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  1. File viewer alpha sorts so when you look in the GameData folder, those will always be the first ones.
  2. Automated Science Sampler is too handy not to keep. It won't run science from sounding rockets because of something put in the configs to tell it to skip. It also doesn't seem do the magnetic boom experment from orbital science even if you are stopped or in space where extending it would be safe. So maybe there is something that could be done with an MM cfg to fix any conflicts with Automated Science Sampler
  3. ...\GameData can already get fairly large with a lot of mods. I think texture packs should stay in the texture replacer tree. It might help it get it's pack sub tree system of some sort. But texture packs are for use with texture replace and belong in the texture replacer tree to keep things orderly.
  4. It doesn't really help. Example, for the goo experiments, it list goo parts that are need, but does the part need to be attached to the ship or stored in a KIS storage since nearly every WB part seems to have a KIS option? With no goo parts, Automated science sampler triggers a goo experiment as if there is a goo part on the craft. In the VAB I was able to set up a slot for science, but in flight, you only seem to have the option to start/stop it. Slots that have no science only have the option to generate lab time. You can configure the lab for other science in flight?
  5. I just put a sep down at the ksp last night. Engineer with no stars put it together and scientist fired up one of the 2. The other said only 75%, so I left it off until i had a higher level scientist.
  6. I didn't even notice the engine cost. I always seem to have plenty of money to work with. At the start of the game, the problem is always trying to cram on more then 30 parts or going over the size limits before upgrades. Now I'm trying to figure out the science stuff added by this mod. Need to go see if there are any vids posted.
  7. When I had it working, the mouth did use normal maps and the female kerbals also used the male texture for inside the mouth. If I mess with these any more, i'll likely give up on adding ears and nose. Just didn't work very well. I would like to work on the hairline some more so that the bump starts more in the hair texture. As it is now, it raises the skin color to meet the hair. My goal was to create a bunch of heads with assorted hair/color and facial hair, but stay as stock as possible which is why I started with the stock texture and then worked on mask to select out parts. Don't have a lot of free time now, so may be awhile before I can play with it any more. Maybe Gimp 2.10 will come out and I can work in 32 or 64bit grey scale and then sample down. Textures always seemed to come out the best when done in 3x or 4x size and then sampled down. Gimp also need a better normal map plugin.
  8. I had a chance to make the next post was was going to say something about "linuxgurugamer, put your hand down and give others a chance at keeping mods alive", but decided not to and who makes the next post?
  9. Found out my freezing was [x] science mod. On another note, In the game I started, I unlocked the Fulcrum engine and it seems a bit unbalanced. It has the vectoring of the T45, the lower mass of the T30, and more thrust than even the KW wildcat. Maybe the mod needs a balancing pass.
  10. I had the teeth working on male kerbals after Val was added. It used a tiny part of the white area. Also had the throat added and I had normals maps, though the stuff I did for the face/hair still needs work. Here is a base texture and normal map: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rg0clqaxpq2mdef/KerbalHead.zip?dl=0. Put them in ..\TextureReplacer\Default and put head textures in the head folder. What ever head texture it uses for male kerbals, it used the normal map for default as well as the mouth textures. Mouth textures seem totally broke now. I posted about it in this thread some time back. This is the Gimp file with the texture parts I was using: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rg0clqaxpq2mdef/KerbalHead.zip?dl=0. It is layers that I would turn on/off to get different heads. It uses the stock head textures with modifications so you can for example select different hair color. I was going to add more hair options. Then decided to wait for gimp 2.10 which they have been talking about for years, but doesn't seem like it will ever come :(.
  11. So OSE is working in 1.3?
  12. I started working on a head pack, even was able to give them teeth. But then TR broke and when it was "fixed", the teeth still didn't show up correctly.
  13. Yea, saw that in the log after I posted it. Looked at the log several times including looking for paths, but didn't see it until it was here. Somewhere along the line, a copy got put in the EVE folder. Maybe when I was checking for mods that crashed in 1.3.
  14. I was seeing this and thought it was another mod I added. Didn't try with [x] windows closed.
  15. I thought AVC just checked the version file which is why I looked there. Here are clips from AVC's log for this mod: But that all seems to be about where to find updates. edit: wait a minute - "GameData\EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements\PlanetaryBaseInc\" Found it. A copy must have ended up in the wrong place....