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  1. in the mind
  2. However, on Dres
  3. At what cooking school did Sherlock Holmes lean how to prepare his meals? Alimentary, of course.
  4. and additional struts
  5. ...sells nothing but spatulas. This toaster manufacturing plant...
  6. Suddenly a shot rang out!
  7. 1643: ...and although this looks eerily similar to the third floor, that tiger in the corner appears hungry...and he's looking at you!
  8. Banned for existing on a rotating planet
  9. My apologies sir, but that's the hotel's hot tub. The soup kitchen is down the street. Waiter! My soup has no temperature at all!
  10. ...nor here:
  11. A plant! It flowers!
  12. Şanlıurfa
  13. EMPTY fuel tank
  14. Because no one slices a pi in just 3 portions! Why all the attention given to pi?
  15. Gadag-Betgeri