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  1. someone hit <spacebar>
  2. Good thing you were a bad shot. Turns out the cookie was wanted by Caesar's Legion. Caesar's cookie.
  3. "Hey, somebody got a match to light the fuse?"
  4. Banned for non-tomato avatar.....and not recalling previous discussion RE: the Thousand Sons avatar predating the Internet.
  5. -50-
  6. poised for launch
  7. Yes, it was Eddie, and that's a rather tender subject... Waitress! Why is my bowl filled with magnetic monopoles?
  8. -48-
  9. ...is inhabited by rabid hamsters. This rather large cardboard structure...
  10. I raid the evidence locker, and obtain Exhibit A My cookie
  11. Let's just substitute this for your battery.....
  12. 1614: this floor contains Weeping Angels. You back up the stairs slowly, being extra cautious not to blink....
  13. I steal the dreams out of your catcher. They all involve a single cookie. My cookie, on top of a lonely hill.
  14. Because Physics. Why is Green?
  15. IR