. Procedural parts help but mainly with launch vehicles. End-game craft are, as you have stated, massive nuclear-engine monstrosities composed of the largest Mk3 tanks (because we can't have huge, round LF tanks for some reason, mods obviously change that) but I don't bother with the smaller pods because the large round can will fit within a Mk3 cargo bay just fine (and my docking skills are up to scratch). I don't build with an eye towards cost efficiency because I don't play career mode and I find that, quite frankly, incredibly boring (in fact, I maintain that mainstream designs have become very cookie-cutter because of career mode).
  20. It's not skill I'm worried about, it's the overall aesthetic and coloring.
  21. I think any rocket part revamp is doomed to drab greyness without Porkjet's hand. I really liked the clean, fresh, ready-to-fly aesthetic of Porkjet's parts, and the NASA parts weren't too bad either, but the "55-gallon junkyard drum grey" has got to go...
  22. It's almost as if companies exist to make money...
  23. I think the majority is more people who understand the economic reality of running a video game studio. But what do I know, I get the expansion for free.