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  1. Pull up the FAR GUI and do an AoA sweep at Mach 0.5, Mach 1.0, and Mach 1.5. Make sure the yellow line slopes downward. Then empty the tanks and do it again (recall that CoM will likely shift downwards as the tanks empty).
  2. @Araym First, what's ' multiFlow was that added in 1.2.x? Second, the general gist of a prop engine is that atmCurve and velCurve represent the engine and atmCurveIsp and velCurveIsp represent the prop. So: 1. atmCurve should be linear if it is unsuper/turbo-charged. If it's supercharged, you'll have one peak per stage. If it's turbocharged, you'll be essentially flat-rated until you hit critical alt. Broadly speaking, atmCurve should track a BHP vs Altitude graph of the engine, with altitude converted into normalized density. Note that atmCurve (and atmCurveIsp) use normalized density (i.e. density in kg/m^3 divided by 1.225). 2. velCurve represents the effect of ram air, i.e. supercharged engines which take advantage of ram air can increase charge density above what the charger can normally grant, in static conditions, by 'ramming' the air in due to the velocity. So something like 1.0 at Mach 0, peaking about 1.2 or so at Mach 0.85, and then falling off sharply due to transonic weirdness. 3. atmCurveIsp should be linear. Thrust from a propeller is linearly proportional to air density. 4. velCurveIsp is where it gets interesting. A prop is a constant power device, so it will have its maximum thrust at 0 velocity and then taper off. However it's not at all linear because of the effect of pitch angle and tip speed. You want a generally downward sloping curve that tails off sharply once the tips start to go transonic (indeed might even go negative to represent the vastly increased drag). Hope that helps!
  3. @Errol Precooler has a high conductivity and emissivity, so it will to some extent wick heat away from an attached engine and radiate it out. But it's not like a Radiator part or anything, and it won't affect the mach thrust curve of the engine.
  4. Hey NathenKell,

    Looks like you haven't been online in a while.  I'm assuming that it's just because you've been really busy as of late.  Just wanted to let you know that we're looking forward to when you could help us resolve the few remaining RO/RP-0 issues!  It sounds like you're kinda like the lynchpin to a lot of this stuff.  I've put together a spreadsheet here documenting my progress, hopefully you can find is uselful:

    Looking forward to when you can find some time!

  5. @Nhawks17 best is if you make a PR and I can merge it. Haven't dug in the thread yet to see what you want, so that would be clearest.
  6. @Rolacume CKAN should handle it. Thanks all
  7. v12.0 for KSP 1.2.2 * HUGE THANK YOU to everyone involved! I was away and I come back to...many great changes and a pretty much ready-to-release update! * Recompile for KSP 1.2.2, include latest MM and Kopernicus. * Sigma88: Remove an unneeded compatibility setting. * Raidernick: Fix Earth SMA (fixes orbital shift over time with wrong period). * SirKeplan: More reasonable timewarp limits on Phobos and Deimos. * Kerbas-ad-astra: Ribbon support. * ThreePounds: Fix some Chinese launch sites, add Wenchang. * Kerbas-ad-astra: Add atmospheric composition to Pluto. * Miki-g: Venus warp limits fixed. * Kerbas-ad-astra: Support (with Custom Barn Kit) updating the stock DSN ranges. * PhineasFreak: Rework RT patching for current RemoteTech. * Leudaimon: Fix launch site orientations for all sites.
  8. The heating model doesn't affect drag, correct. Detached shockwaves (or attached ones for that matter) are relevant only in terms of the thermo model. It is quite possible to stall, but stalls are very gentle and you can sometimes trap yourself with no downpitch moment. This is because of the trickery we use in terms of treating all lifting area as high aspect ratio unswept wings at low speed (and low AR swept wings at high speed). Unless things have changed recently of course.
  9. Quick update: There was thought to be an issue with the current Kopernicus but that seems not to be the case, so I'll attempt to have RSS out ASAP. I've been talking with @stratochief66 and trying to get back up to speed and getting RO on the path to release thanks to the awesome work from so many of you all. Special shoutout to @Phineas Freak too, who continues to be super awesome, but the same is true for you all. Here is the current RO checklist; it's very sparse because I'm afraid I don't even know what's updated yet and what is not. And finally, I'm really quite overwhelmed by the generosity of you folks. It's incredibly humbling and, frankly, a bit hard to wrap my head around.
  10. FYI I'm back from a trip and will be getting back to working on RO etc.
  11. I _think_ I fixed all that by the end of pre, so they're valid.
  12. Hey all, back at home after my trip. Gonna try to get cracking.
  13. Epoch is, IIRC, a few seconds before midnight on December 31, 1950.
  14. are you gonna be contenting the RSS mod. im just wondering becuase you left the Squad Team :P

    1. NathanKell


      Yes I will continue.

  15. Not sure about Starwaster's plans for the plugin. But do give a look here, I'm sure a TR update as a pull request would be great.