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  1. I'd assume that just like every other feature that's been added or modified since about 0.90, there'd be a toggle for it in options. EDIT: But if you want the "boring gameplay" it's not that hard (compared to the rest of this request) to make Kerbals count as the best photographic equipment available. Personally, I like the idea of needing to take better cameras (or Kerbals) to places but I don't want to have to actively do things. The maps should make themselves. Like how Kerbals take science samples themselves.* *Note Kerbals do not actually take science samples themselves. They just SHOULD.
  2. I have no specific plans, but if I can I'll probably catch it while it passes through Kentucky.
  3. Short answer: No. Longer answer: ...no all I got is "no."
  4. AKA the community.
  5. Because thy don't have time machines. If you eat breakfast, and someone tells you they hope you have a nice lunch, do you think "Why don't they tell me to have a nice breakfast!"?
  6. It never occurred to me to worry that such talented people would NOT find a job somewhere, especially when their leaving was of their own volition and - from all those whom I've read at least - on good or at least neutral terms with Squad. That said, I'm happy as all get out that we'll see more from them in the future.
  7. In FTR "squad sux" Love the decouplers, looking forward to the mission planner, would love my life to be so carefree that I could describe video game assets with such vitriol.
  8. Deadly Reentry is a favorite of the hardcore crowd. For your button woes, look into Blizzy's Toolbar. Many mods support it and it does a better job than stock of organizing, displaying, and (most importantly when you have too many) hiding buttons you don't need.
  9. My favorite is probably right when I'm going interplanetary. If you set the science gains just right and don't try to cull every last drop of science points from everywhere, it can be quite fun planning an interplanetary mission with mostly 1.25m parts.
  10. You may want to refresh CKAN, there may be one or two mods you haven't installed yet...
  11. My high school is so 80s. At least, it was last time I was there. In the 80s.
  12. I haven't even loaded the game in about a month.
  13. Also, it most assuredly does work on rails while you're away flying other missions. I land miners all the time, then go away for in-game days, weeks, or months and when I come back, they're always full.
  14. If you do want to wean yourself off of the cheats I suggest you try this: Write down all the cheats you commonly use, and then pick one of them at random and ban yourself from doing it. Keep playing until you can do it without that cheat at all, and then pick another one. Repeat until your list is empty or you realize you're having more fun doing it the old way. I cheat a lot too. I've never done a land-and-return mission to Eve that didn't first involve teleporting the ship to Eve first to test every single aspect of the mission. I also have been known to turn on infinite fuel if I'm close but run out at the last moments. Or infinite electricity on my probe when I realize halfway to Minmus that I forgot the solar panel.