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  1. There are several other mods (even very old ones) like Graphotron, and IIRC, even MechJeb, which can save logged data... IIRC, I think the rules are strictest with source code, but as long as its stated in the OP that the mod can create and save its own files as well, i belive youre good to go... Best to ask, but I think thats the gist of it... Theres even a couple mods, that their ONLY purpose is to pull data from the KSP logs, and save it in seperate log files they create themselves...
  2. Would it be a lot of work, to have it maybe save as a .csv? So people could import to text or spreadhsheet type of their choice?
  3. So I take it that means it wont work for plots between bodies in the stock system, with any bodies in any extra-solar planet/galaxy packs? If not, yeah, adding that would be kewl...
  4. Maybe I'm way off base with this, but there are TONS of different modded antenna parts out there... I would like to see a way to limit (or expand, depending on the way you look at it), the way those antenna parts are used. For example, aircraft comms antennas (short range, LoS); science transmission antennas (ONLY for transmitting science, NOT for comms as well); a GPS antenna; as well as being able to setup specific antennas for specific comm channels... Yes, maybe role-playing, but I like the idea of having reason to use the many different antennas available... Currently, other than range, theres no real reason to use different antennas other than aesthetics... And this is also why I would like to see the "freqs/bands" dependant on the antenna parts themselves, rather than on a craft basis... This mod seems to be going in that direction... And I agree with the points of, even if ALL this mod does is declutter the mapview mess, THAT alone is reason enough for me to use it...
  5. So, its not a function of the map viewer to set the zoom levels?
  6. Would it be difficult to add change the zoom levels?... Its all good, up to 100km... then it goes up to 300km, which is a bit too far out, leaving lots of empty screen space, and overlapping the map quite a lot... Would it be possible to add 200km level, or change the 300 to 200? I guess i should ask, since different bodies have different zoom levels, that some bodies go to a 3x zoom level as the final level (ie 100km to 300km), while some do go 2x instead (ie 100km to 200km)... So I guess I'm asking if maybe 2x could be added or changed for those bodies using 3x as a final zoom level?
  7. ...and people could at least beta test it while you finish Energia... ??? Also, the link for Angara 1.3.3 in the OP is dead? EDIT:...whoops, thats on your other thread
  8. Maybe uninstall hullcam, and try the camera in RPM? ... See what that might do? There was also an old mod, that had a large in-game viewscreen as a part, which could display camera views??...
  9. Kewl... THAT would be BIGGLY AWESOME SAUCE...
  10. @dsonbill When it says "IVA Keyboard Input" in the OP features list, do you mean you can use your computer keyboard for input in IVA, or do you mean the monitor that is included in the ASET Alcor pod? If not the IVA monitor, COULD you make it so?? Heres the one I mean:
  11. You have an outdated version of RPM...?? You need to set the texture resolution to at least "half res", in the game settings...