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  1. nope just a wut the wut ^^ @kerbinorbiter
  2. look like a hug ^^ rudness rlly ? waht for xDr :3
  3. nope nope nope you need a cure , believe me ^^
  4. well i m gonna broke a chain for some fair enough concern but @NSEP
  5. "kitty" do or do not
  6. busy ^^ @Kerbal101
  7. the word: "ninguem" annoy me .... but it's a lot of years old ... and most don't remind me "partially" included
  8. title II = fight club rule 4 back to 1 lulzzzzzz (self censored to avoid one more red warning and/or ban) anyway while the media are busy talking about that they don't talk of something else ... the net is kinda wild whatever they attempt to attempt to attempt ; i mean in all seriousness
  9. weird, i reminded this no idea why ^^
  10. nope just someone poking around this: @monstah next ^^ but i have to say this tick me as well: 間 almost instant ^^ (This kanji graphically combines 門 "door" and 日 "sun"., so it's sort of about enclosing the sun you c .... then you add jin/hito doing so ... (( tend to fall in the another weird local-intra-inter linguistic legacy series no ones remind why and what for )) )
  11. kinda ; beware, story telling , pelican brief & alike underneath .... i just found this interesting:
  12. net neutrality // capitalism model : {§{ find the glitch 2cp ... in/out cannot compute from start it seem imo
  13. oh ; death penalty use to be more or less a "passive" in career as you need to hire someone else aside that ...
  14. totally this here as well
  15. to reach keppler
  16. everyone share everithing with everyone, and at first everyone share with it's family
  17. 103: hail the pasta and frozen wall mart meat month to come
  18. hello welcome to eve's heel well will this be evil ?
  19. this is were i found "kado" last op (a perticular stance) interesting ... even if i tend to found ep 8? 9? to 11? sort of storyline rushed of course the said stance if you spot it find it's meaning mostly because of the whole series (/tease ; oh my bad i m so evil xDr)
  20. i m just gonna say ... hum ... well ... hum .... xDr
  21. banido por n i n g u e m :| ^^
  22. nope but same sum how @max_creative next xDr
  23. banido por ndt and this is untraslatable en in glitch still it make me (laugh)/smile a lot ^^ whatever ^^
  24. banido por oops