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  1. Check roverdudes mods. He has some.
  2. KIS did an update removing direct handling of parts kerbals can carry. Now it's handled by CCK? You have to add a tag to the cfg's for the parts to show up in the tab and since some parts don't show in any other tab, they went poof in the vab, like that little power connector for surface science mode. There is a patch note about it in the KIS thread. Might be ckan updated KIS, but didn't know how to manually patch the other cfg's until mods get updated. Just one of the many reasons to dump ckan and and install the mods yourself. It's just a drag/copy folder.
  3. As far as I know, the only reason for rep is getting better contracts. So what's the point of rep without contracts?
  4. Sorry, USI-LS. I forget there is another one
  5. The fertilizer small container has nothing. It doesn't hold anything.
  6. The required chutes info in the VAB would be handy for craft that will land on other planets. Could an option be added to change what body the data is for?
  7. In the pdf viewer bring up layers and turn on "Layer 1" at the bottom of the list. Might want to turn off the other layers. I didn't know layers was a thing in pdf. Just started clicking the options on the left.
  8. Same here bad link
  9. It does that. Takes a few seconds to apply to the planet in the background. during startup.
  10. He made the diameter slightly smaller so they match other parts better. that leaves yours hanging out a bit. Still works, just looks like they are not fully plugged in. It's only about the thickness of the doors.
  11. Universal storage had an update. The slices got a slight resize down so parts from this mod no longer match.
  12. Anyone who understands how to do these cfg's want to do one for the science parts in RoverDudes Sounding Rockets mod?
  13. Someone who knows how to set up the cfg's want to do a set of Snark Indicator Lights for the science parts in sounding rockets and maybe some of the other parts in RoverDudes mods?