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  1. weird copy past series: ^^ :3 ^^
  2. ... sigh ...
  3. *grumpf* ...}§{... "search?q=i+swim+in+the+primitive+soup+and+i+m+happy+again" well .. it's complicated ... go go internet go ... the last 300 400 years world demography and tech and edu &&& ... 'sigh' next step might be to lower the overall biped population // tech progress over the next thousand years , keeping enough crossing without to much individual // others being and "transport" ...
  4. today i ended with this: wich include various rythmes break and instruments dialogues (thks to smiley and xxtube rss ^5)
  5. make me think i should really find an alternate way to draw some stuff on pc ^^ may be nextime i ll grab a tactile screen, prolly
  6. banido por " g r a m a t i c a l "
  7. it mostly because without prescience there's no postscience so you can't be proscience without a lot of conscience What's a gimmick ally ? A shame i K lies
  8. Usually you find the same before and after why right now i ve not really any single question to ask in mind and just ask a bout it ?
  9. i was was bored with [insert stupid country line drawed at some point] peops' and did this feel free to gg trans ... a few pun might be tricky to localise ...
  10. a birthday and some weird livestream ... a few others things but well ...
  12. "oh well ... don't be so ... egg whµmoan"
  13. "peggy ... never heard .... ,'')"
  14. well ... Topics Culture Geography Health History Mathematics Nature People Philosophy Religion Society Technology edit THE NEUROSCIENCE PORTAL A chimp brain floating in a jar Shortcut: WP:NEURO Neuroscience is a scientific discipline that studies the structure, function, development, genetics, biochemistry, physiology, pharmacology, pathology of the nervous system, and psychology. Traditionally it was seen as a branch of biological sciences. However, recently there has been a convergence of interest from other disciplines, including chemistry, computer science, statistics, physics, philosophy, mathematics, and medicine. The scope of neuroscience has now broadened to include any systematic scientific experimental and theoretical investigation of the central and peripheral nervous system of biological organisms. The methodologies employed by neuroscientists have been enormously expanded, from biochemical and genetic analysis of dynamics of individual nerve cells and their molecular constituents to imaging representations of perceptual and motor tasks in the brain. Furthermore, neuroscience is at the frontier of investigation of the brain and mind. The study of the brain is becoming the cornerstone in understanding how we perceive and interact with the external world and, in particular, how human experience and human biology influence each other. It is likely that the study of the brain will become one of the central intellectual endeavors in the coming decades. Neuroscience News | Did you know... | well ... good luck