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  1. I downsize the service center, and as the cookie is Company property, it becomes mine. My cookie once again
  2. Stagnate
  3. ...is now Danger Mouse's new hideout. This grass hut...
  4. The Thousand Sons legion arrives and forces your hill into compliance. The God-Emperor's hill.
  5. candle
  6. dinner
  7. ...houses the only known solution to Fermat's last theorem. This old barn...
  8. Floor 1562: an open letter sits on the only table, it reads "Baz Bahadur was not here." You leave, climbing to the next floor in bewilderment...
  9. Alas, poor Bob
  10. No you cannot, as slavery is illegal in the developed world. Can I get a cookie?
  11. Taloqan
  12. Nonsensical
  13. I set the macbook on fire, and bake a new cookie. My cookie!
  14. Lithobraking