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  1. - adjusted building density here and there and some minor roads and paths stuff (slighty lowering highway entrance congestion) - expanded a little the farming area according to import - added a little wood area on a side, because why not (speaking of train each stationspawn train that's why, also it's recommanded for interesection segment that they can host a full lenght train, shorter it can eventually stuck the train network) new save:
  2. I have the save a little to adjust a few area building density. and yup as cantab what's everyone is doing is real cool ^^
  3. it will prolly despawn if someone don't have it.
  4. I have the save Did a lot of stuff , lot of road details adjustement, will prolly observe what everyone is doing before expanding more now. new save:
  5. Known for financial city and stadium *yick*
  6. There still an issue with the sewer i fix it: I Have the Save New save: anyway it was my fault in the first place, because of the death waves this morning i was late on bringing back the save quick as said and not checked everithing, and stranded in a hurry prolly did the same ^^
  7. new save: (got a deathwave spike so it took a bit more time than expected to get some zone refreshed) - mostly fixed a bus line with a roundabout in the industrial zone - extended the backward industrial zone truck highway feed bi-directionnal - extended the farming industrial zone - added some service (even if not really required) - dropped some groundwork test road layout for later while waiting for the deathwave to end
  8. I grab the save, fairly quick, to fix a small bus line issue due to a missing roundabout yep, the oppression office fit better to the style anyway, but you gonna need to reagence a little bit around - _ -
  9. New save: - so as said in pm, recovered the temple @cantab (it's been un-ploped because not everyone installed the new free dlc) the special building i use: taxe office, temple, panda zoo - did a lot of road stuff, and train stuff - replaced some low density residential per high density - expended the industrial zone backward (adjusted the cargo train congestion doing a funny road network) - brought the train to andy other side of the hill so he can eventually do a loop with the bridge this is where in the district menu you can change the building style using a scroll menu
  10. I grab the save, also i guess to restore the eu style a mod is required, as i don't have any installed seem i can't , and the EU style is checked in my option ; ) also i m gonna tend to the support the fact this financial stadium city need a google meta spad scaled natural disaster, for persisting in griefing like if not ^^
  11. i guess you not uploaded the last free dlc ; ) some of my building got removed ; ) a stadium lol ; )
  12. 6 line bring tricolor stop whatever (but exiting one way) , and unlike 2 line pedestrian need a cross road to change side, while 2 way they can cross anywhere, the main interest of 6 line is for long segment, and industry feeding without cargo train if you have some traffic issue adding tricolor stop rarely make it better, so it's much more efficient to use stop interesection this does a lot for traffic in combination with pedestrian especially in combination with one way roundabout without tricolor stop also with big city, most of the traffic is related to industry => highway // high way <= industry // industry => commerce // highway => commerce residential traffic is close to neglectable with long enough segment and max zone density a good guide on steam about traffic basics also: this one also for more advanced and random kind of road network and combination with transport speaking of bus keep in mind the amount of bus is for now linked to both line lenght and amount of stop (this will change with the incoming free update where you're gonna be able to customize transport line) so playin' with the amount of stop depending the lenght have an impact as well & pedestian path impact a lot if you use them wisely according to the various feeding and how pedestrian cross road
  13. hum might not be only this, on save load screen there's a scrolling menu with theme, it might require to be reapplied there as well if removed (or if someone has it uncheked in the option, it migth reapply the default building style within the save, not sure gonna check that next time) @cantab very cool work with using tiles depht ^^
  14. i grab the save new save: - enlarged the main electrical network feeding - modified the metro between rkarmak and andy city so it feed the fresh new free panda zoo (don't forget to download it before grabbing the save) - added some zenitude top of little town ^^ + some fun stuff with pedestrian path because ^^ - expanded the industrial zone backward - modified my bus lines so it feed better the backward industrial zone, wich noticeably impacted congestion near the highway entrance - added a train station for the industrial zone and connected it to the main intercity current line - added some road connection rkarmark could use (andy feel free to use the bridges btw, whenever ^^) noticeably it's also cool my citizen are pretty well educated while i only have elementary school ^^ [insert south park meme, they stole our children xDr] if someone specialize into forestry also that could be interesting (i can also expand a little the farming depending the import export and all, not really monitered them as for now)
  15. lately i do wonder if what we observe from here or there is not related to the universe shape in itself, and is may be more truncated than what we may think, also the general way it (could) move in it's own referential and a/some larger referential near the/it's "pole" could may be be used to get some "whatever" "emissive"/"missing emmissive"(/or emissive repart along the frag grenade principle near specific location and sub orbital rectiligne trajectory) back ... srry approx english