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  1. AHeroReborn, I banged hard against the main character. He's ranking pretty high on my trusty Fluke brand Mary-Sue-o-Meter. You may want to run him through this check list, and review this article Common Mary Sue Traits. Though that is a detail take on Werhner I don't think I've seen before.
  2. Aha! So we've established the point is sound in principle, now we're just haggling over the numbers.
  3. Provide a method to allow us to purchase an upgrade to our store account to receive the "lifetime of DLC upgrades". Points in no particular order: 1.a. This isn't about fairness. But, I understand and accept the decision that was made. Reward those who rolled the dice on the game early on. Early adopters, marketplace, and all that. 1.b. I don't like where the line was drawn. So I can either gripe pointlessly about it, or I can propose what might be a reasonable solution for both sides. As they say, you can be part of the solution or you can be part of the precipitate. 2.a. "Gold Deluxe Edition, with Crew Commentary" Syndrome. Why buy the DLC as it comes out, when the GDE with CC will be coming out SoonTM? The game and all the DLC on one USB, 3 DVDs, in a shiny gold box. And usually cheaper than buying each separately. 2.b. Time value of money. Basically it means, 20$ today is worth more than 20$ tomorrow, and 30$ today is worth more than 20$ tomorrow and 20$ next month. That same 30$ is still worth more than 20$ tomorrow, 20$ next month, and 20$ next year. Wikipedia has an introductory article on the concept. 2.c. The cost of the upgrade should not be constant. It should increase as the DLCs are released. 2.d. Profit! No missing steps plan here. Accounting... financials... SOx... Oh! Look, Mortimer. He'll be able to explain it. 3. Not a good reason, but I'm cheap and lazy. That being said I will buy content if it looks like it will be worth it. I just don't want to choose if it will be worth it, and too cheap to risk my money on it not being worth it. 4. [EXPUNGED] I wasn't quickly finding this or a similar suggestion in the recent history. But feel free to point me in the direction if there is one.
  4. What's the part count on your bird?
  5. Not sure if I'll pay for the/each dlc... But would pay to upgrade my account to the early adopter class.
  6. At that height it sounds like it had a flyby of Mün which would have been enough to shot it out to solar orbit.
  7. Have/will/considered any of the UI suggestions from Blitworks be moved into the PC version?
  8. Actually I think staging might be preserved. All the first stage of the assembly is being blended with the first stage of the actual craft, and so on. Prepending or Appending staging is closer to what you're thinking of. Tab by convention goes to the next user actionable element in a form. So it will go to submit rather than action submit.
  9. That's what I figured. Though I may keep with the two hop approach. It is easier to rendezvous with my research stations that way. The timing of the launch would have to be tighter than my skills allow to get it close to the right inclination on launch. Basically you'd have to have to launch when your initial AP, before circularization will be at or near the nodes, correct?
  10. Is it better to introduce some to most of the inclination for an orbit at launch or to lunch near enough to 0 and then burn to right inclination out near Minmus?
  11. Moving mine over while I'm thinking about it. A bit of pulp sci-fi to get the literary crowd to pick up the magazine.
  12. Kegeta: Under 300! Kegeta crushes the word counter. Kappa: Under 300? That's impossible! It must be malfunctioning. (V.O.) We go through so many word counters. a bit fiction of so that while folks who buy the mag claim they are buying it for the articles have something interesting to read. Channeling the old serial fiction ghosts... maybe not as well as I would like but:
  13. 300 words ain't much room to play in. But, I should be able to conjure up a couple of things. if can break my rut maybe even something in nonfiction.
  14. Given the amount of chatter the thread will generate perhaps it would be better to either break-out the submissions to a different thread or pm the submissions to <insert receiver here> with the subject "kerb-mag contest". Just to keep them from getting lost. I wonder if a successful entry would count as being formally published?
  15. not quite silly procedural question. do the published articles become property of KSP parent corp under standard work for hire or someting else? i'm cool with it either way if something i post makes it. but i've worked with people who have been really touchy about such things.