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  1. Oh wow, I forgot I was going to try to test this. I have to admit I'm deep into other things now, but would still like to use this in KSP.
  2. Ah, I'm on mobile, so all I see is "Moderator".
  3. Is @Snark a boojum?
  4. I would say the best solution isn't making the others better, or making more even better props (that just pushes the problem down the line), but to nerf the Bumblebee. There should be things it's best at, and things it's not best at. My two cents. I do have some alternate configs I'm playing with based on data collected from F4U flight tests. It's pretty WIP. Try dropping this into a .cfg file in GameData somewhere. (This will eventually be released as a companion download to my Warbird Cockpits mod found in my signature, once I have all the Pre-Modern engines configured) @PART[corsairprop]:AFTER[AirplanePlus] { // --- standard part parameters --- @mass = 1.070 @maxTemp = 495.15 @heatConductivity = 0.01 @emissiveConstant = 0.8 //radial engines are good at radiating! @MODULE[FSengineSounds] { @powerPitchBase = 1.4 @thrustAddedToPitch = 0.2 } @MODULE[ModuleEngines] { @name = ModuleEnginesFX @heatProduction = 40 @PROPELLANT[IntakeAir] { %ignoreForIsp = True } @useVelCurveIsp = False @useAtmCurveIsp = True @minThrust = 5 @maxThrust = 40 //Large three-bladed propeller, mechanical supercharger !atmosphereCurve {} atmosphereCurve { key = 0 17800 0 0 } !atmCurve {} atmCurve { key = 0 0 0 0.4950944 key = 0.1 0.05 0.4873725 0.4966392 key = 0.2 0.1 1.212028 1.962855 key = 0.2520615 0.2973241 10.08152 10.69248 key = 0.352629 1.407494 -0.931268 -0.6020336 key = 0.5807371 1.319278 -0.935968 -0.6839083 key = 0.837371 0.75 0.1717446 -0.5517068 key = 1.002457 0.7 } !velCurve {} velCurve { key = 0 0.1 0 0 key = 0.03818119 0.930127 -1.480186 3.640765 key = 0.1436505 0.9725937 -1.680585 -1.839557 key = 0.5013649 0.4019652 -4.712195 -5.715059 key = 0.6234659 0.06266855 -0.534535 -0.7436634 key = 1 0 -0.1565126 0 } !atmCurveIsp {} atmCurveIsp { key = 0 0 0 0.4950944 key = 0.1 0.05 0.4873725 0.4966392 key = 0.2 0.1 1.212028 1.962855 key = 0.2520615 0.2973241 10.08152 1.437634 key = 0.389484 0.4233794 0.6419257 0 key = 0.467715 0.6212435 -5.456381 0.6890054 key = 0.820172 1.126131 key = 1 1 } } @MODULE[ModuleAlternator] { @RESOURCE[ElectricCharge] { @rate = 35.0 } } DRAG_CUBE { cube = Default, 0.7536889,0.6974452,0.7221569, 0.7536889,0.6974494,0.7221569, 1.213026,0.45,0.7008534, 1.213026,0.9357337,0.1625167, 0.7536888,0.6983959,0.7221569, 0.7536888,0.6964872,0.7221569, 0,0.269185,3.208935E-08, 1.25,0.6633701,1.25 } }
  5. Yep, that's the EVE config,i use, when I use one at all.
  6. If the ASET beacons work for that, I think you're right. There are a lot of your beacons close to @alexustas's beacons, although not in identical locations, aside from KSC and the old island. I made an overlay of the two different beacon maps, but its on my computer at home and I'm on the job for the next few hours. I'll upload it tonight when I get home. If you don't see it by tomorrow, just remind me. EDIT: Here you go. There are a lot of places that are very close, but in general, the ASET beacons are more arbitrarily placed, because they weren't meant to be used with KerbinSide, and were placed more to make sure there was 100% coverage across the planet at high altitudes rather than inspired b geography. I actually do like some of your custom NDBs more than I like the existing ASET VORs and NDBs.
  7. The especially annoying part is that even once you correct their placement and orientation, they refuse to save to the config through Unity ans have to be manually entered into the .cfg files. I had to do this with the seat and stock bigbag cargo container in the SXT Bonny IVA.
  8. @Papa_Joe my condolences on the loss of your wife! I had no idea. Thanks for being the spearhead on the BD stuff.
  9. Something has definitely changed in the way KSP and the PartTools read the cfg files. I'm seeing the same thing with the doors, as well as seats refusing to show up in Unity. But my PartTools install has been such a nightmare that I wasn't sure if it was just me or an actual problem.
  10. Yeah, I use a lot of CUSTOM, MATH, and SELECT variables. There is a lot of bending going on, but mostly I base it around what alexustas or you or DeputyLOL did in the first place. Almost all of the props I use with Warbird Cockpits are modified in texture, model, config, or all three. I'm going to go through the example now. One thing that has been consistently excellent in my RPM experience is the quality of the documentation wiki on github. True lifesaver. Have you looked at Near Future Spacecraft to see if your config needs updating now that NFS is updated? EDIT: First impressions. First, I really like that we can set requiring power and a g-limit per IVA in the MASFlightComputer, however, I have a few instruments (like an analog magnetic compass) that are supposed to never be interfered with by power loss. Can I set individual instruments to override the "requiresPower" setting in MASFlightComputer? Second, I really hope there's an easier and more modulemanager-friendly way to add NAV beacons to the NAV radios in MAS. @MOARdV, it's clear that your penchant for great documentation is alive and well. I feel a lot better about trying MAS, although I think I'm going to stick with RPM for the next version of Warbird Cockpits.
  11. I have so far been too intimidated by the lua aspect of MAS to give it a try. I just figured out how to make RPM props work, and the idea of having to switch is scary, although I figure I'll have to anyway eventually.
  12. Oh wow,amazing! Are you at all familiar with the beacons included in the ASET Avionics package? If your beacons differ from those on the chart, I can add them to ASET to allow for simulated radio navigation, if you have the latitude, longitude, altitude, name, code, etc. I found some of these in the Flightplans.cfg, but I think there are a few that aren't in there.
  13. Small update: I've been pretty busy with real life this week. My niece, who was born premature and with esophageal atresia last October, has finally been released from the specialty hospital in Boston, and my brother, sister-in-law, and she are moving back home to Houston next week. So I've been busy getting their house ready for them, and haven't done a whole lot on the IVAs. However, I did take about three hours from my sleep the past couple of nights, as inspiration struck. So I made this: It's an analog radio stack more in keeping with the style of the Vintage Kerbonov. I'm planning to add an on/off switch, gain knobs, and transmission / reception indicators gauges before I release it with the next version of the mod.
  14. Oh yeah! Back in 1.0.5, I cfgbashed some of the 2.5m FantomWorks parts (airliner cockpit and passenger fuselage + ) into 1.875 DC-3 style parts. It looked pretty good, and was a lot of fun to fly. But they never had a proper IVA, and I would love love love to have a proper DC-3 / WW2 bomber style cockpit / fuselage. It's also nice to know that you've been enjoying playing KSP, though! Oftentimes once I get a cockpit or particularly annoying prop finished, I'll just load it up in KSP and fly around for a few hours.
  15. awesome! that is indeed exciting.