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  1. Looked around and can't remember if I asked or not (memory not what it was). I can't seem to get any thrust out of the 'Pluto" engine in orbit. Get lovely plume and firing sound, but orbit doesn't change.
  2. I believe those are in the current update. I updated from CKAN, and I have them.
  3. Having the cargo container KIS compatable would be cool...
  4. As far as I've noticed, the two types are incompatable. They can only match up with their own type.
  5. Finally had a chance to mess with it. I am getting crazy high (40,000+) consumption rate on the engines too.
  6. That's how they worked in the show, I think. Would be neat if the retracted all the way; but not a deal breaker. For those that need help (like me), what would be the easiest way to re-doc with one of the pods? 2000+ hours in and I suck at pinpoint landings...
  7. You been Kottabos-ed already... I have been trying to build one of these in stock, to much avail. Downloading now!
  8. This is cool! Wonder how long it would take to make this monstrosity with EPL... Very well done sir.
  9. I was about to post that my weldable docking ports wont stick together either.
  10. This mod pairs well with rover science. I love it.
  11. IDK, but it makes the ship look cooler...
  12. Stupid question. I haven't had a chance to use the reactors much due to career restarts; but what does the 'Customize Reactor' buttons do?
  13. Oh. Guess I was having an 'Old Man Moment'... I'll mess with it and see what happens. Thank you for the response.
  14. Lots of pages and haven't found; but can anyone tell me how to use the D4-D Atomic Thermal Jet? It is full of Uranium and even have a air duct on plane. It just fizzes out on activation
  15. Yeah, thanks to Kottabos, my hard drive is getting very cranky with me...