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  1. Configurable Container is tampering with Procedural Parts functionality. Its MM patches deliberately remove the part of the mod where mass changes occur and the modder responsible is aware that removing that section has the consequences of removing mass calculations.
  2. Well, have you tried NOT being a very impatient person? That would probably help you in properly isolating your problem and seeking out help from others.
  3. Well then it's time for logs and ModuleManager.ConfigCache files then
  4. Sorry, that was a... uhm... typo. Right. As everyone knows, the 2 key is right next to the 7 key.... totally natural mistake to make... BTW, this was in reference to KSP 1.5.0, right?
  5. Using only stock KSP 1.3.0 and Procedural Parts I can confirm that mass does change as the size is changed.
  6. I'm sure it would be possible, but it's not something I see myself tackling in the foreseeable future. My hands are full as it is and I don't even get to play the game very much right now which is something I'd like to spend some time doing.
  7. Once more: The DRE build that I provided for KSP 1.3.0 is as is and unsupported. I provided that build as a courtesy to players who chose to upgrade to 1.3.0. I can say that the dll performs its core functions in 1.3.0 but until I get to work on the official update for 1.3.0 I won't be able to support it or address bugs in it. I will say it is expected that AVC would complain because all it can really do is look at the version numbers in the .version file present in the DeadlyReentry folder which identifies what versions of KSP are supported by me. And since that doesn't yet include KSP 1.3.0 then you're going to get a warning about it. (that's all you can really glean from those AVC messages anyway)
  8. I once posted a few Module Manager configs that added the ability for probes to do science. Basically just a few patches. I got warned by the moderators that I needed to put a license on it.
  9. It's not particularly hard. I did it once just by changing the flow rules for the solid fuel resource. But it really depends on how complex you want things to be.
  10. FYI, Procedural Parts update for KSP is out of pre-release and is the official latest update. Should already be up on CKAN by now too. Thanks to @HebaruSan for the compatibility changes
  11. Right there, an error is being logged. If we knew what that error was then maybe you could be helped. Without the log file though, who the heck knows what's happening there? LOGS!
  12. Deadly Reentry is what is causing it. You need to update to DRE 2.6.0
  13. I doubt that switching from MM 2.7.6 to 2.7.5 is what made a difference. Something else happened there and you should make sure your mod directories are clean of stray dlls.