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  1. Delouse your ship for space peach
  2. Floor 1931: you find a dusty copy of Thomas Edison's last patent application. It was denied because no one could fathom the use of a doughnut-flattener.
  3. Lead your budgie for Mars perch
  4. and hated it anyway.
  5. dehydrating
  6. Wolverine stepped in
  7. 102: Live as a time traveller, moving forward at one second per second
  8. misprnounciation
  9. Sorry sir, but you drilled a hole through your bowl. The soup is simply on the floor; we will bill you for cleanup. Waiter! This soup is bland!
  10. Banned for grating personality.
  11. TANSTAAFL (so there!)
  12. probably
  13. 102: Ignore previous post.
  14. of comic books
  15. The Mumy: Will Robinson returns to Earth....