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  1. To change your title, click "Edit Profile" up in the top right corner of your own profile page, and it should be the very first option. The dots represent post count, but off the top of my head I can't remember how many posts correspond to dots or whatever. Edit: I think I was ninja'd twice. One from two hours ago. Probably one of my finest moments on these forums...
  2. @Mad Rocket Scientist got it pretty well. Links to products, services, and other websites without much in the way of extra words are dead giveaways. Sometimes they have names that are unusual for most users, like one or two letters repeated. Other times it will be completely gibberish, which can be pretty amusing.
  3. Thread closed at OP's request.
  4. My personal favorite snack: Honestly, if not the kind of snacks I eat, then for some reason I pictured Kerbals as having boxes and boxes of some sort of granola bar-esque nutrition bar as the default "snack." In my mind's eye, the wrapper is green. That's about all I can offer.
  5. Howdy, everybody. I've gotten super, super bored lately, what with my college classes coming to a close and less things to do. I'm looking to get back into Minecraft, but I don't want to get on the official Forum users' server because I'm just antisocial enough that it seems like there are too many players there. Anybody else have a whitelisted server or otherwise low-pop one to play on? I do vanilla except in extreme circumstances.
  6. Actually... Good question. I dunno yet, but I'll find out. EDIT: The current thinking is that a recent forum update might have killed the spoiler button for some reason. We're seeing what can be done.
  7. Because this thread is a bit old and the answer to the question is common knowledge by this point, I'm gonna go ahead and lock this up.
  8. Either way will work, but take a look at the guidelines and you'll notice that some rules do have a bit more urgency than others. If a user is going way off the rails and spouting profanity (that's been caught by our filter or skirted around), report immediately. A good rule of thumb is that if you're not sure, report it. There's no penalty for simply making a report to bring something potentially actionable to the moderation staff's attention, and if nothing needs to be done with a report it's..... three mouse clicks away from being solved. PMs are generally more useful if you want to have a private discussion with a moderator about previous action, or raising your concerns in a more formal way. Like @Vanamonde said, if it's not time-sensitive, you can send a PM. If it goes against the guidelines, report it and we can take care of it
  9. I usually have either an escape tower or some form of decoupler built in so I can use the abort button, though the majority of the time I attempt to wrestle crippled rockets into doing something at least partially useful.
  10. Locked at the OP's request. Nice stories
  11. Seeing as this thread's been mostly peaceful since halfway through last year, and the OP hasn't turned up since January, I'm gonna go ahead and guess that this thread is done for for the time being. I can open it up again if the OP decides to return, but for now I'm gonna lock this thread up. Happy posting
  12. @PrathamK, I'm gonna go ahead and say that this mod is likely taking its final rest. I can open up the thread again if the OP comes back and decides to update, but the mod is old and outdated, and it's not looking like it will be soon. Rest in piece, EvilCorp Kerbanomics.
  13. Here you go, bro.
  14. We have a special announcement regarding ALL Thread Of The Month winners, past or present! As mentioned briefly in the May edition of Thread of the Month, instead of using tags to designate TOTM threads, we will be using special badges that can be put in winners' signatures and linked directly to their thread. After a short discussion (as in, about three sentences), we've decided to release these badges for all former TOTM thread owners to use with their threads! Special thanks to @adsii1970 for making the badges, which can be foooouuuuund..... here. Congratulations to every single TOTM thread owner, ever! Again!