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  1. Have the mechanics for communications changed in 1.3? I'm loosing contact with stuff in LKO, 130-140 km and in planes near the poles. I used to be able to keep an OKTO in contact with the ground, without an antenna. Nevermind found my problem. the range modifier was set to .65... somehow. Now, I'm debating if I want to keep it there.
  2. How are we defining wierd? I've got a broad definition of mundane.
  3. the time before I can safely deploy the chutes.
  4. another one where the forum doesn't like albums... post line: album link:
  5. Here go. Images of the Laughing Gas Album Xw4IZ will appear when post is submitted
  6. I haven't built this small in a while, only 42.6 tonnes. I'll post pics of the "Laughing Gas" , no oxidizer -> No ox -> Nox -> nitrous oxide -> laughing gas ... get it?, later. I'm going to have to rig up a return variant.
  7. possible explanations, starting from the mundane and getting increasingly fantasic. - jan 1, 1970 is Unix zero time. the related post date/time field in the forum db has been set to zero/null and the software is interpreting it as best it can - the forum has been hacked and some data changed. - quantum - the game and the forums have been in existence that long. what you are seeing are simply transcriptions of the old corkboard discussions. Which is where the modern usage of boards comes from. - Illuminati - They are actually posts from the future and the time field has simply overflowed. - Kebals - quantum - time traveling Kerbals - quantum - [Redacted by order of O-5 [expunged]]
  8. Dang ninjaed... hate that. The "rules" are similar to the rules of good mystery writing. The Fair-Play UN is the same as Fair-Play Whodunnit. However, your "viewing direction", is inverted. Rather than watching the characters solve the mystery. You are the character solving the mystery. This turns Knox's Decalogue into guidelines rather than hard rules. Hitchcock's "Stage Fright" is an example that don't follow the rules. At least when it comes to that flashback at the beginning. But given it was the prototype for such things it can be slightly excused. Akira Kurosawa's "Rashomon" I think follows the "rules", but I'm going to have to sit down and watch it to be sure. But, given "Rashomon"-Style hangs off UN, I going to guess yes. It can be hard to write for, or lots of work. You have to write the story twice. Once for the narrator, and once for reality. As a trope it can't be the only thing you hang your plot off of and it can't be the whole story. Unless you are either very, very good or working in a very literary genre. But, it is better to be both. As long as it doesn't enter mind screw territory or is completely illogical it can up the fridge quotient a fair bit.
  9. To supplement the answer. The plasma generates radio noise. This radio noise will swamp out any radio signal being transmitted. The signal to noise ratio of a channel. The plasma raises the absolute amount of noise on all local radio channels. That leaves two options you can use clever encoding techniques that are tolerant of high levels of noise, or you can raise the amount of power used. At this point in time the need to have firm radio contact during that phase of decent hasn't been required. So clever encoding techniques haven't been develeoped. And the amount of raw power needed to burn through the radio noise... could be picked up clearly by the fillings of the folks in Moscow when the guys were coming back over California. Or could flash cook an egg in the chicken at 50 miles.
  10. I'm am not a very creative individual. When "Wings of Honneamise" appeared during my tropes-walks at work I thought yeah... Jeb as the hero character, and then run the story from there. Though having said that perhaps Val would be better. You know, adapt if you must, but flip something to keep it fresh. Though I'm not sure if just a gender flip would be enough. Even as a direct adaptation it would be a good straight KSP story. Though it would conflict with my general practice of trying to write stories that do not have the potential to violate future kerbal-canon. Though those details could be hand waved away with varying degrees of success. Though if I could get a little itsy-bitsy peak at the Grand Kerbol Canon Bible that would be great. I'll sign an NDA and buy the expansion pack and all <Yiddish accent>the merchandising</Yiddish accent>... <formal Washington DC accent>"We cannot confirm or deny the existence of such a document" </formal Washington DC accent>... Which movies, or novels, would be good to try and adapt to the KSP universe. I'm kind of looking for not mainstream stuff, for the usual definitions of mainstream. For me, at the least, this will be a writing exercise for varying values of exercise. But, if a good story can come of it all the better. And i'm not going to knock the recommendations for decent book/movies in the high numbers of the moh's scale for hardness. Yeah... go watch [Wings of Honneamise]. It's good. I first saw it on the midnight anime block during the hey-day of anime here in NA. It does not do the movie justice. Sorry if this one is a little bit more wander-y and ramble-ish than my usual post. It is a big holiday celebration here in Canukistan. The methylcarbinol and ethane hydroxide are fighting with my usual mentality... so more is slipping through than usual. *picks up chair* Back though! *whip crack* Back! I say! *whip crack*
  11. You'll need a bit of space. I recall Bill Nye the Science Guy did something similar with our system. He needed a car. at 1/4000000 Eeloo is two and a quarter kilometres out,and Kerbol is still 13 meters across... a bit big for a 3d printer.
  12. dang... now I've got to figure out a bunch of those fellows for the Groundbound series.
  13. leaving aside the Thud and the adaptors which are trivial cases. basic methods: - radially mount fuel tanks or similar and place the engines on those - place the cubic octostrut on the bottom and mount the engines to that. I think the MGS will allow the same as well. not basic method: - hack up the part file, or create a MM patch, to add multiple mounting points.
  14. It was doing that for me as well. when I bounce between the office, tablet, and home I would have to login each time. It has since cleared for me. It's now keeping me logged in at the office and at home. Not sure what it was, cause I didn't do anything to clear it. I suspect a bad cookie or similar that has since expired. But, these dare intertubes looker thangs</southern drawl> are pretty near magic to me.
  15. Interstellar capabilities. Orbital Shipyards. <insert third item.>