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  1. nope just a wut the wut ^^ @kerbinorbiter
  2. look like a hug ^^ rudness rlly ? waht for xDr :3
  3. nope nope nope you need a cure , believe me ^^
  4. well i m gonna broke a chain for some fair enough concern but @NSEP
  5. "kitty" do or do not
  6. busy ^^ @Kerbal101
  7. the word: "ninguem" annoy me .... but it's a lot of years old ... and most don't remind me "partially" included
  8. title II = fight club rule 4 back to 1 lulzzzzzz (self censored to avoid one more red warning and/or ban) anyway while the media are busy talking about that they don't talk of something else ... the net is kinda wild whatever they attempt to attempt to attempt ; i mean in all seriousness
  9. weird, i reminded this no idea why ^^
  10. nope just someone poking around this: @monstah next ^^ but i have to say this tick me as well: 間 almost instant ^^ (This kanji graphically combines 門 "door" and 日 "sun"., so it's sort of about enclosing the sun you c .... then you add jin/hito doing so ... (( tend to fall in the another weird local-intra-inter linguistic legacy series no ones remind why and what for )) )
  11. kinda ; beware, story telling , pelican brief & alike underneath .... i just found this interesting:
  12. net neutrality // capitalism model : {§{ find the glitch 2cp ... in/out cannot compute from start it seem imo
  13. oh ; death penalty use to be more or less a "passive" in career as you need to hire someone else aside that ...
  14. totally this here as well
  15. to reach keppler