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  1. "No I need to go to 1000x time warp NOW I dont care if your rover behaves "oddly" at 1000x." "Well I dont care that your mission is due to take 4 years real-time, I've got stuff to do here." Sure there are DEFINITELY some things that would be fun with a kind of multiplayer, but how does the above situation not ruin everything? Think how often you use that acceleration feature. That it would cause problems with multiplayer is not an opinion. Single-ship multiplayer - as in, all players are crewing one vessel - would make sense, I can see a market for that. Its about the only MP situation I can see working at all. But the devs are not obligated in any way to do it, I can see it being a whole HEAP of work. Amusing? Space Engineers is a completely different game, with entirely different mechanics...
  2. XD +10points to griffindor if that ever turns out to be true XD
  3. Ok yes, I worded that badly, but I think most people got the point. Of course you have a right to disagree with something being paid for. You do not have a right to get something for nothing. Or something like that, I forget the context. Im not sure what your point is around the roman numerals? BTW, were going for a record with the length of that post? Why'd you quote so many people? And you've got unfinished sentences in there...the whole thing is a train-wreck really. Ah, I saw, happens to us all. Still, that post is too long by any standard.
  4. Hmm, actually I had thought that the content that it unlocked was paid content for MP, if it isnt them Im wrong about that. Still, it doesnt sound like TT breached anything, but the modder may have. I wonder, how supportive of mods were TT before this happened? Did they encourage mod development? did they encourage this mods development? Because of IP issues like this, modding can only really happen with the tacit approval of the developer. Im sure there's plenty that can be done without their approval, but you do risk breaching various things, and outcomes like this would not be surprising. From the description, it sounds like certain things were opened up to modding, but this mod affects something not on that list. Ergo, breach. And not necessarily a minor one.
  5. Ah I see, so you dont actually look at the code? Just the inputs/outputs? To me, that doesnt seem to be as much of a violation. Except that the code still permits use of paid content without paying, so Im still fine with things.
  6. I have no problem that this GTA mod was "killed". You fuss with paid content, you're gonna get a cease+desist. And this was, undeniably, fussing with paid content. You do not have a right to disagree with something being paid-for, you have the right to not buy it, but not to fudge the software to make it available. The fact that it was available in SP instead of MP is of little consequence. Is this not the exact definition of reverse engineering? Anybody know what the "clean room" part supposed to mean?
  7. @linuxgurugamer Nice! Thanks for that! I cant believe I remembered it so well! Loads of other great stuff there too, may just have to pick up that book.... ...but uuurgh, my grinding gears: "... in a U-2 fighter at 70,000 feet."
  8. I met Helen Kerman Sharman, first British Astronaut at a presentation at a local school, after her first mission. In the Q&A, I asked why the space shuttle used both solid and liquid fueled engines, I cant remember what her answer was though. Lets see, I've visited the Space Shuttle Enterprise at the USS Intrepid museum in NYC, my dad has done some work on solid propellants and I've seen a couple of really bright bolides - and there is a famous meteor shower on my birthday every year (Im special!) - The Perseids, with the peak occurring on my birthday more often than not. I have visited the CN Tower in Montreal, Canada, at the time they had a "ride" (one of those motion-chair type deals) which took you on a tour of the solar system and I was absolutely convinced that we went to space that day (Come on, that mast on the top really looks like a space rocket! And I was 4.) Oh and I've sat on Captain Kirk's actual seat when they had the set displayed at the National Science Museum in London.
  9. Classic, Love it XD One of my faves, but I cant find anything other than anecdotal evidence for it at the moment, but it goes something like: [Callsign] an SR-71 Blackbird, unbeknowst to [ATC] "[ATC], requesting clearance to flight level 600." (flight level 600 being 60kft) "[Callsign], I dont think you are going to be able to make it up to flight level 600, but you are cleared." "Roger, descending to flight level 600." And here's a bonus anecdote I came across whilst looking for that one: There's a story about the military pilot calling for a prioritylanding because his single-engine jet fighter was running "a bit peaked."Air Traffic Control told the fighter jock that he was number twobehind a B-52 that had one engine shut down."Ah," the pilot remarked, "the dreaded seven-engine approach."
  10. @Triop Blast from the past! RIP Rik Mayall
  11. And that is if they are all in equatorial orbits, which is not always the case.
  12. /thread
  13. To which I'd say that one-jet-engines-weight of rocket fuel is a lot of rocket fuel. But you are right, there may be restrictions from the design of the rocket, being a liquid-solid hybrid.
  14. Honestly, Im more interested in why the jet engine is there. According to the blurb, the jet is there to get the car up to 300mph and the rocket pushes it to 1000mph. The jet is huge, heavy and complex - what prevented them from just using a pure rocket design I wonder?
  15. Sure, sure. I'd counter with reliability, a turbopump would likely need to be a bespoke design, and runs under far more strenuous conditions, whereas the V8 is off-the-shelf, known to work. And if a turbopump fails it can cause catastrophic damage, if the V8 fails, the whole system will just grind to a halt, and the weight penalty is far, far less significant for a car than a space vehicle. I mean, Im surprised there is a car engine in there too. But didnt I read a thing about NASA looking into some kind of internal combustion, reciprocating pump for one of their engines...its a really vague memory... Quick scan of the wiki page says that the V8 is also used as an auxiliary power unit. Providing significant power whilst the rocket engine is not running is definitely something a turbopump cannot do. I wonder if it is necessary for the operation of the jet engine.