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  1. Has anyone else encountered an issue with KCT and buildings with >4 tiers? Do any other career overhaul mods even do that? RP-0 does, now, and it appears to break KCT badly. We get infinite funds (ever-increasing) when upgrading, and pad limits are checked wrong. @magico13 apologies if this has been fixed upstream of the 1.2.2 release; I didn't think to mention that in the github issue.
  2. @Crzyrndm You can just use a MODEL node and a scale factor in the cfg, no modeling required. EDIT: or just rescaleFactor, now that it's fixed.
  3. Thanks @JPLRepo! @Crzyrndm for now a workaround might be to make the initial model size (used for particons) very small, say 0.2m by 0.2m, and size upwards from there. That ensures pretty much always positive IPartSizeModifier returns.
  4. Might be something for @JPLRepo to have a peek at? (Sorry for the ping, pal ). I don't recall writing it to care about negative inputs, but it's quite possible I screwed up.
  5. Yep, got that flipping loading 1.1.3 craft in 1.2. Rotating the bad wing fixes both. @Crzyrndm run into an issue with pwings and engineer report / pad limit size. Looks like they have a minimum size of 4m (8m total) and don't go under that. is IPartSizeModifier not working right?
  6. @CobaltWolf hashtag Blame Kell First
  7. @Grant Exploit As I said, please post on the thread. I don't use CKAN myself (or KSP through steam) and can't answer your question further, sorry.
  8. Open your RP-0 folder in GameData, delete the Contracts folder, and then replace it with the Contracts folder from the 0.51 zip.
  9. @KroShan sorry I thought, based on some reports, it'd be more seamless. As a stopgap you can just use 0.51's contracts folder I think? Or hax the savegame.
  10. Install 1.2.2, install RP-0 via CKAN, copy your old save over. Should just work. You'll get the best help if you post on the RP-0 thread itself though!
  11. @MatBailie yep, well known and intended at least for this tech tree. The new one @pap1723 is working on, mebbe not. (This was my version.)
  12. @Rothank the RZ-2 is basically the LR79-NA-3 with conical nozzles, and plausibly could be uprated as the US one was (and eventually to H-1). BDB might have some European stuff as well as what @Theysen mentioned, and also maybe some of Raidernick's mods? Finally, Lionhead had some old parts that IIRC we configure.
  13. @Maxsimal Should be on CKAN by now, and yes 1.1.3 saves are compatible.
  14. We're finally live for KSP 1.2.2! A huge thankyou to all contributors, and a special big thankyou to @pap1723 for the giant contracts overhaul, and @rsparkyc for the procedural avionics, the two killer features of v0.52! Enjoy, everybody!