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  1. Known issue for a long time. It's been there since the beginning. I have an idea of where to fix it, but need to figure out how to use quaternions.
  2. Easily reproduced with just KCT. Probably related to issue #119. I'm guessing the rates just aren't being recalculated at scene start, even though they should be. Hopefully an easy fix. Actually, it's probably related to the change to support CustomBarnKit, since the facility levels aren't fully up to date right at scene change. They'll report 0 for max levels for a little while until it actually loads, and then they'll say the right amount later. It's probably caching the 0 value, since a level 0 VAB only allows two rates. @thunder175 it should be fixed in build #8 from the build server.
  3. You can just increase the number in the settings. It's the third number in a field that should say "15,15,45". In career it's based on how many tech nodes you've unlocked.
  4. Well, editing is still faster than rebuilding, which is the point, and the earlier you do it in the build the less of an effect it has. Either way, at minimum the total time taken has to be the same as for the post-edit vessel as if it were brand new. There's just an added penalty to your current progress based on how big of change your making.Unfortunately science equipment is just really expensive. A formula based on mass (or a combo of mass and cost) would reduce the penalty considerably. KCT2 will likely be adjusted to be at least partially mass based, but cost is good for conveying complexity. Hmm, I think this is one instance of a formula that isn't configurable... @cami I didn't get a chance to get the ignitors working yet, but I did update MagiCore to have an event that gets fired before processing any formulas. So other mods could add in their own variables (but cannot change the formula itself), which opens up the door for integration mods. For instance, a small mod could provide a Preset where ignitors are part of the build time calculations and could fill in those values based on the current ship, without KCT ever actually knowing anything about ignitors. I haven't actually tested it yet, but in theory it should work and means that a mod could completely override KCT's processing of virtually everything with a just Preset and listening to that event.
  5. There are a few reasons for this. If you're running the 1.2.2 dev build then there's no part inventory, which ironically might be a benefit here, so you can't pull things from the inventory to have reduced rates. Since the part tracker is gone too, everything is treated as "fresh" and build times are generally a bit higher than they should be. The second, and probably biggest in this instance, is that the thermometer is pretty pricey. The default formulas use cost as the driver for build times and at 900 funds the thermometer is a big contribution for small and inexpensive ships. The girder you mention is 25 funds, which is tiny in comparison. Build time is roughly "(2000*sqrt(cost)) / rate" in seconds, where cost is just the entire cost of the vessel. Edits are calculated as "progress = BP_old - 1.1*(BP_new - BP_old)" so you're probably losing a good chunk of progress by adding on that thermometer. Looks like your vessel cost about 9500 funds, with a BP of about 195,000. Adding a 900 funds thermometer has a new BP of 204,000 with a difference of 9,000. Your new progress would be 195,000 - 9,900 = 185,100 so you have to make up 18,900 BP (the loss for editing plus the now higher BP due to adding a new part. Consequently removing parts takes less time). At a rate of 0.3 BP/s that gives 63,000 seconds or 3 days. I'm either missing something or something's up. If you have the part inventory (KSP 1.1.3) that will massively complicate those formulas and can very easily make that edit take longer since the thermometer (assuming brand new) would have a much, much higher weighting than the rest of the parts. Here's a reasoning: If you had a plane ready to go and then decided to go back and change up some of the parts, there'd be a whole hell of a lot of paperwork and delays. If you changed it at the beginning of construction it isn't as big of a deal. Here's the actual reason: The BP formulas were created long before the ability to edit the ship, and the end result was reasonable to me.
  6. It was designed for a much older version so things probably have changed. Simulations don't exist in the KSP 1.2.2 version of KCT anymore so I don't intend on fixing it. KRASH is the recommended simulation mod from now on, although I am also working on one called SimuLite (that's turning out a lot less "Lite" than I anticipated). I don't believe KRASH has anything for TestFlight and SimuLite doesn't yet either. SimuLite's got other problems that need fixed before I start looking at other mod support.
  7. I can get any and every module that comes by default. Usually. Getting the information I need off the module isn't always easy when I'm doing it without full references (anything's that calculated off of other info normally [chute area given a diameter for instance] I can't get since I don't have the full module), but the ignition amount should be pretty easy. I can get what's called the AvailablePart and from that I can get a "partPrefab" which I'm pretty sure is the part you get when you click something in the Editor. That Part has all the default values and modules on it, which I can (selectively) copy over to the parts on the actual ship. That's already how refilling the tanks works (since not every resource should be set to the maximum) for stock things. Procedural Parts complicates that, since the Prefab isn't going to be anything like the actual part on the ship (story of my life. Biggest reason I wanted to redo the part inventory) @Errol I can look into that. Should end up being pretty much the same thing.
  8. True, I could just tie it into the "refill tanks" option when editing. That'd be quick and easy since I'd just set it to whatever it was before and wouldn't require refactoring anything. And RealFuels wouldn't need to change anything since I could do that entirely on my side. As of right now that wouldn't incur any sort of cost or change of time, but neither would having it happen automatically on recovery.
  9. Hmm, that definitely would pose a problem since right now you'd have to define the number of ignitions as a constant for all of them, which isn't what you want. You could omit the ignitions so that the number still decreases each time and require the player to manually replace the engines when they get too low, but that's got it's own problems as well. I'm not sure what a good solution would be and it's a specific enough situation that I either don't want to spend too much time focusing on it, or I want something generic enough so it can be used for other things as well. I'll need to think about how to solve this problem. It's either allowing contextual replacements (parts with name "x" get this module replaced with "y" template) or maybe something with module manager. I don't know if I could easily make it affect construction time with how the formulas work right now. I don't want to hard code in an "ignitions" variable, but that does make me really want to have a way for other mods to define variables and their values. At worst I then could create a .dll that integrates RealFuels and KCT and just adds that in to the EffectiveCost Formula. The formula would have to be modified to actually use that variable. That'd be a pretty major refactoring to get working from the KCT side... I have tentative plans to rewrite KCT, so that's something I will keep in mind for that for sure. I'm not sure it'll make it into this incarnation of it. I'm writing up an issue on the MagiCore github for it, since if I can implement it there then it can automatically apply to all my mods. I think I could actually do that easier than getting KCT to do it, since I can just have it raise an event that sends along the variable dictionary and lets the listeners add their own variables. That's definitely a worthwhile solution.
  10. How midwest are we talking? I live in Ohio, but spent two years in Illinois working on a Masters, so I'm already somewhat midwest I'm still trying to figure out where I'm gonna go for the solar eclipse this year and am thinking southern Illinois so I can visit some friends on the way there who are still working on their PhDs at the school I went to.
  11. As many of you may know, I've been working on modding and KCT in particular for the better part of three years. While there was a certain degree of responsibility to the community to create and update mods, I always created mods that I wanted to play with in my own games. Having not played much, if at all, since 0.90 I felt no compulsion to work on mods except for the community. It was something I poured literally thousands of hours into with no expectation of getting anything in return. That's not changing, I'm still going to be making mods because I find enjoyment in it, and I'm taking time to just play my own save every now and then to help me stay involved. However, if you feel that my modding efforts are something you want to contribute to while giving me additional incentive to pour my evening and weekends into making mods, and you've got some spare change you don't mind parting with, I've started a Patreon! I'll never earn enough making mods to pay my bills, that's what my full time job is for, but at the very least it can help offset some of the time I spend working on mods. My mods will always remain free and this is purely voluntary. If nobody contributes, that's fine, I'll still keep making mods I like to play with and releasing them for you all! Click the image to go to my patreon page. If you decide to become a patron, thank you! And if you have any ideas for goals or rewards, please let me know!
  12. Well, I've made a Patreon now. If you have ideas for rewards or goals then let me know. The current ones are subject to change. For anyone who does contribute, thank you in advance! Day later edit but I don't want to double post: I just made a build because of a WIP update to MagiCore that I'd be wary of using with any other mods that reference MagiCore (of released things that's currently just Sensible Screenshot and Dated QuickSaves I think). They shouldn't have been affected since the methods they use weren't modified, but it's something to be aware of. The reason for this change is that if you've got a mod and you want to add your own variables to any formulas, there's now an event called onMCVariableReplacing that sends an identifier for the formula (like "KCT_BUILD_RATE") and a dictionary that you can add your variables and their values to. Then after the event has finished the replacement occurs, so another mod could easily add new variables or change existing ones if they wanted, without referencing KCT's assemblies at all. Combine that with a Preset and another mod could conceivably completely override KCT's own processing of pretty much everything without ever referencing KCT in code. Which is pretty awesome.
  13. There's almost zero chance it'll be for 1.2.2 (unless they sneakily snuck the required API calls in). Best chance of supporting old versions would be a 1.2.3, but that's just extra work. 1.3 (or possibly later) is almost certainly going to be required.
  14. Looks like it's going to be more than contracts. I'm guessing it'll be something closer to Mission Controller, perhaps more like the original one which was a bunch of missions (and a mission builder) and didn't involve contracts since they didn't exist yet. I'm hoping it'll be like Mission Controller on steroids.
  15. From a purely hypothetical perspective at this point, how do you all feel about Patreon? I know other modders have had some success with it (linuxgurugamer and RoverDude to name some that I know of). It's never enough to actually cover bills, but it's a solid commitment tying me to supporting and improving my mods (other than "because I want to play with them") and would help justify spending entire evenings and weekends on modding. I'd want to do something fun with it too, like have a stretch goal of having monthly live streams or something like that. Or like with CKAN where different levels get you different things, like access to the lolcommits. I have no idea what I'd actually do for those though, so if you have ideas let me know. At this point I'm just gauging opinions by you all. There's certainly less of an audience here than the other threads, but anyone reading this is also likely more involved with mods than in a release thread.