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  1. No, it can't get confused that way. Things we call engines are defined on the part as ModuleEngines or ModuleEnginesFX (which is a child of ModuleEngines). That's what determines if it is an 'engine', not the propellant used or how many propellants is uses. I could make a new resource called VespeneGas and make an engine that can use it and MJ2 will handle it just fine. (WE REQUIRE MORE!) Here's a thing to try, as a workaround: Cancel the landing while there is still time for the suicide burn (if you don't have that displayed on one of MJs windows then you should add it) Then click 'land anywhere'. Just a suspicion but I'm thinking maybe if it's not on course and doesn't have time for a course correction that it might not go to the final landing phase. Probably an issue in its logic somewhere. Land Anywhere on the other hand doesn't care if it's 'off course' because it doesn't have a course to adhere to...
  2. It's telling you (not very clearly) that the landing mode is 'SafeDescentSpeedPolicy' and 'false' means that it is not going to use the atmosphere to brake. (either there was no atmosphere or it was too thin for sufficient braking) what is your TWR ratio? It has to at least be > 1 at some point
  3. Any craft? Not just Kerbals? It's been a long time since there's been any report of inappropriate fire effects. (though if you ARE on fire and turn on Ignore Max Temp cheat then fire effects don't get removed until both the cheat is disabled AND temperatures lower enough to not be on fire, but that's the only situation I know of and it's been low priority) Fire also only happens if skin temperatures pass a threshold determined its maxSkinOperationalTemp value, with the exception of the previously mentioned bug that was affecting Kerbals. I have a preview of the next version that's not even in pre-release. You can try it if you want: I just added some code to it to keep Kerbal temperatures stable if in time warp. Maybe that will help It also has a new directional damage system in place but you probably won't 'see' it
  4. You could delete Ven's version of the docking port and restore the original stock port. Then you can have both mods right now.
  5. @Gordon Dry If you are so much of an expert, you should be able to fix this yourself. That's what I would do if I were in your position. And I would succeed. I wish you equal success. Good luck.
  6. I didn't say 'delete two files of your choosing' I said, delete the entire two FOLDERS. Not just delete. Gone. Destroyed. They're history. Then reinstall from the zip. This isn't a bug, there's nothing wrong with Real Fuels or Solver Engines and if you install them correctly they work
  7. Ok so actually this seems like it is working as designed. 323.1 K is approx 120 Fahrenheit. Fortunately, the part of the code that would start doing internal damage isn't in place yet, partly because I wanted to be sure how Kerbals would interact with it. Basically though, IRL, tissue damage starts at 317 Kelvin. So that's not even a high fever, that's like scalding water hot. He's not boiling yet but he's hurting pretty badly. I don't know why he'd be getting so hot in Kerbin orbit. I looked at your logs and MM cache and I don't see any mods that I recognize as being capable of doing that and your physics globals config has all stock values. Is timewarp past 100x a requirement for reproducing that temperature?
  8. You have a version mismatch somewhere. Between solverengines and rf probably. How did you install it? Edit: Actually, never mind how. Delete your RealFuels and SolverEngines folders and reinstall from the file
  9. It's not just a matter of having left Squad, he's also dropped out of the modding scene as well.
  10. @RocketRyleigh @Headrip @Gooner What temperature is the Kerbal at when he gets highlighted? (both internal and skin)
  11. I think the real reason is that MechJeb doesn't have to be as precise: The planet/moon SOI will catch the ship so MJ only has to get the ship in the general vicinity. But this mod probably requires more precision than that, especially if it's having to look several years into the future.
  12. Make sure you've got the following two lines in there: There shouldnt be any temperature highlighting there... %gaugeThresholdMult = 1.20460941 %edgeHighlightThresholdMult = 1.20460941
  13. I'm starting to get an idea of how this might be happening... probably because ModuleAeroReentry isn't initializing properly for Kerbals. Why they're getting singled out I don't have 100% worked out yet but there's a file you can download to fix it. It was going to go in the next update but I've been using it with 7.5.0 which is why I don't have exploding Kerbals, apparently. Copy that to your DeadlyReentry folder. You might want to take a minute to read its contents because it actually imposes some harsher limits on the Kerbal internal temperatures... namely, their absolute maximum limit is the temperature of boiling water. Their space suits (skin temp) is more resilient and has better emissive and absorptive properties (contrary to popular belief you can have differing values for each) Edit: I made an edit to it a couple of minutes ago so make sure you have that one, in case you downloaded it while I was editing it.
  14. And that's WITH Realistic Atmospheres? You mentioned Jool before. What was the altitude? 400 or lower maybe? Edit: I don't see Realistic Atmospheres in that log
  15. where were you? Does it happen on the launch pad? Still having no luck on repro. The only thing that really stands out here is your Kerbal's thermal mass. 71.5kj is pretty low. Much lower than the stock value of ~40000kj. The difference is enough to raise your temperature 559x higher than what would raise the temperature of a stock Kerbal one degree. But that assumes a really high temperature delta that you're just not going to see on Kerbin. On the other hand, really weird things have been known to happen if the thermal mass is too low but safeguards have long been in place in the stock code to ensure that it can't drop too low. Actually I WAS able to get Valentina killed by holding shift+space which ejects them off the ladder with more force (they jump away from it basically) But the cause of death was crashing into the terrain. Hard enough to destroy the pad. Which isn't a Deadly Reentry issue... so I'm still looking into it. Actually one other thing: Send a copy of your ModuleManager.Physics file and then DELETE that file and run the game again. And then see if you still duplicate the problem. Ok, scratch all that (actually that's what I just did....) 71.5kj is totally normal. My stock testing environment wasn't quite as stock as I thought because I'd made some screwy changes testing something else. Namely set my kerbalCrewMass really high testing something else and then forgot to set it back. The funny thing is that supposedly that setting doesn't actually do anything and isn't SUPPOSED to touch KerbalEVA parts at all but it does. So not only was my thermal mass absurdly high on a supposed stock testing environment but was also making my Kerbal heavy enough to destroy the pad. So let's try reproing this again