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  1. Yeah, KCT already distributes MagiCore in the .zip but separately through CKAN (so do the modlets). But with CKAN having a non-bundled dependency is also easier to do since it'll pull it in automatically. ScrapYard is big enough that I don't feel it's appropriate to bundle, but that feeling might change. Btw, if you want some space on the build server I can set something up for you. ScrapYard's build process already pulls in the latest Module Manager and it automatically packages up all the GameData stuff, so I could set up something similar for you. E: @Probus the latest dev build should have an option to automatically apply the inventory as you build. It should be off by default. It's just a toggle on the little UI with the Apply Inventory button. You should also be able to move that UI to wherever you want and it should save it's position, but I haven't extensively tested that.
  2. ScrapYard probably shouldn't be bundled, at least not once it's on CKAN. For now I'll allow it since things might not work properly with newer ScrapYard versions if things change while in Beta. MagiCore is bundled with ScrapYard so they should just be using that version. It shouldn't be downloaded separately (except when using CKAN). There was a change a while back where MagiCore was put in GameData directly, but that changed to go into GameData/MagiCore. That's already been an issue a few times.
  3. Not yet. I can probably add that in as an option pretty easily. Maybe tomorrow.
  4. Well, I can definitely reproduce it. Even using the new WIP UI that fully copies the modules over is saying they're not matches. I've seen something weird before that might be related and that's the dry cost coming up differently than expected, so maybe that's the issue here. I'll let you know if I figure anything out. E: I see the dry cost is 799.730896. I swear if this is just an issue with the last digit being different... Stock parts tend to have whole numbers for their dry cost so the comparisons aren't generally and issue. I used cost as a comparison since it's much faster than comparing all the modules and two identical parts should have the same cost, but modules like tweakscale and procedural parts would result in different costs for different sizes so I could eliminate those deep checks by checking the cost first. I might just have to check if it's within one or two funds. E2: 799.7309 vs 799.7308 E3: @severedsolo give the latest dev build a try and let me know if that works better. It allows the part costs to differ by 1 which should hopefully eliminate the problems you were seeing while still allowing that to act as a sanity check before checking the modules. I also hid the UI that I'm working on since it's not at all ready to be used.
  5. I hope you can figure out what's causing it! Feel free to let me know if you do, as I can maybe make my mods more fault tolerant toward whatever was happening.
  6. That menu isn't even close to being fully implemented and shouldn't be used at all. I'd recommend rolling back to the last beta since there weren't any changes that would affect this between then and now. Can you upload the full log? Based on what I'm seeing this looks like a bigger problem that removing SY, KCT, and KRASH isn't going to help. The lag might go away, but the ship can't be saved without throwing an exception which implies a much bigger problem. Can you even launch a vessel? With the errors presented I don't think you'll be able to. Remove those three mods and let me know if you still can't launch. It's definitely possible that SY is making the problem worse, but I'm expecting there will still be a problem. It could also be vessel specific, if you were using a specific craft or part to test with,
  7. Awesome that you figured out consistent reproduction steps. I'll try that out and hopefully get a fix out today.
  8. Every time you unlock a tech node it pops up a message saying you've earned another upgrade point. That question has come up a bunch, so I should probably make that clearer somehow
  9. It looks like you're just loading a saved vessel and not applying the inventory at all. If you are applying the inventory, it isn't succeeding since nothing is getting applied (you'd see messages in the log like "Found a part in inventory for ..."). If you recovered those parts and then added other mods then it might not recognize them as being the same. Specifically in this case it seems like maybe you created a ship, saved it, then launched it and recovered it. Now the saved version of the ship has the same IDs on it as parts in the inventory, but they all say they're brand new. ScrapYard loops through the parts on the ship and sees the IDs match something in the inventory, but the parts on the ship say they're new and the parts in the inventory say they aren't. ScrapYard assumes it's just an old ship you loaded, so it resets everything to fresh. If you want to use the recovered parts, you just have to reapply the inventory. Things seem to me like they're working how they're intended, but I'm just basing that off what the log says happened.
  10. Well, that indicates that it isn't tracking anything for those parts. Compare the craft file to the ModuleTemplates and see if there are any modules that should be tracked that aren't being tracked. For instance if you've got procedural modules on the part in the craft but not in the save. I'm just confused on how it clearly matched in the editor at some point when applying inventory but stopped matching while still in the editor if no modules were changed. I'd still like to see the log, craft file, and save file at some point. And any module templates that were added.
  11. Hmm. Right after clicking the button? So it's applying the inventory (meaning the modules must match), copying over the tracker info, and then failing to match the modules+tracker... Yeah, that's definitely goofed up if that's the case. I'll want to see that. If you figure out what mod(s) are leading to that situation, please let me know. The only modules that should matter in the comparisons are the ones being tracked, so you could also start disabling some of those, but that wouldn't update the parts that are already in the inventory. You also mentioned StageRecovery, so it could be related to the API.
  12. Like you found out, it happens whenever a strict comparison fails, to safe guard against something claiming to be from the inventory when they aren't actually. Can you send me the save file from right before rollout, the Auto Saved Ship file generated when you go to launch, and the log file. Don't have KCT installed preferably. Strict comparisons will fail if anything that defines an inventory part fails. Are you changing a module before the parts are being removed (for instance, doing something at Start to the craft before OnVesselRollout happens, without KCT)? I mention without KCT since with KCT at rollout ScrapYard doesn't do anything, it instead acts when KCT registers the build, which should allow for things to happen before OnVesselRollout since ScrapYard has already processed the vessel. OnVesselRollout is an extremely convenient event for me to listen to since it only happens once and for brand new launches, but the fact that it's so delayed might be an issue. I might have to act at OnLoad or Start. Or find matches solely by ID instead of looking for a strict match. I don't like that idea because of the bugs it can introduce. For instance, you launch a craft using inventory parts with N TimesRecovered and then recover it (N+1), then you click the launchpad and launch that vessel again. It's still got the IDs saved, so it removes those parts from the inventory, but the vessel has N TimesRecovered in its modules while the true parts are N+1, causing that last flight to basically no longer exist. In that case it could probably just reapply the inventory I guess.
  13. Dropbox changed how they do public sharing and it broke all my dropbox links. I've updated that one, but I believe it's also in the KCT .zip file.
  14. Friendly reminder that in about 12 hours I'll be doing a livestream of some ScrapYard development. 12pm Eastern Time. Link is in my signature. I'm going to try to start on the UI for grabbing individual parts. Most of the work will end up being done behind the scenes after the stream, but it's a good chance to chat live.
  15. I managed to edit my post between you starting your reply and you posting it. You can't upload anything onto the forums (even images). For log files, use a site like dropbox or google drive. I also recommend putting the log in a .zip file since that will drop the file size immensely.