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  1. This guy is making my hard drive cranky...
  2. I approve! Very nice.
  3. A 1.2.2 version would be awesome. I loaded into my save and caused a major crash that took 45 minutes to fix (my problem, not you... )
  4. Kottabosed already...
  5. I have had this mod for a while now; but I have never been able to hire them in the Admin building. I can only find them randomly on rescues. Is this the norm or am I just dense?
  6. Not sure about the deleting or upgrading part... Up to individual taste, I guess. In simplest terms (after over an hour of screwing around trying to figure it out) open the error log in word, go to 'edit' at the top of the file, click 'find' and type in the word 'crash' and click 'find next'. Each time you click 'find next' it will find the word you are looking for. The line with the word is the problem. May be an easier way to find it, bit it seems to work for me... Fly safe, my friend.
  7. Looks like the problem is with SXT/Parts.
  8. Oh, life is good... Thank you for the awesome work, JadeOfMaar.
  9. Life is sweet... Thanks for the good work!
  10. You have been Kottabosed !!! Glorious...
  11. No. I make sure to update to 1.2.2 using CKAN and make sure the right build if I put them in manually. EDIT: Never mind... I fixed it somehow. Guess the sacrifice i made to The Great Kraken worked. Thanks anyway and love your mod!
  12. Read through a bit of the forum; but could not find. I am still playing 1.2.2. Restarted my save (3/4 the way through career tech0 and the TCA icon disappeared from the menu. Would any updated mods affect the TCA install? I didn't update it; but I did update others. Thanks in advance.
  13. Why not rotate it and put it on the bottom of build, engage node and continue build?
  14. Yes it is. Lots of complicated things you.can do like orbit and landing planning. Works best for me with hovering above landing sites.