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  1. I liked my design for the Mun-and-back-cheapskate challenge. It was aerodynamic enough to get off of Kerbin without wasting a bunch of fuel, but... interestingly designed enough that I didn't need to worry too much about it falling over on landing. The video title screen below shows you everything you should need to know, but if you want to see it in action it's just a click away.
  2. Wow that post was over 3 years ago! I actually remember that. Don't know if I ever figured it out or if it just went away in later versions or when I stopped using Kethane.
  3. More than a radial converter, I want a ventral drill. But I agree with "that's what the radial attachment point is for" argument, except I'd splice "cubic octagonal strut" in there instead
  4. No, they were made for profit, by people who love what they're doing. But they were made for profit.
  5. Doesn't need imagining. It happened with the soccer ball. Someone made a mod that took the soccer ball mechanic and turned it into landing airbags like the Sojurner Rover used. That mod was free, but Squad stopped supporting it and the mod stopped working. But again, that was not Squad's fault. It was not the modder's fault. In your hypothetical case it's also not Squad's or the modder's fault. It is the fault of the person who "needs" that mod but isn't willing to put the time and effort into learning how to adapt it to the non-dlc game, or take the far cheaper option (time is money) and just buy the DLC for this mod they absolutely "need."
  6. It wasn't paid, but we've had this situation before and the community did just fine. Be it a soccer ball, SLS parts, or scanning for asteroids around other planets, every single mod that I know of just worked whether or not the unpaid DLC (which is what they were) were installed or not. I see no reason the same should not be true for paid DLC. I mean sure, if a mod works with and/or relies on the mission builder then of course you'll need the DLC for the mod to work. But if you don't have the DLC you probably won't want a mod that deals with the mission builder anyway.
  7. I am less certain. KIS may destroy the part to put it into your inventory, and then create a whole new part (that was never on Eeloo) when you reattach it. I strongly suggest testing this before committing to it in a mission all the way out to Eeloo
  8. Nothing about Moho is "very minimal" except maybe when discussing it's orbit around Sun relative to the other planets. No matter where you meet Moho, expect to toss away a few thousand m/s of propellant before you reach orbit.
  9. ...or one of those people steps up and either takes over maintenance of the mod, or writes it themselves. If nobody is making or maintaining a specific mod, it is 100% the fault of the people who want the mod but aren't making it. Not Squad for including similar functionality in the game or DLC, and not the original modder for stopping support of the mod for any reason.
  10. ...which on consoles is 0 people.
  11. Because they're about to start selling DLC.
  12. I don't want it to be that specific. I want something more like Kerbinside or KSC Switcher, where you can define multiple bases and choose which to launch from each time. I'd also like a reason to launch from a specific base, even if it's something as simple as "This mission must launch from this base because reasons."
  13. I'm hoping it's something like "Launch 3 Kerbals into LKO under 100km, then eject to Mun. Orbit Mun retrograde. Detatch a lander with 2 Kerbals in it from your craft and land it. Detatch a rover from the lander. Do science. Return to mun orbit with the 2 Kerbals, and dock to the same orbiter you left in orbit. Return those 3 Kerbals to the surface of or splashed down on Kerbin, with all the science collected on Mun's surface. Score is number of unique science reports recovered on Kerbin from a single biome on the surface of Mun divided by the cost of the craft in kilofunds."
  14. I think I have the same friend. He mentioned to me that you can also use it to cancel contracts without affecting the weights and without taking the rep penalties.
  15. Dropbox won't let you link to the images themselves. Use Imgur, they allow it.