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  1. out of like for today you ll'get a quote instead ^^
  2. @regex & @ln400 @justjim do you here that fellow want to play sarcasmball , no for real ?
  3. a plant! it flowers everywhere
  4. thks & yup i was kinda guessin' around something(s) like that too (post launch/ignit vent & thermo, ah & yup local weather, fauna critical protect may be), another thing the 4 side booster seem to ignit after launch. i m kinda curious of the engineering reason behind that as well: accelleration, heat, materials stress, isp, delta-v, launch profil related. seem a very specific design choice (eventually partially emtpy/fullfilled depending payload // assembly line & launch profil ? modular/partial thrust ?)
  5. they worked a lot on the general public internet isro portal the past few month ^^ mooaaar launch video moooaaaarrr ^^ on a side note what i wonder since a while is what are all thoose falling stuff just after launch(s)
  6. nice find ^^
  7. not sure if it really ended tho' according to www ... but it seem that after naruto 4 great ninja war we finnally reached html.5.0 ... this look promising ... sigh
  8. so tell me more about being born with a vr helmet on the head with 184 4781 474 frame per second and infrasound spam ... well how to say hum ...
  9. so it's about: is this a illumaniti confirmed photo or not , anyway it make people talk about it, may be more may be less
  10. nope just a i watch @ my "own" 'kind' and *shrug* @LN400 next
  11. i was in the mood for something just plain and stupid because stupid is good for health ^^ (no offend intended just dumb & dumber mode on)
  12. theorically i left school many years ago, ... technically ... well you know technically ^^ ^^ ^^
  13. meuhhhh non ^^ je pense pas, c surtout ke la plupart des personnes née en fr sur le fofo participe le plus souvent aux discussionx dans une autre langue que le fr. et pis y a le patch tjs:
  14. golden peach me semble, de memoire, a moins que y ai eu du changement, je sais pas trop ^^ ceci dit tant ke tout les modos sont terrien ou en orbit lointain tout va bien ^^
  15. perso je trouve ça bien d'avoir tout les alphabet autre que latin mis en avant dans la section international, ça rappelle qu'on est peu de choses et k on choisi rarement l'alphabet de depart et que y a tjs plus a apprendre et rarement suffisamment de neurones pour le faire .... ras le bol du latin et de l'english gonna rules the world just because ^^ mais bon, c perso ^^ "ça reste une commodité temporaire disons ^^" 一步一步 ^^
  16. stress structural stress
  17. please define: "something secure on internet in 2017" ; good luck ; i pass
  18. possibly disappear this a peer at some point because why not, rlly, ... naaaah biped are to proud and selfish to even think "they may eventually" disappear ^^
  19. hum, transport and maintenance thingies, what i m curious now is the relative/absolute "atom loss"(fuel mostly it seem) with supersonic retropuplsion ratio between 70 and 150km and in comparison with some of the previous first stage tek, but i guess part of it have a reentry trajetory as well at there own scale ?
  20. [edited tired + chit chat]
  21. make me think ^^ sometime "you can't forget " about some stuff because reason(s) ^^
  22. as said i have three here the "coolest one" , never ask me when, why and how ... (btw i made the draw myself) @EBOSHI @Kokoro @mmb ^^ next ^^
  23. "please define hockey" ... well ...
  24. 99.,9% of comment(s) about this one will be un-welcome ; as is EA℗ ; whatever E.A. may mean