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  1. Wait, then why does it say that it has 0.2 charged particles ratio?
  2. I've got an OMEGA fusion reactor with radiators and two generators hooked up to it: thermal and other for charged particles. Thermal one works just fine and produces megajoules, but the other one doesn't for some reason. Can anybody tell me what the problem is?
  3. Is there any chance, that we're going to see custom turrets in the future? EDIT: I mean turrets for missile mounting, not guns.
  4. Wow, your truss pieces, look so sexy, that I'm going to rip them off and use them on all of my stations from now...
  5. I've got a small issue. I'm trying to make a hovercraft and use rocket engines binded to WASD keys for manouvering instead of normal RCS thrusters. When I want to make a 180 degree turn and hold down D for a second It works just fine and then let go off that D key it shuts down just as it should, but when I want to give it a gentle push in the other way and quickly tap A It just keeps going without turning off. I know, that it isn't a bug and it's just how this mod works, but is there and way around this problem?
  6. I see that this thread is going back to life for an unknown reason...
  7. This thing really inspired me...
  8. Hod did you launch it man?It's glorious
  9. I'm no modder, so I have no idea.
  10. Is it possible to make air and space bomb detonations look a bit different?
  11. The only way for now is to use Infernal robotics...
  12. He was asking which set should he use - 1 and 2 (first set) or 3 and 4 (second set).
  13. I already suggested it both there and on IR thread. Nobody really cared about it much.
  14. 1. I think, that he plans on adding support for RPM, but for now he has more important things to like the AI improvements. 3. Same as above, and I think, that radar already works in space, there's no reason for it to not work. 5. I think he was talking about it some time ago, but I'm sure. 6. They are GPS guided