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  1. Thanks. Did not know that. Cheers.
  2. Thank you for the reply and info. I will look at these immediately. great mod and great support. thanks for both. Cheers.
  3. These are really looking great. Fantastic work to all working on this. Cheers.
  4. Hello to all and a big thanks to @allista for this great mod. some time back there was some talk about some 'modules' or such to where there would be some smaller, less powerful and thus easier, subsets for this. did that ever come about, or was that idea dropped. again, many thanks for this and glad to see it still going on. Cheers.
  5. Yup, How true, how true. I must have 20 to 30 broken windshields by now and starting to run out of duct tape to repair. And almost lost Val when she tried to stick her head out the window to see better for docking. Damn near didn't get her back in.... Whew. going to start getting ugly real soon. Cheers,.
  6. You are da man. Perfect. Many, many thanks.... someday do you think it would be possible to add the ability to 'project' / predict upcoming orbits?? something like below. it has always been needed to be able to see where we will be in 3, 5 or n orbits.?? and also, ability to have one or two more zoom in steps???? I really appreciate being able to use this mod again. great stuff and mucho thanko.. Cheers,
  7. Ok, running on 1.3 - thanks. but in the map mode, there is no background map. Do i need to change something as "Kerbal Maps" i think is no longer up and running? all telemetry data coming across, just the map background. Again, great work and many thanks. I have been missing this mod. Cheers, I found in the information.html file the following; and then i found the Kerbal Maps temp site; http://ksp.deringenieur.net/ and tried to just do a simple replacement, but did not work. I must be missing something... other than the fact that i know squat about html programming and web stuff... lol... but gave it a try. someone smarter than i am maybe can figure out how to get the new temp location of maps to work with the current code. Cheers.
  8. bless you AntiSol... I will try on Win7 64 running ksp 64 cheers.
  9. will do, and again, many thanks. Cheers,
  10. Man, how fast a year goes by... lol... Lost, are you still around and available ?? Cheers
  11. Just installed this and wanted to stop by and say THANKS. Really nice mod, love the planets, moons et all... Looking forward to watching and working with this in the future. Cheers,
  12. Hello to all I have been trying to get version .6 to work with ksp 1.3. I have created a clean installation of ksp, installed the latest version of kopernicus, MM and RvSS. I have also added the required mm config file from above and put it into the /GameData dir. ksp when executed will run for a while and then lockup. below is a link to a dropbox that has the ksp.log and a screenshot of the GameData dir. link to dropbox data any help or ideas would be appreciated. many thanks for all of the work on this and all of your other mods.
  13. Great stuff, many thanks. cheers.
  14. Don't know how i missed this mod. Ouch. Thanks to all who have and are working on this. I look forward to learning how this is working and how to use. Regards and cheers.
  15. Great stuff. Many thanks for many parts. Cheers.