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  1. Interesting, as that seems to be a utility designed for Windows 95/98...?? lol
  2. The link for the DDS plugin is for an OLD version... Try THIS one: And if anyone doesnt want to install GIMP, ONLY for the DDS conversioning, theres this standalone app that still works: CHeck the README at the bottom of the page.
  3. Nice... For hatches for your labs, making hatches/ladders are pretty easy... This may help if you havent seen it before:
  4. Yup... I have ~230GB About 165GB of mod .zips alone...
  5. OK... I figured if there WAS a way to do it, you would probably know... I dont know enough about configs... I just know I've seen other names/modules able to be indexed in other situations... THANX a ton for the patch tho... :thumbsup:
  6. I know this is old, but on the main page for the Firespitter download (NOT the forum thread), there is a button for "Plugin Only" ... that will get you just the DLL, without having to even download, then having to delete the rest of the mod...
  7. looks AWESOME.... Can I ask, are you using regular KSP shaders, or maybe PBR shaders on that?
  8. Yup... Thw WildBlue Tools download is just for the Tools itself, and is generally, i believe, meant for other mod devs to to grab WBT, for use/incorporation/research into making their OWN mods... WildBlue Tools is packaged already in all of Angel's mods... So, yeah, "users" dont have to worry about grabbing WBT seperately... Also, IIRC, he makes sure to keep the mods/WBT versions synced up, so, I beleieve when you install more than one of his mods at the same time, its OK to let the WBT folder be overwritten...
  9. You could try only seperating them when you are pointing exactly, or at least closer to prograde... In those pics, your AoA is pretty high...
  10. Sweet!!... now when I get my computer sorted so i can play KSP again, this will be one of the first mods I try... Also, I just submitted a PR containing the files for that "atmospheric" antenna I made for Telemachus...
  11. Yup... I know that feeling... have you tried PM'ing parameciumkid?... he was last on only about a month & a half ago
  12. Even if someone has a copy, there's no license stated in the OP or the .zip, so it defaults to ARR, meaning NO ONE can redistribute it... So unless @parameciumkid comes back and changes the licensing himself, then this mod is done... See his last post on his plans for this mod:
  13. I have the complete download, too... As well as a ton of stuff prior to KerbalStuff even coming online... Yes, it is EVERYTHING... It does include lots of mods that have closed licenses, so it would have to be sorted to see what can actually be redistributed at all.