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  1. This absolutely this. Its clear we want this. Original post time 01:50:30
  2. Whats wrong with lens flare? Always thought it neat meself original post 21:42:30
  3. @mattinoz KSP is designed from code line 1 character 1 by harvester i think it was as single player. So just because a mod kinda sorta iffied multiplayer in a (from what ive heard) in a brokenish kind of way does not now nor ever repudiate the fact it was designed and intended single player. Time Warp is a MAJOR factor that is 100% mandatory for KSP to be playable for anything beyond low kerbal orbit. Period. I cannot play with you if you use Parts Pack A and I do not. Period. Just like say I use Parts Pack B and you avoid it like the plague you cannot interact with me. No way to avoid that either. You run a computer with a super computer like performance that can run 40000+ part ships? I envy you! Lets say mine in this example would get a frame per millennia at 1/100th that part count... Unless they make it so you are on your own private server where only those you trust can access it (a fiscal nightmare id wager to fund that kind of infrastructure and cost prohibitive too) the multiplayer would need to be general public access and anonymity shielding that is the internet means trolls. Means bad crap will happen. Cant be stopped. Its just not practical. original post time 01:09:30
  4. No. No. Not ever. Why? Glad ya asked! 1. Mod compatibility 2. Time Warp 3. KSP is a single player game that is not suited for multiplayer 4. Part counts 5. Trolls 6. Trolls 7. I mention trolls yet? 8. Time Warp 9. Part Counts 10. KSP is a single player game that is not suited for multiplayer 11. Mod compatibility I listed several items multiple times because they are HUGE barriers to the idea. Original post time 22:32:30
  5. I have taken my time to consider my words for this post, weighing my choices, and I will be as concise as I can. The idea that one must mod this game to fix clear short comings is as @passinglurker said a crutch. Why should we fix an incomplete thing? Truth be told I have what could amount to 5-6 pages of what I want, need to say on this but I honestly fear doing so, so, instead I will ask again: why are we in a culture of needing to mod the short comings away and why are we so accepting of this? Do not mistake my words or my intent. I think the idea of modding to add flavor is awesome, but I find that in some ways we are modding to add in the milk and eggs ourselves to finish making the ice cream we bought at the store.... MY thoughts. MY opinion only. original post time 04:01:30
  6. Just exactly like multiplayer KSP =\= suitable for such things. Part counts, time warp, mods...... List goes on and on and on as to why its not a good or plausible idea. original post time submission 19:14:30
  7. @Shadow Wolf56 Not all players can run tons of visual enhancing mods. I am one such player. The only visual enhancing mod I run is Reentry Particle effects which enables the code already IN the game. The fact remains Squad has the assets in what ever state porkjet left them. @Snark Two things, while I may not know whats going on internally at squad or TT fact remains that Squad at one point publicly stated the revamp from porkjet was back burnered not ditched. original post time 19:04:30
  8. @Benjamin Kerman "Needed"? Dude this game STILL NEEDS that art pass. If it didnt you wouldnt see it brought up this much. Further much like plasma trails for reentry (the code for that, for the record is already IN ksp but turned off, a mod fixes it tho) Squad already has the assets from porkjet in house yet they dont use either. This games visuals are incoherent at best. You have the slickness of the NASA SLS parts against the mismash of what looks like half baked parts. Its jarring to say the least. original post time 17:40:30
  9. @Snark Riddle me this then: porkjet put PAID BY SQUAD effort into his rocket part revamp, so, why have they not gone on to incorporate the work THEY paid for into the stock game? Man hours paid for and no implementation? Bad business. original post time 23:23:30
  10. @Snark If the game was more coherent visually it would add a certain level of professionalism to the game. By that I mean it would look more polished and would likely garner the attention of folks who appreciate such things. The times are changing and hodgepodge has run its course and streamline is the new it girl. Original post time submission 19:37:20
  11. Putting this game into other languages was no trivial thing. That said, I do not like the fact they have chosen to devote time and resources into a DLC when, in MY opinion that time would have been better spent on doing things like an art/beauty pass to unify the parts aesthetically as an example. The fact this one thing gets requested with such frequency says something, even more that such efforts were undertaken then shelved says more. MY opinion entirely. Thusly I have spoken my opinion thusly you accept or repudiate at your whim. Original post time 16:46:30
  12. A simple truth: KSP is single player and since cheating is a means to attain an unfair advantage over another player by methods that are against the rules of conduct. That being said, the alt-f12 menu is nothing more than a tool kit to be used as you see fit. That also being said the advice above my post here is a great set of tips and tools! Happy exploring! time 23:45:30
  13. DISCLAIMER: I am about to share a rather bluntly pointed opinion that represents a single persons point of view. A point of view that you the reader may choose to: Agree with, repudiate or completely ignore in favor of moar boosters at your own whim and or discretion. I play the only mode that was well thought out. The only mode that gives me a reason to form an emotional attachment to and for our little green space kadets, sandbox. Science mode comes close but still lacks substance in terms of long term or EVA science. Career mode is an absolute farce if you ask me. Contracts do not provide a linear nor logical progression let alone provide any form of cohesive story. Manned before probes? Illogical! Lets have you haul this part from way down the tech tree up and use it at an arbitrary height and speed for what practical reason? To be frank, blunt what ever, career mode has potential if proper logic and thought get applied to make it: 1. Logical and linear. 2. Proper story. 3. Logical. 4. Linear. 5. Sensible. DISCLAIMER: I have shared a rather bluntly pointed opinion that represents a single persons point of view. A point of view that you the reader may choose to: Agree with, repudiate or completely ignore in favor of moar boosters at your own whim and or discretion. time 19:22:30
  14. He seems quite happy, my nokia wasnt after a car crushed it lol time 15:34:05
  15. 4 i guess but the op is so old its hard to read. And holy necrothread batman!! time 22:51:45