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  1. So you can get 3 90-point nodes, or 2 160-point nodes, or a 90 and a 160. Or one 300-pointer (they're 300 right?) The top 2 90-point nodes should help you get a pilot and 6 passengers to Mun, and if you don't already have it the 2-person passenger pod will help as well. I think that's in a 90-point node. I don't see much better than that off the top of my head, except maybe follow the "always get science parts first" rule, if any of the nodes offer any of those.
  2. Just the other day I installed KER again just for dV in the VAB, and basic other stats in flight. Then this thread pops up in my feed and is exactly what I wanted in a great, stockalike package. Thanks!
  3. Welcome to the Evolution! I'm not sure the best way to handle this. If the Munless guy says it's okay to just land a probe and do no science on Mun and Minmus, I'm of course cool with that. Any change I would make though would just make it easier. One of the challenges of the challenge is to land on both Mun and Minmus with no upgrades, and you'd just skip that if I gave you a free unlock to start. Two things: Watch out. From what I read of the Munless challenge, even entering Mun's SOI is forbidden. Without patched conics (which you'll need to go interplanetary to unlock) you could pass through Mun's SOI without even realizing it. Yikes. I do not envy you this attempt
  4. All Y'All's source code may be of help here. As it was my first mod, I commented almost every line. And about all it does is trigger module events in other parts from right click menus.
  5. There never were. The subject of this 7 page thread isn't even out yet.
  6. I always join forums for games I play a lot. I stay on the good ones, like this one
  7. Not to be pedantic, but playing KSP doesn't actually involve much rocket science per se.
  8. In other words, they can do anything that any other video game company can do.
  9. During my testing, from interplanetary with that probe 80km exploded. Would 50/60 slow down faster so have less overall heat? I may need to run more tests. Edit I actually thought of sending like 10 of them, and having them go in at 5km intervals over the course of a day or so.
  10. I can't really answer that as I have about a dozen KSP installs, and maybe 4 of them are "active" in that I expect I'll play in them going forward. However, the only one I'm currently playing on has only 3, because I'm doing a challenge and trying to keep it mostly stock.
  11. First off, great map. I (re-)found it when my previous link (which was quite old) stopped working. I note you have Minmus listed as L1C1 for antennas. I just lost control of a probe (Not due to the map. I didn't notice the numbers before) because it only had the basic Communitron-16 antenna, the moment it entered Minmus' SOI. Or is that not a T1 antenna? The wiki lists it as one but a) Wikis are known to be wrong and b) I don't actually know what the tiers are and what they represent, except "bigger = better."
  12. Big video today. I hit 4 worlds and pick up an unlock from... well from 3 of them. Nobody's perfect
  13. That is perfectly fine. However, you're more likely to get that Star Destroyer into orbit if you leave the Puffs and Monoprop at home. No matter the ship, bringing extra mass and a worse engine to get extra delta-v is like driving a car faster to get to the gas station before you run out of fuel. It feels like it might work but it actually makes it worse.
  14. Yeah I did some more reading in the past few minutes. I've not really looked into it for years. The last time I did any real checking on it was when I got my partnership with my gaming network. The reason I joined (and stay) is for the protections they offer if someone files a takedown on my videos. It looks like Nintendo is the biggest stalwart of the old guard. But big names including Microsoft, Bethesda, and Valve explicitly say that LPs are fine. And then there are all the studios that offer "no licensed music" options in their settings specifically to cater to LPers, and others giving free copies to LPers to get them to play the games online. EDIT: And yes, it is the right thing to do, to allow people to play your game publicly. But it's not really done to be "good people" but because it's free advertising.
  15. No, they are not. Let's Plays of games where the owner of the game's copyrighted materials says you can do a Let's Play (i.e., most every indie game out there including KSP) are perfectly legal. Let's Plays of games where the owner of the game's copyrighted materials says you can NOT do a Let's Play (i.e., I'm sure there are some but I don't know of any. I did get muted for posting a video with the title song for Just Cause 3 though) are illegal. Let's Plays of games where the owner of the game's copyrighted materials do not explicitly say either way are a murky middle ground. Fair Use is - in spite of the longstanding efforts of the Music And Film Industry Associations of America (MAFIAA) - a strong legal argument with a lot of precedents. Not that any LPer would have the funds to go against a big publisher if they were sued or anything.