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  1. @DaMichel seems to have done a recompile for 1.2.0, but didnt link to a release, or announce it officially... Grab the master, and extract the GameData/KerbalWind folder from here... "should" probably work in 1.2.2... At least no one has complained or logged any issues stating otherwise...
  2. Before anyone asks for updates, maybe they should give these a try first... This IS just a parts mod, so barring any drastic changes caused by future versions of Unity, these SHOULD work, (also barring minor cfg tweaking), in just about any later version of KSP. I just tried it on 1.2.2, and other than some z-fighting, and some weird staging on some parts, this seems to work fine... Granted, it could also stand to have the textures converted to DDS... 177MB of HDD space seems quite excessive for just about a dozen parts... Not to mention the performance hit for non-DDS textures... Unfortunately, unless @sciencepanda changes the license from AAR, everyone will have to make fixes and DDS conversion themselves... Unless someone wants to write a bunch of "community fixes" modulemanager patches...
  3. Shoot... 'K, Thanx... This is what I get, and why I didnt know if just me:
  4. I'm trying to get ahold of some of Majiir's older versions, but with the many security add-ons I have installed for Firefox, this link for old versions from the OP isnt working for me... Just wondering if its just me, or if the link is still good? If someone could check and post back for me, i'd appreciate it...
  5. Theres KSPDev Log Console that will do it for the KSP.log... but not the output log...
  6. Just realised I forgot a link for NotePad++ itself in my previous post... Notepad is a VERY basic text editor, and a Microsoft product.... Notepad++ is NOT a MS product, and has a lot more features... Not the least of which is support of tons of programming languages (inc. C++, C# and python, which are widely used to create KSP mods), as well as custom languages... So using those and the custom KSP language, it highlights proper syntax usage/errors, supports automatic word and function auto-completion for those languages, allows multiple document "tabs" in one program window, displays line numbers, displays matched bracket sets, has a customisable GUI, and just overall seems a bit more intuitive than basic MS Notepad or Wordpad... Plus, I hate the weird dbl-line spacing I cant seem to get rid of in Notepad and Wordpad...
  7. I prefer Notepad++ for writing and editing config files and MM patches... Forum users @genericeventhandler, Justin Kerbice, and dreadicon have all written custom KSP language files for NP++ (Pretty sure many others have made their own as well)... They allow you to spot errors and make it easier to follow proper syntax for cfgs and MM patches... A few months ago, I updated and expanded one of the cfg languages... Still not complete, but available here:
  8. Uhm.... did you try v1.2.1, instead? v1.2.0 was for KSP 1.1.3, v1.2.1 was for 1.2.x...
  9. Tagging them will give them a notification for sure, as I'm not sure they'll automagically get one just for a reply on their thread... vOv @LostOblivion
  10. @Pkmniako Any chance to post a link to the Github repo, so your source files would be available to people? Thanx!
  11. Easy enough to fix... theres several options. You could model/texture an hatch/airlock right into either the domes or bases themselves, or modify one of the passable truss sections to have a hatch/airlock, or you could add this mod as a "recommended mod" to the OP: Or maybe this might work, as well... vOv ?? Personally, if this were my mod, Pamynx, I would modify one of the passable truss sections into an "airlock" part, like Tiktaalik's, so users could decide on what domes to have one, and where to place it... Rather than modifying the dome or base parts...
  12. ... and its all available..... where??...
  13. For that, you might find this mod better suited: Even tho title says for KSP 1.1.0, at then end of the thread there are links for unofficial, working versions for latest versions of KSP