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  1. @TriggerAu That explanation clears it up, thanks!
  2. Ill say it again: They need to address current issues before they add even "moar" features. To which they seem to be doing this. One issue I myself want to seen dealt with is the outdated and very hodgepodge look every part has. A unifying art pass, their own or a full implementation of porkjets would be outstanding!
  3. @Badie That reinforces my understanding of console players pay for each update as well as the games initial purchase...which makes my want to not invest in a console copy, but again, i may be barking into the wind at my own echo of failing to understand..
  4. Wait... Updates on console cost each time or did i misread, because my interpretation makes me feel like updates on say ps4 cost a fee... Again its possible i read into that wrong
  5. Click bait? Naw. Disappointing? Nope! Fun little read about a glitch with a fun momen and a sad ending. Id add I think the threads title has a typo but thats my guess
  6. I have said this elsewhere, but I will say this here: NO NEW ANYTHING! They need to bring the graphics into 2017 with a unified beauty pass. Porkjets or their own, but unify the graphics.
  7. I think the bottom line is, its not for Squad to fix inherent engine problems, I think it falls to the folks who MADE unity to fix the inherent engine issues.
  8. Ive myself never really experienced the GC jitters (GCJ) but I can imagine how irritating it could be or is. That being said, any fix regardless of simplicity or complexity can be monitized by the simple fact it COULD make the game more "playable" <defined by your perception of how bad the GCJ is> and increase the public reputation, but Im speculating only here on a theoretical outcome. But bottom line: time constraints, monetary constraints, license issues, potential bugs etc make this complicated. Speculations ofc
  9. My career mode in ksp has always, i mean ALWAYS looked the same: first introduced: ooh career mode, lets play! Ick this is awkward...this makes no sense.. Why should I play this? Why should i care about these kerbals? I give up, maybe next version will work. Back to sandbox! Next update? Same. Rinse and repeat. Career mode is a failure in my book. No linear logical progression. No story, no reason to invest my energy into a purely illogical grind that cant follow a basic and logical progression that makes sense. Let alone a mode that fails utterly to draw me in and get me emotionally invested. Imho
  10. There is but i cant locate it via my phone
  11. Where and when doth it end?

  12. i point thee at:
  13. @Snark I know, but, I can't help myself when I see ker or mechjeb suggested. But to rejoin the rails so to speak, for visuals I'd also suggest reentry particle effects mod. It turns on an a bit of code that is STOCK IN THE CODE for plasma trails. Hey uh @SQUAD any chance we can see that code turned on in the future?
  14. You just saved me much in the way of headaches and time staring at pretty green lines blinking at me in the vab!