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  1. There are several factors involved with ignition limits; (self destruction shouldn't be a factor here) Resource replenishment on the engine/motor. (this would be replacement of spark plugs or replenishment of hypergolic ignitors) Resource replenishment in the tanks. (pressurants such as gaseous helium used to re-pressurize the tank) Refurbishment of the rocket motor itself. The first two require as much time as it takes to supply any other part with resources. The last one (refurbishment) would probably be months but could also be whatever KCT devs arbitrarily decide that it is. It should be however long any other engine is that they don't have to reset ignitions on.
  2. I'm not going to feel comfortable troubleshooting this until KJR has had an official (non-dev) update. Last update was five months ago for KSP 1.2. Sorry
  3. Nope, found the problem and fixed it. It's a Real Fuels problem so the fix will be in the next update of RF.
  4. AFAIK the issue is fixed in the dev build but hasn't been released yet
  5. All releases are here: I haven't taken down any older ones.
  6. I haven't tested it with KSP 1.1.3 and can't guarantee that it would. Might if 1.1.3 supports Part.AddSkinThermalFlux but I don't remember when that function was added. And actually I think some fields were renamed in one of the KSP updates and that could also cause incompatibility.
  7. @AeroGav Although I have seen this happen fairly often, now that I've stuck some debug code in I can't seem to find a craft that this happens reliably on. Do you have a craft file that you see this on a lot that you can share with me? Preferably with stock parts Edit: I see what overheat bar you're talking about now. sorry I thought you were talking about the stock one. Edit #2: Ok, so I found a craft where I can reproduce this reliably and it only happens if the engine/booster is decoupled while it is NOT firing. Even on a freshly spawned craft on the pad. If it is currently firing when decoupled it will not explode even after it runs out of fuel. Decoupled after firing and empty and it explodes...
  8. The overheat bar is a stock only thing and is affected only by the stock KSP part temperature. SolverEngines (and its RF derivative, SolverRF) maintain a separate temperature which is what is spiking when the engine decouples. The two temperatures (stock part.temperature and modded engine temperature) are separate things and track separately.
  9. That's a SolverEngines bug. SolverEngines is used by ModuleEnginesRF. We're aware of it but the precise cause has not been found yet. All I can offer is the following workaround: Under the KSP cheats section, enable 'Ignore Max Temp'. SolverEngines checks for that cheat and will not destroy engines if it is enabled. The downside is that you will probably get your log spammed with NullRefs until the cheat is disabled so that the engine can go ahead and destroy itself.
  10. Ok, here it is: FAR Compatibility Update (Real Chute version 1.4.2) Changes: FAR compatibility update. Addresses changes to FARAeroUtil.GetCurrentDensity() Bring RC chutes in line with stock contract changes. (hopefully prevent impossible chute contracts from being generated by the contract system) I can't guarantee that that second item will prevent impossible chute contracts: That's the stock system at work. I used the values from the stock chutes so presumably it should work. Whatever contracts the stock ones are capable of having generated is what you'll get. @stupid_chris if you'd do the honors of updating the front page?
  11. Yup sorry, had it fixed but got caught up in other mods that I'm involved in. I'm working on getting an update pushed out for RC today.
  12. Just having a larger sized stack part or being able to resize to 3.75 isn't going to let you have fewer chutes. If a dozen 2.5m parts is what it takes you to land that part then it'll still take you a dozen 3.75m parts.... there are limits as to how large the chute itself can be. If you reach that limit and still can't land it then more chutes is just what you have to do.
  13. Do you know if KCT defines any sort of game event for refurbishment / reconstruction?
  14. Aren't players going to be less likely to read the info than the description, rather than more?