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  1. Thanks so much for this complete and useful answer !
  2. I am still confused about the intended combined antenna capabilities. Do "direct" antennas actually "stack?" What about relay antennas? I am working with a very limited tech and money capability in a career game and it is making a big difference.
  3. You can do this with Mechjeb by using the advanced transfer function and assuring a close right (counter-clockwise) flyby with the fine tune closest approach function. This will cause your craft to gain delta-v, but make sure you stay above the Duna atmosphere. Of course, this does not guarantee a Jool encounter unless the relative positions of the planets are in exact alignment and I suspect that would only occur rarely; therefore, you would have to do a separate maneuver which may also take some time to construct and execute. Calculating an exact launch window for the most efficient transfer and executing it is likely a lengthy process.
  4. I have played career mode for hundreds of hours and I have found that there is always a new way to build for any mission especially based on lessons learned and mods that add parts. For example, I eventually developed a set parachute strategy with drogues and a main chute that was safe for the troops and kept me from having to sit out a long, slow decent. Further, there are nearly endless variations of tanks and engines using solid rockets or asparagus staging. I am one of those types that would run the same sort of mission dozens of times observing results and tuning for optimal performance and cost.
  5. My advice is to have plenty of tranquilizers on hand for the wife and make sure that all Kerbals sign a release form before going on a mission. If all else fails, have the law firm of Kerman, Kerman, Kerman, and Kerman on hand for the lawsuit and make sure that you wink and promise the jury plenty of snacks.
  6. Retrograde thrust would lower the orbit, unless you are talking about something like the Mun which is far too large. I have successfully moved an A-class asteroid into a low Kerbin orbit.
  7. What you are doing is actually altering the escape velocity by inducing a force in addition to G.
  8. I CAN manually circularize my orbit. It takes a bit of doing by tweaking the amount of thrust so the time to apoapsis remains constant until the apoapsis and periapsis are roughly equal. I think it is easier to deal with calculations with a circular obit and it LOOKS nicer.
  9. I would be glad to use the monopropellant if there were integrated thrusters small enough to put on command pods. If I plan to use monopropellant, as in docking, there is not enough in the pods for a safety margin.
  10. There are two very active Facebook pages (one open, one closed) where this happens all the time.
  11. I don't see these bugs so I will politely opt out of further discussion with you and defer to your superior knowledge of what should be happening despite 3-4000 hours playing KSP and over a thousand with Mechjeb. I am sure that with your superior knowledge you will be able to fix the mod and rewrite the code. I apologize for trying to help with my inferior knowledge and experience.
  12. THERE is your problem. TWR of .53 is WAY TOO LOW. I have found .80 to be not enough and 1.0 can be marginal depending upon ascent path. 30000 pa is TOO HIGH, but turning it off can be just as bad. Try 20000. AOA of five degrees is not enough. It restricts the gravity turn too much and will ruin your ascent. Try 10 degrees. The TWR of .53 cannot generate enough acceleration in time to avoid gravity overtaking your craft. Remember, an orbit is FALLING back to the surface and MISSING because of the speed (about 2250 or so in KSP). If you do not reach orbital speed quickly enough you will hit the atmosphere and then you are done.
  13. Check your Q limit, your acceleration limit, your AoA limit. Is this a single stage ascent? What is initial TWR on the second stage? A screen capture would be helpful. I only use Mechjeb. If you are happy with the performance of another mod, use that. I use around 55 if I have a good TWR, you are right, 75 might be too high and 40 is almost always WAY too low given current atmospheric characteristics.
  14. Hey, I told you what thousands of hours of playing with Mechjeb told me. I am using it now and it works fine. You don't have to listen to me. Further, try not using corrective steering.
  15. Chances are the is NOT Mechjeb, but that your ascent path (default at 40 degrees) is FAR too shallow for for your TWR. Check your TWR. If you are not above1.2 or so you may run into trouble. Mechjeb will NOT make poor designs magically work. It would be a good thing if everyone fiddled with their designs and settings before saying that Mechjeb is to blame because I know it is working JUST FINE. I only have a thousand hours using Mechjeb and I should know. Like I said previously, the only thing that I have found is less than optimum is a control character showing up in one of the biome displays.